MBA Scholarships In Sweden For Indian Students 2024

MBA Scholarships In Sweden For Indian Students 2024

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Discover insights into MBA scholarships in Sweden with GyanDhan. Explore eligibility criteria and benefits of top MBA scholarships in Sweden.

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Sweden has emerged as one of the top study-abroad destinations where students enjoy the benefits of studying in a European country at affordable fees. With over 50 universities offering more than 900 graduate programs, MBA happens to be a versatile degree that equips students for management and executive roles across various industries. Considering the cost factor is always a key aspect for students when selecting a destination to study abroad. You have the opportunity to apply for institutional scholarships, Swedish government scholarships, or even secure fully funded scholarships in Sweden. In this blog, we shall explore the eligibility criteria, coverage amount, and factors considered for awarding MBA scholarships in Sweden.

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Cost of MBA in Sweden

The cost of an MBA in Sweden for international students varies depending on the university and program duration among other factors. MBA tuition fees in Sweden range from 80,000 SEK to 600,000 SEK per year. Top-ranked universities in Sweden may have higher tuition fees. International students should also budget for living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and personal expenses. This cost comes from 6,50,000 INR to 50,00,000 INR per year for Indian students, which is relatively cheaper than other study-abroad destinations such as the USA and the UK.


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Best MBA Scholarships in Sweden

Now that we have discussed the cost and benefits of an MBA, let us look at some of the top business schools offering MBA scholarships in Sweden:

  1. list items Stockholm School of Economics
  2. list items Uppsala University
  3. list items Lund University School of Economics and Management
  4. list items Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics, and Law
  5. list items Jonkoping International Business School
  6. list items Chalmers IPOET Scholarship

These universities offer MBA scholarships in Sweden to attract talented students by providing financial support to help them pursue their academic goals. Below are the scholarship offerings and eligibility criteria for the above-mentioned institutional scholarships:

Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarships

  • list items The executive MBA students at SSE are eligible for scholarships jointly provided by the Dagens Industri,, and Stockholm School of Economics.
  • list items The scholarship applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree, English language proficiency test scores, and at least 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • list items The amount of scholarship covers the full tuition fee except the expenses related to accommodation, food, travel, and boarding expenses.
  • list items Every year around 12 to 15 applicants are asked to submit full applications for the MBA program out of which 5 to 7 finalists are shortlisted for the interview round with the jury.
  • list items The scholarship deadline is May 31, 2024.

Uppsala University Global Scholarship

  • list items Uppsala University awards scholarships to international fee-paying students applying for a master’s degree program.
  • list items The scholarships are highly competitive and only about 2% of the applicants are chosen as recipients.
  • list items Recipients of the scholarship receive the full cost of tuition fees. The scholarship does not contribute to the living expenses.
  • list items If you wish to avail of the Global Scholarship, you must select Uppsala University as the first choice for admission to the University Admissions.

Lund University Global Scholarship

  • list items The Lund University annually awards the Global Scholarship to several new and outstanding international students.
  • list items As a top 100 university where students from around the globe apply, the scholarships are highly competitive.
  • list items The scholarships are awarded to students with a record of excellent academic performance.
  • list items The amount awarded may cover full or partial tuition fees depending on the budget allocated to the program and not on the student’s academic performance. However, it must be noted that the scholarship will not cover the living expenses.
  • list items If you wish to be considered for the scholarship, select Lund University as your first choice in your application at ‘’.
  • list items To apply for the scholarship, submit a motivation letter within 600 words in the scholarship application portal. 

Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics, and Law

  • list items The Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation Scholarship is awarded to deserving students at the School of Business, Economics, and Law.
  • list items The scholarship covers a part of the tuition fees which is 100,000 SEK for 2 years.
  • list items The selection criteria are based on the admission requirements to the School of Business, Economics, and Law.
  • list items Applicants are ranked based on their GMAT scores. A minimum total GMAT score of 485 is recommended for scholarship selection.
  • list items It is important to apply to the master’s program as your first priority for admission to be considered for the scholarship.
  • list items It must be noted that students without a GMAT score are not eligible for the scholarship.

Jonkoping International Business School Scholarships

  • list items MBA students at Jonkoping University are considered for limited scholarships that cover partial tuition fees.
  • list items Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and excellence in the previous program of study.
  • list items The scholarship value is equivalent to 30% of the tuition fees.
  • list items International students are required to submit an online application with letters of recommendation, and an individual statement.
  • list items Applications for the scholarship usually begin in mid-October and conclude in mid-April.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarship

  • list items Chalmers awards generous scholarships to fee-paying international students. Some of the scholarships are self-administered while others are administered by external foundations and associations.
  • list items A separate application must be submitted to apply for the scholarship after completing the application at
  • list items The IPOET scholarships offer a 75% waiver of tuition fees funded by the Swedish government.
  • list items Further, students who maintain high academic standards in their first year of study may receive an increased tuition fee waiver of 85% during the second year of study.
  • list items Every year Chalmers awards IPOET scholarships to 35 individuals based on academic excellence measured by a weighted average grade of at least 80%, home university’s position on global rankings, and order of priority for Chalmer’s master's programs.

