GRE Exam Eligibility

The GRE exam or the Graduate Record Examination is the door to your entry into the world’s top universities. GREs are crafted in a way that makes it equitable for all the students from different regions of the world. The lucidity in the structure of GREs can be assessed from the GRE exam eligibility criteria. The GRE exam eligibility is solely pivoted on the fact that the candidate taking the exam should have completed the undergraduate course. The age limits or, for that matter, any other criteria pertaining to GRE qualification are non-existent.

It gives the students a level playing field and makes the exam more competitive since each student is judged on their performance in the GRE. Once a student gets a decent score in the GRE, there is no such GRE eligibility per se. Although universities do adopt different methods for finalizing the admissions, the GRE scores may not suffice to get you through the entire admission process.

GRE qualification criteria are paramount, but there might be additional criteria for ensuring a student’s admission to a university. For example, the Ivy League colleges have stringent rules on GPAs (Grade Point Average). But it varies, and this shouldn’t be seen as GRE exam eligibility conditions.

The educational qualification of a student doesn’t matter, but in GRE Subject Test, there might be some conditions put by departments or universities. But ETS has no GRE eligibility caveat for students.

Eligibility Criteria of GRE

The GRE exam eligibility is limited only to an undergraduate degree. There is no bar on the age for a student to appear for the GREs. ETS doesn’t burden students with GRE qualification thresholds which may put some students at a disadvantage. The nature of the exam is unaffected by limitations in any form of GRE eligibility criteria. One of the foremost things associated with the exam is the nature of the exam, which selects the best students from a pool of applicants without burdening or excluding them by putting GRE exam eligibility criteria.

There are different rules and regulations in place, which shouldn’t be seen as GRE eligibility criteria, but they are noteworthy. Some of the rules which every student should keep in mind before taking the exams and taking admission thereafter.

  • Not a GRE exam eligibility criteria, but the student has to keep in mind that the passport is the only valid ID proof accepted by the ETS.
  • Getting a good score is the sole GRE qualification sought by universities, but there might be some internal criteria for seeking admission to top universities.
  • GRE eligibility has nothing to do with your work experience. However, it is a significant addendum while a university is considering your application.
  • For differently-abled students, ETS makes arrangements, and to get the concessions in the GRE exam eligibility, a candidate has to provide all the details beforehand.
  • Amid the COVID pandemic, ETS has allowed students to take the exam from the comfort of their homes. This doesn't affect the GRE eligibility for the students, but there will be a proctor monitoring the examinee. And the sitting arrangement must include a table and chair with a decent background.
  • Another set of rules are regarding the students opting for exams on dedicated centers. As per the new rules, wearing a mask will be mandatory for the students, and students have to remove the mask only at the time of facial verification during the photo session.

Once the criteria mentioned above are fulfilled, you are all set to take the exam.

GRE Accepting College

Universities accepting GRE scores for MBA are slowly getting more traction in the US, the UK, and Canada. Earlier GRE scores were considered mainly for admission to MS courses, but there is a lot of common ground between GRE and GMAT exam patterns. Also, the flexibility in the form of GRE eligibility criteria has made it possible for universities to consider students from their GRE scores directly. GRE qualification is itself sufficient to analyze a student’s capability for MBA courses. These trends have seen growth with the change in exam patterns brought in by the ETS.

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GRE Registration

There are multiple registration options available for the GRE registration.

Online Registration

The fastest and most sought registration method since it involves minimal risk and utmost ease.

Phone Registration

An applicant can register via phone by calling the Regional Registration Centre located in Gurgaon.

Mail Registration

Applicants can send the application form to the address with the fee.

Fax Registration

Applicants can also send the form on the fax number provided by the ETS with the fee for the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no GRE eligibility per se for any student apart from having a university degree of graduation.
There can be varying answers for it, but a score of more than 300 is considered a good score for securing a seat in the top university.
There is no bar on the number of attempts, but a student can take five attempts in one calendar year.
It depends solely on your preparation level. Once you feel you are ready for it, the exams are conducted every 21 days all around the year.
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