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Review of Arizona State University – Tempe  

Review of Arizona State University – Tempe  

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This is a comprehensive review of Arizona State University, on various factors like courses, fees, housing issues, eminent professors, job prospects, star alumni and expected pay grades

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Introduction Arizona State University

Arizona State University also known as ASU is one of the top public research universities of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Set up in 1885, it has five campuses across the Phoenix area and four regional learning centres across Arizona. ASU - Tempe, along with its other four campuses has one of the largest students population enrolled with them in the nation, with around 72,000 students enrolled in the fall of 2017. This number constitutes of almost 60,000 students enrolled for undergrad programs and around 12,000 for graduate programs.

The history of Arizona State University dates back to March 12, 1885 when it was first established as the Territorial Normal School in Tempe, Arizona to train teachers for the Arizona territory. The university started its initial classes with just 33 students. Since then it has witnessed a lot of changes, for example its name; yes, its name has changed a several times from being Tempe Normal School of Arizona (1989 - 1903) to Arizona State Teachers College (1929 - 1945) and from Arizona State College (1945 -1958) to finally now being known as Arizona State University. 

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What are the Accomplishments of Arizona State University?

The university has been recently been chosen as No.1 university for its innovation by the US News and World Reports and has earned the title of “Most Innovative School” third time straight in a row. According to the US News and World Report’s 2017, ASU was also the “Best Graduate School” and is listed amongst nation’s best schools for Science, Law, Education, Business, Public Affairs and others. ASU has also been ranked on the 115th position among the numerous National Universities across the globe.


How is the Infrastructure of Arizona State University?

The university has a large campus spread over an area of around 660 acres. ASU - Tempe being the original campus, still has its old and main buildings together. The historical infrastructure has hundreds of graduate and undergraduate subjects to offer to its students for their research and studies. Being one of the oldest campuses, it has also undergone a lot of changes. It is now a solar-powered campus

The campus also provides hostel facilities and the students from senior years can choose to stay on-campus or off-campus.

The campus is also great from the security point of view. The Tempe campus provides a lot of other facilities like day care, health services, health insurance, fully trained on-site residential staff, 24/7 medical facilities, 24/7 telephone facilities and daily patrolling for student safety.  

Well, the better the infrastructure the better the academics of the college (or it is the other way around?). The Tempe campus hosts multidisciplinary research projects and explorations. The campus includes College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Herberger Institute for Design and The Arts, The School for The Future of Innovation in Society and The School of Sustainability. 


What are the Courses Offered at Arizona State University?

The university ranks no. 4 for its online undergraduate degree program in the nation, no. 15 for executive education in the world, no. 5 for online MBA programs in the nation, no. 11 for graduate education program, no. 20 for its Fine Arts course and no. 25 as Law and Business School in the nation.

The above facts clearly state that the university is amongst the best and has innumerable courses to offer. The university gives you the option to choose from over 250 undergraduate courses and over 100 graduate courses to study. It also gives you an opportunity to enrol at the clubs of your choice from their 500+ clubs and organisations. 

On a whole you can choose from the following disciplines:

  • list items Architecture and Construction
  • list items Arts
  • list items Business
  • list items Communication and Media
  • list items Computing and Mathematics
  • list items Education and Teaching
  • list items Engineering and Technology
  • list items Entrepreneurship
  • list items Humanities
  • list items Health and Wellness
  • list items Interdisciplinary Studies
  • list items Law, Justice and Public Services
  • list items Psychology
  • list items Science
  • list items Social and Behavioural Science
  • list items Sustainability


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How Much Does Education at Arizona State University Cost?

American City Business Journals states that Arizona State University is one of the nation’s outstanding public universities because of its great retention and graduation rates, its affordable tuition and hostel fees, the number of ways it provides financial help to students, diversity in its courses and its reputation.


Tuition and Housing Fee

One year of MS for an international student at Arizona University will cost you from Rs. 29.83lacs to Rs. 30.71lacs, depending upon the course you choose. Besides this, if you choose to stay on-campus, you’ll have to pay an amount of around Rs. 62,086 monthly or Rs. 7, 45,037 yearly (excluding meals and other expenses). On-campus meals plus other miscellaneous expenses will in total cost you an additional amount of around Rs. 5, 44,400 yearly.