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Factors Considered for MBA Scholarships in Sweden

When applying for MBA scholarships in Sweden, several factors are considered by scholarship committees. Based on various factors, scholarship committees assess how well applicants align with the values and mission of the institution. These factors may vary depending on the scholarship program, but here are the common considerations:

  • list items Academic merit: Scholarships prioritize applicants with strong undergraduate GPAs, high GMAT/GRE scores, and relevant coursework.
  • list items Work experience: While not always mandatory, having professional experience can bolster your application, showing real-world skills and maturity.
  • list items Leadership potential: Scholarship committees look for evidence of leadership through initiative, effective teamwork, and the ability to innovate.
  • list items Personal statement: A well-crafted essay is crucial, explaining your career aspirations, reasons for pursuing an MBA, and how the scholarship supports your goals.
  • list items Letters of Recommendation: Essential for both admission and scholarships, these letters should highlight your academic and professional achievements.
  • list items Financial need: Some scholarships assess financial need and require documentation of family income to demonstrate this aspect.
  • list items Diversity: Aimed at enhancing cultural diversity, certain scholarships focus on applicants from specific countries or backgrounds.
  • list items Community involvement: Active engagement in community service or extracurricular activities reflects a commitment to social contribution and leadership.

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How to Find MBA Scholarships in Sweden for Indian Students?

Securing MBA scholarships in Sweden requires thorough research to pinpoint financial aid opportunities that align with your academic and career aspirations. You can uncover these scholarships by using the resources discussed below:

  1. list items University websites: Start your search for MBA scholarships in Sweden on the websites of B-schools offering management programs. Here, you’ll find dedicated scholarship pages detailing eligibility, application processes, and deadlines. For more guidance, reach out to university financial aid officers.
  2. list items University websites: Start your search for MBA scholarships in Sweden on the websites of B-schools offering management programs. Here, you’ll find dedicated scholarship pages detailing eligibility, application processes, and deadlines. For more guidance, reach out to university financial aid officers.
  • list items Scholarship databases: Use online scholarship databases to refine your search by program, location, and residency. These platforms offer a wide listing of scholarships, simplifying the identification of suitable opportunities. You can also use GyanDhan’s scholarship portal which has listed several scholarships based on different countries and programs. 
  • list items Government websites: Indian students can explore the websites of government agencies or education-related departments for additional scholarship options awarded at the national level.

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Overall, the quality of education, the standard of living, career advancement, and growth opportunities available in Sweden make it an attractive destination for international students planning to pursue an MBA. A successful MBA in Sweden with a scholarship can be achieved with careful budgeting and financial planning. Connect with GyanDhan to hear from experts and get complete guidance with your MBA scholarships in Sweden for Indian students. For more scholarship opportunities in Canada, explore GyanDhan's scholarship portal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sweden provide MBA scholarships for Indian students?

Yes, universities in Sweden provide numerous MBA scholarships for fee-paying international students. Students can also explore scholarship options offered by the Swedish government and other foundations and associations.

Is an MBA in Sweden free for Indian students?

Ans. Sweden universities offer free education for Swedish, Swiss, and EU students only. While scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to help offset the costs Indian students pursuing an MBA in Sweden will pay tuition fees.

Who is eligible for MBA scholarships in Sweden?

The eligibility criteria for MBA scholarships in Sweden depends on the specific scholarship program. Candidates with exceptional academic records, competitive GMAT scores, leadership potential, and work experience are eligible for MBA scholarships. Other factors such as diversity, community involvement, and demonstrated financial need are also considered.

Is Sweden expensive for international students?

An MBA in Sweden is relatively cheaper than in popular study-abroad destinations such as the USA or UK. However, the cost of living in Sweden is also notable. Accommodation in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, etc. is costly for international students. Additionally, international students must pay for food, travel, health insurance, and personal expenses.

How much does an MBA cost in Sweden?

An MBA in Sweden costs around 6,50,000 INR to 50,00,000 INR annually for Indian students. The exact tuition fees may vary for different institutions depending on various factors. Indian students will incur annual living expenses of around 20,00,000 INR to 24,00,000 INR.

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