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Books are the essential elements of the preparation process for any competitive exams. In the internet age, we have plenty of resources to accumulate information, but the catch lies in filtering the correct information and materializing it into valuable resources. GRE or the Graduation Record Examination is one such exam wherein one needs to have a laser-sharp focus for a couple of months with the right set of books to strengthen the preparation level. There is no lack of resources when it comes to choosing the books for the GRE examination. ETS website also provides free resources for GRE preparation.

The quest for GRE best books is a never-ending process, so it’s always advised to take a word of advice from the experts. A serious GRE aspirant always ensures surgical precision while selecting the books for GRE preparation. A small step in the right direction can take your future in an entirely different direction.

Best books for GRE preparation

As we have already discussed, GRE preparation books are abundant, but we have narrowed down a couple of them referred by toppers and market bestsellers.

The official guide to the GRE revised general test, 3rd edition by ETS

One of the best books for GRE preparation from ETS, which helps students take hold of the topics in a more holistic way and from the most trusted source. Since the book is from ETS itself, it can help you in making a correct assessment of your preparation level. This book also helps students in curating their strategy in the best possible way. There can be no other GRE preparation book to have helped students.

Key features of this book:

  • Four full-length tests. Two online and two offline.
  • Questions for preparation.
  • Differently-abled friendly.
  • Price - INR 1060.

Official GRE verbal reasoning practice questions & official GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions by ETS

Another book by ETS that always pops up in conversations with the topper on the list of GRE best books available in the market. This book for GRE helps students alleviate their preparation a notch higher once they are done with the preliminary level. The book contains questions from the verbal and quant sections of GRE. The questions are at par with those asked in the test, and the best books for GRE tow the line of this book to frame their questions. So it’s a benchmark for other books.

Key features of this book:

  • Advanced level questions from the verbal and quant section with detailed explanations.
  • Writing practice questions for the analytical writing section of the GRE.
  • Contains instructions on attempting the questions giving students guidance in time management during tests.
  • Price - INR 1110.

Manhattan 5lb. book of GRE practice problems

Perhaps the most holistic question bank for GRE tests. It has a plethora of questions on varying patterns, thus regarded as the most authentic book for GRE preparation. The latest edition of the book has a whole lot of questions from different sections, which increases your efficiency in the test. The book is regarded as the best book for GRE by toppers and experts.

Key features of this book:

  • The latest edition added a new online platform called “Interact” that helps students in getting acquainted with the online mode of test.
  • The short-tricks available in the latest edition make it the best among GRE best books, thus revamping your preparation level.
  • Developed by experts who have decades of experience with the GRE.
  • Updated regularly to keep up with the latest changes being brought in by the ETS.
  • Price - INR 1274.

PowerPrep and PowerPrep plus

ETS provided some books for GRE as free while few are paid too. PowerPrep 1 and 2 are part of the free resource provided by the ETS, and there is another advanced version named PowerPrep Plus. The free resources by ETS are the most advised GRE preparation books. At the same time, the paid version, which costs $39.95, can be a significant addition to the overall preparation of a GRE aspirant.

Key features of this book:

  • The free versions provided by ETS make you comfortable with the online test pattern of GRE, while the paid version takes your preparation level a notch higher.
  • The detailed explanations of the answer key help students in course correction of their approach towards questions.
  • ETS’s questions also help students assess their preparation in accordance with the standards expected in the original GRE test.
  • Price - $39.95.

GRE Prep by Magoosh

GRE Prep by Magoosh is the most read book by GRE aspirants among the best GRE preparation books. Toppers always suggest aspirants refer to this book as it is the best book for GRE from a beginner’s perspective. The book is crafted to make you comfortable with the test pattern, thus helping you at both the preliminary and advanced stages of preparation. It is perhaps the only book for GRE referred by experts and toppers, which has video solutions to make it easy for students to get hold of the basics.

Key features of this book:

  • A complete guide to the GRE exam with shortcut tricks to exam day instructions to be followed for optimum performance in the test.
  • The GRE essay section is also there, which helps students strategize their approach while writing the essay.
  • A separate section for comparative analysis of student’s performance with respect to other competitors on a particular set of questions.
  • One full-length test to make your preparation full-proof.
  • Price - INR 2532

GRE analytical writing: solutions to real essay topics books by vibrant

The essay has a very crucial role in ensuring a decent score on the GRE. It is one of the best books for GRE when it comes to essay writing practice. Analytical writing helps students score better and gives an edge over maximum students who don’t do well in this section. A book dedicated solely to answer writing is a must, irrespective of your writing abilities. Students are advised to consider this book for the GRE test since it will ultimately affect the score.

Key features of this book:

  • It contains 145 sample essays which will give you an idea of the type of essay to be written.
  • It has detailed guidelines on essay writing which help students avoid common mistakes done in the test.
  • Price - INR 1330

How to select books for GRE preparation?

Selecting books for GRE or, for that matter, any examination depends on some common factors:

  • Assessing your basic understanding: This is the preliminary step for selecting the best books for GRE preparation. Once you know your basic knowledge of the subject matter, it will help you eliminate those resources not having relevance to you. If your basics are sorted, go for advanced level and if not, start with the basics.
  • Choosing from the pool of books: There are hundreds of GRE preparation books, and selecting the right book can be an uphill task. For selecting the best book for GRE, you can go to a book store and give a cursory glance at as many books as you can and then select the book for GRE preparation.
  • Narrowing down the choices: While choosing GRE preparation books, one should always narrow down their choices to a select few and then do a comparative analysis. No one can compare hundreds of books in a bookstore. Doing a simple google search can help in narrowing down the number of choices to four or five books.
  • Strategizing Beforehand: There is no magic stick that can give you a list of GRE best books. You will always have to make a strategy that will ultimately help you choose the books for GRE preparation. Going to a bookstore without a strategy will make you like every book at the store, and you will end up wasting a ton of money and time on useless resources.
  • Utilizing the free resources From the ETS Website: There is no magic stick that can give you a list of GRE best books. You will always have to make a strategy that will ultimately help you choose the books for GRE preparation. Going to a bookstore without a strategy will make you like every book at the store, and you will end up wasting a ton of money and time on useless resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take separate books for each section of the GRE test?

It is advisable to take separate books for each section, but it totally depends on your grasping abilities. There are books for GRE with all the sections in a single book, but again, it depends on the student’s preparation strategy.

Can I score well with ETS material only?

Yes. Some students score decently with ETS books only, but that contains an element of risk. There is no point in taking chances when there are best books for GRE preparation available in the market at reasonable prices.

How many months of preparation are needed for scoring good marks in GRE?

Again, it’s a subjective thing and varies from one student to another. With guidance from experts and GRE preparation books, one can score more than 300 marks with a two-three month of preparation.

Is it compulsory to take classes for scoring well on the GRE test?

Not necessary per se, but the extent of competition is increasing every year, and it will always be advised to take a safe approach when the competition is so close, and students get rejected for admissions due to the narrow margin in the score.