IELTS Eligibility Criteria

IELTS is the test to check an applicant’s proficiency in the English language. The IELTS eligibility doesn’t factor in criteria that don’t have relevance in checking applicants’ proficiency in the English language. Since the primary language in countries that accept IELTS scores is English, the IELTS eligibility criteria tests applicants understating of the language, viz. Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Types of IELTS

IELTS Exam is conducted for admissions to the top universities and for those planning to take a job in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
There are two formats of the IELTS Exam. One is for students seeking admission to universities, and the other is for those planning to work in the countries mentioned above.


This format is for those seeking admission to universities in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, etc. Most of the top universities seek a score of 7.0 band while the minimum sectional band is kept at 6.5 as the IETLS eligibility criteria.

General Training

This format is for job applicants to English-speaking countries. This test assesses the applicant’s ability to converse in the English language so that they can easily adjust to the new work and social environment.

Eligibility Criteria of IELTS

As already discussed above that there are no stringent criteria for IELTS qualification. Instead, it’s the score obtained in the test which acts as IELTS Exam eligibility. There is a specific score band for both the Academic and General Training test, which universities use to set the IELTS Exam eligibility criteria.

For the academic test, a score of 8.0 band is considered good, while in the case of General Training, the score of 9.0 band is considered very good by most of the companies. Although there are no strict eligibility criteria set either by the British Council or the IDP IELTS, the standard band has emerged year after year.

Although there might be a score that can be very good for a particular university, it may not be the best score to secure admission for others. There is a varying trend in terms of the score, which eventually varies the IELTS eligibility. Since the score band varies, students are usually advised to aim for a score of 8.0 band and more to avoid any chances of inadmissibility in their desired university. Universities treat the scores as an essential IELTS qualification metric for admissions.

In the case of jobs, the IELTS eligibility criteria might not be restricted to the score itself, and companies may put some additional conditions for job applicants. The IELTS exam eligibility is coupled with work experience too in most cases, as it helps companies to narrow down the number of applicants. Thus, IELTS eligibility has a broader scope for job applicants, reflecting in trends lately. In case of securing admission, the criteria can be broadened by adding conditions such as recommendations, academic track record, research publication, etc. These are few conditions usually put by universities, but they are not exhaustive in nature, and the criteria can vary from one university to another. At times an exceptional score also helps secure student admission even if they lack the requirements put forward by the universities.

So it’s always advised to students to go for the best score to avoid any chances of inadmissibility.

IELTS Registration

The IELTS registration process is simple, but the details should be filled with utmost caution since these details will be verified at a later stage of admission. The registration process is done in the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on “Register for Test.”
  3. Preferred Test, Test type and Test date have to be selected.
  4. Fill in the personal details.
  5. Fill in the registration details.

IELTS Accepting College

There is a wide array of colleges accepting admission with IELTS scores. The IELTS qualification with a decent score is a prerequisite for most top universities worldwide. Colleges from Harvard to MIT and from Stanford to Yale accept IELTS score for admission. IELTS Exam eligibility may vary at different universities. In the UK and Australia, almost all the universities accept the IELTS score. The same goes for universities in Canada, New Zealand and other English speaking countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum IELTS qualification score?

No. There is no minimum IELTS score. Rather it's the score band that call the shots when it comes to admission at universities abroad. One needs to have a score of 7.0 band and above as most of the universities set the minimum score of 7.0 band to consider a candidate for admission. Again the score band varies, and it shouldn’t be seen as IELTS eligibility criteria.

What is the maximum age limit for appearing on the IELTS Exam?

IELTS Exam eligibility doesn’t have any bar on the maximum age of an applicant in terms of age limit. One can appear at the IELTS Exam at any age irrespective of region. However, the minimum age limit for appearing is 16 years.

Is it necessary to take coaching for IELTS Exam?

It depends on your level of English and your ability to converse in the language. If you feel you are good at English, you can prepare on your own, but it’s always advised to take guidance. Taking proper guidance helps you honing your skill and make you aware of the exam pattern, as it is not solely about the language. One must know the strategy to attempt the paper to get a good score.
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