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The Pre-admit Meet for MS in US Aspirants

The Pre-admit Meet for MS in US Aspirants

The United States of America is the dream study destination for many Indians. With scores of top Global Universities spread across the country, it is no wonder that the country attracts a substantial population of Indian Students.

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The United States of America is the dream study destination for many Indians. With scores of top Global Universities spread across the country, it is no wonder that the country attracts a substantial population of Indian Students. Even though the number of student visas issued by the Trump regime, to Indian and Chinese students,  continues to drop, the year 2017-2018 saw 186,000 Indian students head to the U.S to fulfill their higher education aspirations.

Some of the reasons which make the U.S a favored study destination by Indians are as follows:

  1. list items Excellent reputation that U.S colleges have, in terms of teaching, research, technology, and innovation 
  2. list items Tremendous career opportunities available in the U.S for talented and skilled people, especially in IT, Healthcare, Finance, Biomedical, and Engineering sectors
  3. list items Scores of success stories of Indian students who went to U.S  

Given the above facts, it is understandable why thousands of Indian students apply to U.S universities every year. However, in the absence of proper guidance, many fail to get an admission, which is no rocket science in their desired U.S universities.

However, if you are an Indian student who wishes to go to the U.S for higher studies and have been looking for guidance on the subject or have applied to a U.S University and are waiting for an admit, then we invite you to attend the Pre-admit meet for MS in US aspirants.

Organized by GyanDhan, this meet is aimed at helping every student who aspires to study in the U.S. It does not matter whether you are preparing for the GRE, have given the GRE, are applying to colleges or are just waiting for admit – this meet will help you make more informed choices.

When and Where?

New Delhi, 9th September, Register now

Bangalore, 9th September, Register now

Mumbai, 23rd September, Register now

Hyderabad, 30th September, Register now

Pune, 7th October, Register now

Chennai, 7th October, Register now



What’s in it for you?

Well, there’s plenty for every kind of studying-in-US aspirant. For starters, let us list down some of the benefits of attending this pre-admit meet.

  • list items Talk to GRE experts and top scorers in GRE get advice on how to come out with flying colors in GRE
  • list items Experienced mentors will be there to guide applicants on how to write that killer SOP and LOR. They will also access the student’s profile and interest and then help in College Selection
  • list items Students who are waiting for admit will get guidance from experts  

Preparing for the GRE –With different people having different opinions on how to prepare and ace the GRE, it is no wonder then that many students get confused and end up not doing well in the GRE. Well, if you are in the same boat, this pre-meet will rescue you. With proper guidance and some often overlooked tips and tricks, doing well in the GRE is not a herculean task and we have lined up a team of GRE experts and top scorers who will clear all your queries at this pre-meet.


Already given the GRE – Taking the GRE is the first step towards your admission to a U.S university. In this meet, we will discuss with you the steps that will follow after your GRE – from taking the TOEFL or IELTS to deciding the appropriate course to your finances and others.


Applying to colleges – This meet will also guide all those who are in the process of applying to the U.S colleges. Students will receive guidance on every little thing that matters in their application – from transcripts to affidavit, Statement of Purpose, resume, Letters of recommendation, bank statement, choosing the right University and program and others.


Waiting for Admit – Waiting for an admit can be a long and frustrating time. It usually takes from a month to three for the universities to make a decision regarding an application. At this pre-meet, we will advise students on how to get over the anxiety of waiting for an admit and make the most of your time by researching more about the Universities and courses you have applied so that once you have an acceptance letter, you can make an informed choice. We will also tell you about how to search for scholarships which you might be eligible for.

About the Speakers for the Event:

Pavithra Srinivasan (Founder and Product Director Galvanize Test Prep) 

Galvanize is the maker of the world’s highest-rated Android Apps for GRE Prep & Vocabulary building. Pavithra oversees all aspects of the Galvanize GRE courses & Admission Counseling Services - including Content, Teaching & Technology and will be present at the event to give expert guidance.


Jainesh Sinha (Founder GyanDhan) 

A graduate from IIT-D, Jainesh Sinha studied at Super30, before he made to IIT-D. After working for 5 years at Capital One, one of the top 10 banks in the US, he moved back to India in 2015 and launched GyanDhan to solve the problem of education financing in the country.

Register yourself and get the chance to bond and collaborate with your peers over freshly brewed coffee at Pre-Admit Meetup for MS in US Networking Event, so that you are able to put your best foot forward in this eventful journey.

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