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The IELTS exam is an English language assessment designed for both professionals and students, aiming to pursue higher education or employment opportunities abroad. Achieving a decent IELTS score can significantly enhance your prospects of gaining admission to universities in English-speaking countries. To register for the IELTS exam and take it, candidates are obligated to pay a specific IELTS examination fee. Below are the IELTS exam fees for each type of IELTS exam.

Note: The IELTS application fees have been revised, and now it is INR 15,500. The IELTS registration fees can be paid online using Net Banking, E-wallets, or Debit/Credit Card.

Academic IELTS exam fees

Test Type Fees
Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI INR 16,500
Computer-delivered IELTS INR 16,250
IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1) INR 15,350
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration INR 16,500
Pen and paper-based IELTS INR 16,250

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IELTS exam fees mode of payment

Please note: There is no option for payment via cash at any of the IDP’s offices.

Online payment can be made via three modes -

  • Online payment can be made by card, e-wallet, or net banking.
  • Bank deposit can be made at an ICICI/HDFC Bank branch through a customized deposit slip that can be downloaded from IELTS IDP India website or obtained from your nearest IELTS IDP branch office.
  • Demand draft in favor of "IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED" payable at Delhi.

What is the fee for the general IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam fee for the IELTS general test amounts to approximately INR 16,250. Prior to making the payment, candidates need to visit the official IDP website. On the registration page, candidates can register, select their preferred IELTS test center, and choose an examination date. Once the registration process is completed, students have the option to pay the fee online using various methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking, or e-wallets.

What is the IELTS exam fee reduction?

As far as IELTS test fee reduction is concerned, there is no explicit provision for fee reduction by the test conducting bodies. However, certain scholarships are provided to meritorious students by some international institutions to waive off the IELTS application fee. A student has to fulfill certain academic criteria to get a waiver on the IELTS exam fees.

What is the IELTS retake fee?

In case an applicant has to retake the exam due any reason whatsoever, the full IELTS application fee has to be paid. There is no difference in the registration in terms of the IELTS fee for retesting.

IELTS Cancellation fees and refund policy

  • Cancellation more than five weeks before the test date: Refund issued minus a 25% administrative fee.
  • Cancellation less than five weeks ahead of the test date: No refund will be provided.
  • Failure to appear for the IELTS test:No refund will be given; this is also considered a cancellation.
  • Cancellation with a valid medical certificate: Refund possible after deducting local administrative costs if a medical certificate is submitted within 5 days of the test date.

What is the IELTS rescheduling fee?

The rescheduling IELTS cost is INR 3300. The date of the test can be rescheduled at least five weeks before the test date, and the new date has to be within three months of the original test date. A cancellation or postponement fee is deducted.

What are IELTS special handling requests?

IDP ensures a level playing field for all the applicants irrespective of their disability or a need for special care. If an applicant faces challenges such as hearing or visual impairments, or if they have specific medical conditions, they have the option to notify their exam center about their special accommodation needs at least six weeks prior to their scheduled IELTS exam date.

Special arrangements include the following:

  • Extra time for students with medical conditions.
  • Braille papers for visually impaired candidates.
  • Special listening CDs tailored to include necessary pauses and stops.
  • The option of a listening test with lip reading support.
  • Speaking task cards available in Braille or enlarged print for candidates with visual impairments.

What is the IELTS revaluation fee?

IELTS test takers who are not satisfied with their IELTS results have the option to request an IELTS exam revaluation, known as "Enquiries on Results (EOR)," which involves having their IELTS test re-evaluated. To initiate this process, candidates should submit their EOR application online through their candidate login section. Offline applications for EOR will not be accepted. Test takers must make this request within six weeks of their test date. Candidates can choose to have one or more sections of their test re-evaluated, and the fee for this service remains the same. Currently, the IELTS exam revaluation fee is INR 12,200, inclusive of all taxes.

Note: Candidates will receive a full refund of the fee if their IELTS score is revised to a higher band score.

How many Test Report Forms (TRFs) are provided?

Regarding Test Report Forms (TRFs), candidates have the option to request up to five additional TRFs to be sent to institutions such as universities or professional bodies within one month of taking the IELTS exam. These TRFs will be delivered through DHL, and candidates will be responsible for the associated charges. If the receiving institution accepts electronic score submission, the IDP IELTS office can facilitate this at no extra cost.

IELTS test fee for additional TRF

As discussed above, IELTS test-takers are initially provided with five TRFs (Test Report Forms) when they register for the exam. However, if they wish to send their IELTS scores to universities abroad, an IELTS exam additional TRF fee applies. Candidates have the option to request electronic reporting for a maximum of five universities per day. If they want to send scores to more universities, they must log in on the following day.

There are three methods for sending additional TRFs:

  • Courier: Test-takers can choose the courier option by paying an additional fee of INR 1500 per address. IELTS scores typically arrive within four days through this method, and a tracking number is provided to candidates.
  • Airmail: Aspirants can opt for airmail at a cost of INR 250 for each address. However, this method may take up to two weeks for scores to reach their destination, and it does not include a tracking number.
  • Electronic transfer: For universities that have chosen to receive IELTS scores electronically, candidates can send their scores for INR 250 per university.

To send additional TRFs to universities after one month from the test date, applicants need to complete the 'Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs' and pay an extra fee for each additional TRF, in addition to the regular courier fees. Additionally, any authorized person can collect the test report form on behalf of the candidate by completing the TRFs-Payment Authorization Form and submitting it with the 'Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs' to the local IELTS test center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many attempts are allowed for the IELTS exam?

There is no bar on the number of attempts as long as you are ready to pay the IELTS form fees. Students usually take more than one attempt at the exam to ensure a good score, and for that, one has to retake the exam. The IELTS cost remains as it is irrespective of the fact that a student is retaking the exam.

Is there a provision for rescheduling the IELTS exam?

Yes. The IELTS exam can be rescheduled if a student feels the need for it. But there is an additional charge for it, and it is in addition to the IELTS exam fees. One has to reschedule before five weeks of the test date by paying a sum of INR 3300.

What is the accepted method of payment for IELTS registration fees?

Payment can be made via three modes -
  • Online payment can be made by card, e-wallet, or net banking.
  • Cash payment can be made at an ICICI/HDFC Bank branch through a customized deposit slip that can be downloaded from IELTS IDP India website or obtained from your nearest IELTS IDP branch office.
  • Demand Draft in favor of "IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED" payable at Delhi.
These methods of payment are accepted for paying the IELTS test fee.

What are the odds of getting a good score in the first attempt at IELTS?

It solely depends on your present hold over the English language. If you are good at English, things will be quicker for you than those who have to work on their basics. Apart from this, not everyone who is good at speaking needs to be necessarily good at writing too and vice versa. So you have to work on your weak areas and reinforce your areas of expertise.

What if I am absent or sick on the IELTS test day?

If you are unable to attend the test due to absence or illness without prior notice, you will lose the entire test fee. However, if you can provide a medical certificate within two calendar days of the test date, you will be eligible for a refund, with the deduction of the local administrative cost.

When can I re-sit for the IELTS test?

There is no restriction on the number of times you can take the test.