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GRE Model Papers - Practice Here

GRE Model Papers - Practice Here

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What is GRE?

Students who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)  must have surely heard about the GRE. The Graduate Record Examination is a standardized exam that tests students on their quantitative skills, vocabulary, and analytical writing ability. The GRE is conducted by ETS, the organization that also conducts other standardized tests such as TOEFL, etc. It is taken by students who wish to pursue a graduate program or go to a business school, especially in the USA and Canada.


 There are 2 Kinds of GRE

  • list items GRE General Test
  • list items GRE Subject Test

The GRE Subject Tests are conducted for biology, mathematics, chemistry, English Literature, physics, and psychology. This test can be taken by students who want to show their aptitude in a particular subject. These scores are generally not mandatory, but some universities may require students to furnish their test scores in a specific subject. 

The GRE General Test, on the other hand, is not subject-specific, and its scores are accepted by thousands of schools all across the world including top business and law schools. It has three sections, namely 

  1. list items Analytical Writing
  2. list items Verbal Reasoning
  3. list items Quantitative Reasoning


This blog will focus only on the GRE General Test. 

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Why is it Important to Practice Sample Papers While Preparing for GRE?  

Since your admission to the desired university/course will depend a lot on your GRE score, you need to be well prepared for the test and get a mark that matches with the university’s minimum score requirement, which is usually high for premium universities. One of the best ways to prepare for GRE is by practicing GRE Model Paper and mock tests. Some of the reasons how this can be helpful are mentioned below:

  1. list items Practicing GRE Model Question Paper will give you an idea about the kind of questions that come in GRE and help you get familiar with them. 
  2. list items Practicing GRE Model Test Paper will help you analyze your preparation and figure out your weaknesses and strengths. You can identify your weak areas through these practice tests and work towards improving them. 
  3. list items It will also help you evaluate your score and put targeted efforts in bettering them.
  4. list items Solving sample papers in a timed environment will allow you to improve your speed and accuracy. 
  5. list items Solving sample papers and improving your scores helps you get more confident and eventually score well in the actual GRE. 

Now that you know that practicing model Question Paper for GRE forms an indispensable part of your preparation for the GRE, let us also give you a few links to GRE sample papers to get you started:

  • list items Students opting for computer-based tests can practice Powerprep Practice Tests here
  • list items Those opting for paper-based tests can practice questions from this practice book here.

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As mentioned above, the GRE consists of three sections. Let us discuss each section and give links to a few sample questions for each section. 

1. Analytical Writing Section 

This section tests the students on the basis of their analytical writing and critical thinking skills. Students have to show the ability to express their complicated ideas clearly. This section is divided into two tasks - “Analyze an Issue” and “analyze an argument”. For the first task, students will have to respond to an issue of general interest. For the second task, students have to assess a given argument and then discuss it as per the given instructions. The ETS has published a pool of topics for both sections that students can practice. 

2. Verbal Reasoning Section 

This section tests the reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence skills of the test-taker. In the reading comprehension part, students will have to read a given passage and then answer questions about the given passage. In the text completion section, students have to complete a given sentence by selecting from the words given. The sentence equivalence skill question is similar to the text completion question, albeit with a small difference. In this section, students will be asked to select two sentences that are the most closely related. 
Students can use the links given below for each part to practice for this section:


3. Quantitative Reasoning Section 

This section tests students on their basic mathematical skills, and their elementary mathematics concepts. It includes questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. This section has four types of questions. Students can solve the following sample questions given for each question type to be better prepared for the GRE quantitative reasoning section. They are as follows:


How to Optimize the Sample Questions 

Having listed a few sample papers above, we discuss below some steps with the help of which our readers can make the most of these sample papers. 

  • list items Attempt the sample papers only when you have read that particular topic or section thoroughly. This will ensure that you understand the questions properly and attempt them with full knowledge and understanding of the topic. 
  • list items Decide on the number of questions you will attempt each day from the sample papers. Better still, attempt one sample paper a day and stay on the top of your game. 
  • list items Time yourself whenever you solve the sample papers. Timing yourself while solving the sample GRE papers will help you get prepared for the actual test in a better way.
  • list items Analyze your mistakes, make a note of them, and work on them so that you can score well in the actual exam. Just before the final GRE, you can quickly skim through your weak areas and the solutions/strategies to them. This way your revision will be comprehensive and effective. 

The GRE exam is no cakewalk. However, with proper preparation, you can do extremely well in it. Just follow the tips mentioned above and score well in the GRE. 

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