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TOEFL Free Practice Tests Online

TOEFL Free Practice Tests Online

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Looking for TOEFL sample tests to practice? Click here for free online TOEFL practice tests and get tips to solve mock tests the right way!

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Why Practice TOEFL Sample Tests?

Clearing the cut-off for TOEFL set by your target university is a requisite for successful admission. Speaking of ideal scores, a score in the range of 80-100 is a good score which can fetch you admissions in good universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Therefore to perform well in TOEFL, rigorous practice becomes a necessity. And practicing TOEFL sample papers forms an indispensable part of your TOEFL preparation.

In this article, we will provide you with TOEFL online free practice tests which you can attempt to give your preparations that extra edge. 


What are the Benefits of Practicing TOEFL Sample Paper?

As the adage goes – Practice makes a person perfect. The same goes for the TOEFL test. The more the number of TOEFL sample tests you can solve, the better it is for you. Before we provide you with TOEFL practice questions, we first tell you why practicing sample papers of TOEFL is important. 

  • list items Helps You Analyze Your Preparation -  Students can analyze their performance and focus more on the gaps in their training. They can conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of their performance in the TOEFL mock tests and then introduce changes or amendments to their preparation strategies. 
  • list items Improves Your Self-Confidence - Mock tests help you create a simulated test environment and smoothen out the rough edges in your preparation. Due to rigorous practice, you become familiar with the test pattern and are also able to keep a track of your mistakes and the ways to avoid them or cater to areas where you are comparatively weak in. This gives a major boost to your confidence which greatly helps you on the day of the test. 
  • list items Improves Your Accuracy Levels -  Attempting various TOEFL Practice Tests online increases your attempting speed and helps you lay optimal stress across all the questions. If you practice answering the questions correctly while ensuring that you finish the test on time, you will get a solid grip over the paper pattern and will be able to achieve an accuracy as well as efficiency. 
  • list items Increases Your Tenacity - Due to the test essentially being composed of mind games, it can wrack anyone's nerves. It is a test of how cool you can remain and provide the responses to the questions correctly. This will indeed be a difficult objective to achieve for someone who is taking the test for the first time. However, if you practice multiple TOEFL sample papers, you will get the opportunity to go through this drill for several times and achieve the tenacity to sit through the test and attempt the questions correctly in one go.  
  • list items Allows Yu To Relax Before the Test -  Practising various sample papers will sharpen your skills for the final test. You will also be aware of the variations in the difficulty levels of the test. It allays the exam fear, as a result. Since you will have gotten a fair idea of the test and the strategies that you would be using to tackle the test after solving the tests, you will already be mentally prepared for what the test will throw your way hence helping you to be in a more relaxed state before the test.

TOEFL Online Free Practice Tests

Now that you know how to go about sample papers, here’s links to TOEFL practice tests (online) for you:

Sectional Questions 

Check the TOEFL Full-Length Practice Test here

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How to Optimise the TOEFL Sample Tests?

Before we give you the links to TOEFL online free practice tests, let us first give you tips on who can you can use these sample papers to the best of your advantage. 

  • list items Break Down the Answering Process - Examinees can break down their answering/attempting process by providing a time frame to answer each question while solving the TOEFL sample papers. The time originally allocated to each section or question can be reduced gradually to practice answering the questions faster. This will also help you formulate effective time-management strategies for the day of the exam.
  • list items Improve Your Reading Speed - The reading section of the test requires the students to respond to 30 – 40 questions covering 3-4 tasks. It needs to be completed within 54-72 minutes. It would mean that you would effectively have 5 minutes to read a text and less than a minute to answer each question. The TOEFL Online Free Test Practices will help you to optimize your comprehension capabilities by allowing you to attempt multiple reading sections and reach the desirable reading speed.
  • list items Learn When To Move On - While it may seem that there is too much time to respond to every question; in reality, it is not so. You will have very less time to respond to each question. Hence, the need is to make a smart judgment and move on where you seem to have got stuck. It’s better that you follow the same strategy while practicing the TOEFL practice tests online.
  • list items Manage Stress -  A mountain of stress can be detrimental, especially on the day of the exam. Introduce stress at the mock stages rather than taking it directly on the test day. You can pressurise yourself to the hilt by strictly following a time limit for each question while answering the TOEFL Sample Test.
  • list items Focus On Weaknesses - You should become aware of your weak areas as you prepare for the test. It is the main reason why students should take the TOEFL practice test online periodically, as it helps them to understand the areas where they are facing issues in. The students should lay stress on their identified weaknesses and turn them into their strength. 



The TOEFL test scores are accepted by most international universities and colleges to admit international students to their undergraduate and graduate courses. Over the years, the test has matured and undergone many changes in its pattern. The test is also quite lengthy and difficult. Therefore, students need to refer to the TOEFL sample papers to be fully prepared for the test. 
You could also check out GyanDhan’s overall and sectional preparation guides to take cues on how you can prepare for the test and secure high scores:

Additionally, you could also contact GyanDhan directly if you need further guidance regarding TOEFL preparation. We will get you in touch with trusted and experienced TOEFL coaching institutes absolutely for free. 

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