In case you decide to stay off-campus, it will cost you an estimated amount of Rs. 10, 28,073 yearly including meals and other miscellaneous expenses.

To answer a few common questions: Is it obligatory to stay in college hostels? Well, No. Though the college suggests freshmen to stay on-campus (until they adapt the new environment) but it is never a compulsion.


How Many Students the College Can Accommodate in Hostels? 

The university has a capacity of accommodating around 10,073 students in their hostel.


How Can You Finance Your Education at Arizona State University?

ASU offers numerous ways to help out financially weak students. Along with various scholarship programs, it also provides on-campus part-time jobs.The State University provides its students with a lot of on-campus job opportunities. This not only helps you earn money for your studies but also help you gain experience. 

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What is Life on Campus Like?

Life on campus seems to be amalgamation of education filled with fun. Tempe being a developed city provides students with all the necessary amenities. Besides this, the campus provides a lot of facilities to make the lives of its students easier. The university provides on-campus day-care services for its students with young families. And the university also has various on-campus disability services. 

What’s more, the students get to meet ‘N’ no. of people from various countries, which in turn helps them grow culturally and expands their horizons.


How is the Faculty at Arizona State University?

“Biotech pioneers Bruce Rittmann and Mark Van Loosdrecht win 2018 Stockholm Water Prize” - asunow.asu.edu

The Arizona State University has the best combination of faculty for its diversified courses. The faculty included Aaron Brown (former CNN Host), Gene V. Glass (meta-analysis developer), Bert Holldobler (Pulitzer Prize Winner and The Ants’ co-author), Leland Hartwell (a Nobel Laureate) and many more great men.

There is a staff of around 3400 educators teaching around 72000 students. 92% of the total educators in ASU are full-time teachers. Besides this, the University also hires part time lecturers, scientists and educators to enlighten the students on various subjects.

The faculty hired by the University is not ordinary. Most of the faculty members are great veterans in their own fields. Amongst them there are 3 MacArthur Fellows, 5 Nobel Laureate, 6 Pulitzer Prize awardees, 8 from National Academy of Engineering, 17 from Academy of Arts and Sciences, 20 National Academy of Sciences members, 32 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellows, 48 from National Endowment for Humanities and 162  Fulbright American Scholars. 

Furthermore, the faculty for engineering includes Stephanie Forrest (PhD from University of Michigan) who is a professor in School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering and centre, Meng Wu (Ph.D. from Texas A&M University) who is an assistant professor in School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering and many more.

As per the data, amongst the faculty of Engineering, 8 of them have won National Academies Distinction by American Society of Mechanical Engineering, and similarly, 8 of them have been awarded by National Academy of Engineering and 18 of them have been awarded by National Academy of Sciences.


What Job Opportunities are Available for ASU Graduates?

The Wall Street Journal ranks ASU no. 5 in the nation for producing best qualified graduates. 

Arizona State University claims that in 2016-2017, 91% of its graduates got placed within 90 days of completion of their programs. The top industries are Technology and Engineering, Healthcare, Education, Banking and Finance and Public and Human Services. ASU stands at No. 18 amongst the top universities with students who bagged numerous jobs in the Silicon Valley.

The major employers looking to hire the ASU prodigies include some big names like:

  • list items Amazon.in
  • list items Maricopa County
  • list items Apple,Inc.
  • list items American Express
  • list items Arizona Public Service Company
  • list items Walt Disney Company
  • list items Walmart
  • list items The Boeing Company
  • list items Wells Fargo
  • list items Salt River Project, etc.


Who are the Notable Alumni of Arizona State University?

The alumni can be known as the mirror of a university. The greater the alumni, the better will the education system of an institution. ASU has produced some great veterans like pro football player - Pat Tillman, Award winning actress - Brenda Strong, Businessman -  Ryan Wood. The university continues to stay in touch with them via ASU Alumni Association. This association not only helps the alumni stay connected with their roots but also helps them together to have a great impact on the lives of the new students by being a great example of excellence in their respective fields. 



Arizona State University is one of the top universities on the world map. It not only aims at providing world class education but also helps in overall growth of their students.  It is a great place to be at for any course, but especially for MS.  As the above facts state, it is amongst the best engineering schools. 

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