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    Updated on: 01 Jul 2022

    Charlie Brown, a well-liked character from the renowned comic “Peanuts,” once said “Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask myself- Is life a multiple-choice test or is it a true or false quiz? Then a voice comes out of the dark and says, “We hate to say this but life is a thousand-word essay.” 

    As luck would have it, preparing for tests like GRE, IELTS, or TOEFL doesn’t have to be as intricate as Charlie Brown’s life. In fact, if the correct guidance is provided, preparing for these exams can even be as enjoyable as reading “Peanuts”!

    Various countries around the globe require exams like GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL for admission. If you are wishing to fulfill your study abroad dreams, you surely are either preparing or planning to prepare for any of these competitive exams that serve as an entryway to admission into various colleges and universities overseas.

    In order to clinch success, you must know how to make the preparation strategy and how to make the optimum use of resources available in the market. As GyanDhan always strives to help you in every step of fulfilling your abroad education dream, it offers the cheapest online GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL preparation courses. It helps students preparing for any of these tests get the best help in preparation without burning a hole in the pocket. 

    GyanDhan has partnered with premier institutes and instructors available all over India with the choicest of study-material to help students with their test-prep. Our partners are highly trusted and highest-rated with more than 2 decades of experience. 

    Fill the Form to GRE, IELTS, & TOEFL Prep Courses at the Cheapest Rates!

    Let’s delve deeper into how GyanDhan can help in test preparations.

    What is GRE?

    Commonly known as GRE, Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test conducted by ETS to evaluate the quantitative, verbal, and analytical skills of the students. Those who want to enroll in Master’s programs abroad need to submit their GRE scores to their target universities. More than 1000 universities in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia accept GRE scores as one of the deciding factors for the admissions.

    How Can GyanDhan Help in GRE Test Preparations?

    GyanDhan understands that a worthy program can help identify your strengths & weaknesses and will help provide a suitable structure for your study program and frequently track your progress. Such programs should keep everything you need in one place: useful practice questions with robust answer explanations, content review lessons, and strategic help. To ace any test, the student should know the complete mechanics of the test. 

    For this reason and intent, GyanDhan has come up with a potpourri of useful resources covering all the vital specifics pertinent to the test. GyanDhan has a partnership with GRE mentors with vast experience and knowledge of helping students prepare for the test. With the best-in-market help available at the cheapest rates, you can select the right test prep course without worrying about the hefty charges incurred in general. 

    If a student purchases the course via GyanDhan, he/she will be charged 25-30% lesser than the fees they would pay if they purchase it directly from the course providers.

    What Are The Major Features of GRE Test Preparation Courses Offered by GyanDhan?

    GRE Courses and Validity




    45 Days

    GRE 90

    90 Days


      180 Days  

    GRE 360

    1 Year

      GRE Practice Tests  

    5 Tests

    GRE Course Features

    • 30 hours of video lessons
    • 2000+ Practice Questions
    • Unlimited Ask-an-Expert
    • 5 Full-length GRE Practice Tests
    • In-depth Analytics & Feedback
    • Dedicated Course Managers
    • Personalized AWA Essay Scoring

    Kickstart Your GRE Prep Today!

    GRE Crash
    Rs. 7,499/-
    GRE 90
    Rs. 9,749/-
    GRE Plus
    Rs. 11,049/-
    GRE 360
    Rs. 12,999/-
    GRE Test
    Rs. 3,199/-

    What is IELTS?

    Short for the International English Language Testing System, IELTS is the world's most popular English language proficiency test taken for higher education admissions and global migration. It is a mandatory requirement for admissions to most of the colleges/universities in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, & several other European nations. IELTS score is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations all over the world. 

    How Can GyanDhan Help in IELTS Test Preparations?

    GyanDhan recognizes that IELTS scores are important in making or breaking your dreams of overseas education. Thus, it has come up as a one-stop destination for getting the preparation course for IELTS preparations. Students can get assistance and preparation material from top preparation experts and institutes with years of consummate experience backing them. Students who need to get assistance in IELTS preparations at the lowest rates can contact GyanDhan and it will connect them to its partners. These courses come at attractively low rates that are hard to find in the market and also considering the quality of the courses, they are certainly not-to-be-missed for a serious aspirant.

    What Are the Major Features of the IELTS Test Preparation Course by GyanDhan?

    • Validity: 30 Days
    • 10 Hours of Video Lessons
    • 450+ Practice Questions
    • Personalized Feedback
    • 3 IELTS-Style Tests
    • Course Managers
    • Unlimited Ask-an-Expert

    Kickstart Your IELTS Prep Today!

    Rs. 6,999/-

    What is TOEFL?

    TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is meant for a person who is a non-native English speaker and wants to enroll in a foreign university. Developed and conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL seeks to evaluate the student’s English language skills and assess his/her capability to carry out a program of which English is the medium of instruction. A high TOEFL score escalates the odds of a student to secure admission to the target university. TOEFL score is accepted by over 10000 universities from countries including the likes of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K., and various other countries in Europe and Asia. 

    How Can GyanDhan Help in TOEFL Test Preparations?

    TOEFL may sound terrifying in the beginning but with the right guidance, one can easily score high and pave the way to the dream university. GyanDhan offers extensive online TOEFL preparation guides and one-on-one expert assistance from the top TOEFL preparation coaching institutes in India. Over the years, GyanDhan has collaborated with some of the top admission counselors and test preparation coaches with years of experience and unmatched expertise in TOEFL. To get the best coaching mentorship from partners, students can contact GyanDhan and avail of these courses at the cheapest possible rates.

    What Are The Major Features Of The TOEFL Test Preparation Course by GyanDhan?

    The TOEFL preparation course offered by GyanDhan is known as TOEFL Ultra. Its major features are:

    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Unlimited Ask an Expert
    • Personalized Feedback
    • Performance Analysis
    • TOEFL-Style Tests
    • Updated TOEFL Pattern
    • Proven Expertise
    • Most Affordable

    Kickstart Your TOEFL Prep Today!

    TOEFL Ultra
    Rs. 6,999/-

    For help in test preparations or any other assistance regarding abroad education, you can also contact GyanDhan and our experts will try to help you in every possible way, and that too without any assistance charges involved! 
    All the best!

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