GRE Exam Dates

GRE, most commonly known as the Graduation Record Examination, is the road to the best global universities for various courses. Students worldwide take this exam and get into the best business schools, law schools, technical institutions in different disciplines. It is one of the most coveted exams that test your analytical abilities and decision-making ability in dynamic situations. The GRE isn’t a challenging exam; instead, it’s the approach towards the exam which makes it easy or challenging for an aspirant. Proper guidance from experts can make a big difference in your overall preparation, ultimately reflected in your scorecard.

One of the best things associated with GRE is ETS (Educational Testing Service). The exam conducting body provided multiple GRE exam dates, making it more conducive for the exam takers. GRE test dates 2021 have been released, and now is the time to gear up the preparation for securing admission to your dream university, wherein your future will be shaped.

GRE Exam Dates for General Test 2021

Since GRE test dates are spread across the year, and it gives students a sense of freedom to take the test at a time that is in sync with their preparation. GREs are conducted at Prometric Test Centres at different locations. Students have the liberty to take the exam either paper-based or online, but the former is available only in select regions without internet connectivity. So in India, we only have an online mode.

One of the benefits of having an online mode is the flexible GRE dates. As one can see from the date sheet, exams are conducted every month on varying dates barring weekends and public holidays.

GRE exam dates are set in accordance with the core concept behind these tests, which is to give students a conducive atmosphere. The GRE test dates 2021 are released, and this time too, the students are given much leeway to select the GRE dates. This time there is another added advantage for students wherein they are given the option to take the test from the comfort of their homes. This decision has been taken in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new arrangement provides students to select the GRE test dates without exposing themselves to the risk of infection. Now the onus is on the students to ramp up their preparation and select the appropriate GRE exam dates for this academic year.

Here are the complete GRE dates for the year 2021 as per the ETS website.


August 02, 2021 Monday

August 03, 2021 Tuesday

August 04, 2021 Wednesday

August 05, 2021 Thursday

August 09, 2021 Monday

August 10, 2021 Tuesday

August 11, 2021 Wednesday

August 12, 2021 Thursday

August 16, 2021 Monday

August 17, 2021 Tuesday

August 18, 2021 Wednesday

August 19, 2021 Thursday

August 23, 2021 Monday

August 24, 2021 Tuesday

August 25, 2021 Wednesday

August 26, 2021 Thursday

August 31, 2021 Tuesday



September 07, 2021 Tuesday

September 14, 2021 Tuesday

September 21, 2021 Tuesday

September 28, 2021 Tuesday




October 05, 2021 Tuesday

October 12, 2021 Tuesday

October 26, 2021 Tuesday


November 02, 2021 Tuesday

November 09, 2021 Tuesday

November 16, 2021 Tuesday

November 23, 2021 Tuesday

November 30, 2021 Tuesday



December 07, 2021 Tuesday

December 14, 2021 Tuesday

December 21, 2021 Tuesday

December 28, 2021 Tuesday



GRE Exam Dates for Subject Test 2021

GRE subject-based tests are designed to check students’ understanding of specific subjects. The GRE test dates 2021 are out, which can help students speed their preparations and assess their level of preparation. Subject Tests are conducted thrice, and this year, the GRE dates are in the months of April, September, and October. Subject Tests are conducted for various disciplines from Mathematics to Biology and Literature to Psychology. Students from multiple disciplines give these exams to ensure admission to top universities in the US, the UK, Europe, and other countries.

GRE exam dates for Subject Tests are released, and students wanting to take the test should keep on seeing the dates for their respective subjects. Since the GRE test dates are only released for the first round of examinations to be held in April, the other dates for the months of September and October will be released soon on the official website of ETS.

Application Deadline

Extended Deadline

Date of Examination

Score Availability Date

26th Feb 2021

5th March 2021

10th April 2021

10th May 2021

Since this time around, the dates are released only for the first exam slot, and we expect ETS to release other dates soon. The GRE test dates 2021 for Subject Test will be released with the exam calendar of 2021-22. Till then, the focus should be on the preparation, and once the exam dates are released, we will update the page with all the relevant details.

Booking GRE Test Day

The GRE exam dates can be booked via internet, mail, phone, or fax. All the options are available, but the internet is the fastest and assuring medium sought by most students for booking the GRE test dates. Test dates are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. So it is advised to book the GRE test dates 2021 at the earliest to get the desired time slot.

GRE Test Day Instruction

With all the information on the GRE test dates available to you, the day of examination has altogether a different importance.

Candidate should keep these documents handy before going to the test centres-

For Computer Based General Test

  • A valid ID proof
  • Authorized Voucher, if applicable
  • Confirmation email

For Paper based General Test or GRE Subject Test

  • A valid ID proof
  • Confirmation email
  • Pencil and Eraser for rough work and other purposes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a clear strategy for completing the syllabus on time and booking the time slot as soon as they open.
They are spaced on a regular interval of around 21 days barring public holidays and weekends.
Yes. They are out, and there are multiple dates from which one can choose as per their level of preparation and other factors.
No. This time ETS has provided another option of taking the test from your place of residence.

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