Study Abroad Admission Counselling

A comprehensive set of data science powered, DIY, tools that provide scientifically grounded and unbiased guidance to students targeting overseas education

Estimate Future Earnings

This tool helps you decide whether it makes economic sense to pursue a course abroad, and also helps choose the optimal target country

University/ Course Reviews

In-depth review of courses and universities, backed by proprietary analytics. Get unique insights, viz. employability, expected income and more

Admit Predictor

ML tool, which identifies 12 safe, moderate and ambitious universities for you, and also predicts your odds of getting an admit from them

Instant SOP Review

Using NLP, this tool analyzes your SOP's matter, grammar, readability and more - all in a matter of few seconds.

Admit Compare

Deep analytical insights into the value offered by different target univs. See expected income, employability and more - all customized to your profile

Find Scholarships

Use our curated scholarship wiki to find scholarships that are available to you. Filter by target course, country and university.

Essential services, which are open to all students

Send Transcripts

Send transcripts to your target universities, through DHL's reliable service, at the lowest rates available!

Peer Networking

Get priority access to our networking activities, including admit meetup, senior AMA and more! Talk to your peers and seniors - before you fly.

Education Loan

We find the best education loan option for you, and then secure an approval in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of hassle

Key services provided by admission experts, shortlisted by GyanDhan. High quality guidance that you can bank on.

Career Counseling

Your dedicated counselor will help select the best suited course and study destination - specifically for your profile

University Shortlisting

An admissions expert will analyze your profile and identify up to 12 colleges, while optimising your chances of getting that dream admit

SOP Editing

Get guidance on how to structure your SOPs, what info to include vs. not, minimise grammatical errors - and more.

LOR Optimization

Tailored advice on selecting the optimal recommenders. Learn what the recommendation letters should contain - to boost your overall story.

Admit Comparison

You admissions expert will help you choose the admit which is best suited to your preferences and goals

Visa Prep

A student visa expert helps you through the entire visa process - including application, documentation and interview prep

Book Free Admission Consultation

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  • Exploration

    Understand which course and study destination is right for you

  • University Shortlisting

    Shortlist universities / colleges, which you should apply to

  • Application

    Get assistance in drafting SOPs, optmizing LORs and filling of actual apps

  • Post Admit & Visa

    Comprehensive post admit assistance, including visa and networking

GyanDhan started with the aim to help students overcome financial roadblocks and fulfil their higher education dreams. Banking on a reservoir of accurate, consistent and unbiased data we have amassed over the years, we have grown to become leading education financing experts, with a recognized expertise in student employability prediction. We have helped thousands of students in realizing their dreams not just by facilitating smooth application and financing services but also by providing them with an accurate breakdown of the risks and returns involved in foreign education - thus helping them to take an informed decision.

During our journey till now, thousands of students indicated that they face numerous problems in the application process for admission in universities abroad. One key issue is incorrect or biased information. Therefore, being a ‘data first’ company, we started building tools & services which, with the power of analytics, help students during their application process. Our tools and their functions:

  • Estimate Future Earnings, University / Course Review and Admit Compare tools allow you to assess the worth of the course or university you wish to go to and calculate approximate future returns and savings after you graduate.
  • Admit Predictor Tool predicts your chances of securing an admission in your target university on the basis of your academic profile.
  • Instant SOP Review Tool can help you get a fair assessment of the grammar, readability and overall quality of your SOP/ essay instantly.
  • Find Scholarship Finder Tool is a curated scholarship wiki which filters out scholarships according to your target course, country and university.
We also offer a few services essential to every student’s study abroad journey:
  • Send Transcripts service enables you to send your transcripts to target universities through DHL at the lowest rates possible.
  • Peer Networking service help you get access to networking activities like admit meetup, mentoring sessions, and so on, where you can clear your doubts regarding studying abroad and network with both peers and seniors.
  • Our Education Loan services help you to select the best education loan for you and secure an approval within a minimum period of time with the least amount of hassle.

The above tools have helped thousands of students in the past. However, we felt that along with our tools, an expert can add immense value to our process of guiding students. To materialize this vision, after extensive research, we have partnered up with trusted education consultants, who we believe can provide students with the best guidance. With these partnerships, now we are launching Admission Counselling Services for Study Abroad - a comprehensive package of tools and services to make your study abroad journey an absolute breeze.

Our study abroad counselling services will help you in the admission process right from finding the most suitable university for your profile till the VISA interview preparation. Our AI driven platform and collaborations with the best study overseas consultants come together to not only help you with the different stages of the admission process but also give you a detailed picture of whether the investment in foreign education will be profitable.

The process is very easy: once you sign up, our team will call to understand your profile. For all verified students, our tools are available for use - without any cost! During our first call, our team will give you a quick walk-through of our tools. We’ll also connect you with a study abroad consultant partner to avail high-quality expert services provided by them. For students targeting those universities / colleges which have partnered with these admission consultants, there is no cost whatsoever - the entire set of services is free. For other students, there will be a charge, as specified on this page. First, our Career Counselling and University Shortlisting services will help you to filter out the course and colleges / universities, which best suit your profile. SOP editing and LOR optimization services provide you with tailored guidance as to how you can leverage the quality of your SOPs and select the optimal recommenders to boost your LOR profile. Our partners will also help you with the actual filling of applications. Once you receive admit offers, our Admit Compare service will help select the optimal offer. Lastly, our VISA Prep experts guide you through the entire VISA process right from the application and documentation stage to interview preparation.

When it comes to education loans, students love us not only for turning their dreams into reality but also for our transparency, genuine concern and rigorous follow-ups. We’re now bringing the same values to help you with your admissions. If you are targeting US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany or any other country for your education, contact us for reliable education counseling!

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