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How Can GyanDhan Help You With TOEFL Preparation?

How Can GyanDhan Help You With TOEFL Preparation?

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Need guidance related to TOEFL preparation? GyanDhan has compiled TOEFL prep guides and shortlistedTOEFL consultants just for you. Check here to know more!

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If you are a study abroad aspirant, then you may know that admission to most of the top institutions requires you to show a TOEFL score above 110. While the experience of examinees may vary considerably, what the general belief is that the test is long and requires the test-taker to be tenacious and patient enough to be able to solve the questions till the end. Hence, the paper requires one to achieve a high level of mastery to get high scores as mentioned above.




How Can GyanDhan Help You With TOEFL Preparation?

We are one of India’s prime education-focused platforms providing comprehensive financing solutions to students wishing to study abroad. Apart from providing loan services for students willing to study overseas, we also offer admission counselling services to students, of which our exam-specific test guides are an integral part. 

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Below are GyanDhan TOEFL Prep Guides we have compiled for each section of the test: 

  • list items GyanDhan’s Complete TOEFL Prep Guide - Section-Wise Study Tips - If you are looking for a complete TOEFL preparation guide, then this is the study guide for you.. From general preparation tips to specific study guides, you will find it here. 
  • list items GyanDhan TOEFL Guide - Reading Section - Looking for tips to improve your reading skills and English vocabulary? Wondering what hacks could be put to use when not able to understand a particular section from the reading passage or a question. Click here to get all your questions answered. 
  • list items GyanDhan TOEFL Prep Guide - Writing Section - Enhance your writing skills to ace this section by following our sure-shot tips and tricks. Find key areas to work on, writing exercises, and practice questions, and exam day tips here. 
  • list items GyanDhan TOEFL Prep Guide - Speaking Section - How to speak coherently and not fumble? What speaking exercises can I follow to level up my game in this section?  Go here to find effective speaking tips which will surely help you on the exam day. 
  • list items GyanDhan TOEFL Guide - Listening Section - Listening section is another hard nut to crack in the test. But with GyanDhan’s listening preparation guide, you do not need to worry. Find a comprehensive preparation guide covering syllabus, exam pattern, study tips, exam day tips, books, and practice questions here. 

GyanDhan TOEFL Test Sample Questions for Practice

As a requisite to excel in the test, students need to practice rigorously all that they have learned, especially during the last few days before the exam. The sample questions will help students analyse their preparation for the test and find out any gaps and plug those gaps if found. Students can also increase their accuracy levels by practicing as many tests as possible. Moreover, scoring high in the mock tests scores well on the confidence front. A simulated test can also smoothen any rough edges that maybe there. As a part of our prep guide, we have prepared GyanDhan TOEFL Practice Test guides, wherein we have compiled and posted official practice questions for TOEFL. Students can access the questions online absolutely for free. 


How Can GyanDhan Get You Professional Help for TOEFL Preparation?

Along with our preparation guides, we can also help you with TOEFL preparation through our admission counselling services. As a part of our counselling services, we have partnered up with some of the leading TOEFL preparation consultants who can give you the best guidance and help you ace the exam with flying colours. If you want to take help of our consultants, all you need to do is give us a call, and we will put you in touch with them, absolutely for free. 
Here is a list of consultants that we have tied up with: 

  • list items Manya - The Princeton Review 
  • list items Galvanize Test Prep 
  • list items Admitkard 
  • list items Visas Avenues 
  • list items One Window Consultant 
  • list items Alphabet Education 


TOEFL is among the premier English language assessment tests for the majority of the global higher education institutions. The test is targeted at understanding the ability of any student to tackle the workload of a full-blown higher education curriculum in English. However, students will need to make suitable preparations to excel in the test. The level of difficulty and competition in the test is quite high. The GyanDhan TOEFL Prep Guides can help students in their ongoing preparations for the test. We, at GyanDhan, are always eager to respond to any queries that students may have related to the TOEFL test.

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