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North Carolina State University is a great place to study and to elevate your career to the next level with their courses. This review talks in detail about the various aspects of the university so that you can make an informed decision

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North Carolina State University (NCSU) was founded in 1887 with the aim to create societal, intellectual and economic prosperity. Today, it is one of the prestigious research enterprise excelling in various fields of engineering, science, math, technology, design, humanities and social sciences, veterinary medicine and textiles. It claims to be the reason for 125+ start-ups and spin-off businesses attracting more than $1.6 billion in venture capital. Over 9,000 world-leading faculty and staff and 34,000+ high performing students of the university form strong partnerships with industry, government, nonprofit and academia to make a better world by conducting research and providing valuable services. NCSU has an annual budget of almost $1.5 billion, $405 million sponsored research award and an endowment of approximately $1.1 billion.


The university with 1600 acres of the campus is located in Raleigh in North Carolina and is rated as one of the best values in higher education. The university is also leading efforts to create a smart electric grid, curb nuclear proliferation, assist farmers to face climate changes, develop self-powered monitors and shape a new American Manufacturing Sector. 



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What are the Infrastructural Facilities in NCSU?

Three sub-campuses namely, North, South and Central form the NCSU’s main campus. The engineering building is located in the Centennial Campus which is breathtakingly beautiful. The campus and the infrastructure offer a perfect ‘university feel’. NCSU has state-of-the-art libraries, research centres and laboratories, so are the recreation centers, gym and sports/athletic facilities. The relatively new Hunt library with its amazing structure is called the ‘library of the future’ and is the world’s first library involving artificial intelligence.


What are the Fees & Financial Aids for GyanDhan?

NCSU is the largest university in North Carolina. It is extremely popular amongst the students as it is more economical as compared to the other universities. Annual tuition & fees and books & supplies for the year 2020-21 are estimated to be $28,998 and $854 respectively. The housing and meals expenses are estimated to be around $8,802 and $4,833 respectively. However, students opting for Master of Science in Analytics, Master in Chemical Engineering, Master of Computer Science, Master of Translation and Innovation and few other courses need to pay additional tuition expenses.

The university offers a wide range of financial support for tuition as well as living in the form of traineeships/fellowships and grants based on merit or financial need and also provide research/training/service assistantships, federal work-study programs, part-time employment opportunities and internships where students can get on-the-job experience at a walkable distance from the class. The University also offers a loan facility to support the study expenses. You can as well obtain the study loan through GyanDhan which also has a scholarship bank consisting of more than 2000 scholarships.

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How is the Housing Facility of NCSU?

NCSU has its student apartment complexes that offer privacy and space. The university offers a range of student housing options including traditional residence hall living, campus-based village communities and on and off-campus apartment complexes. However, most of the graduate students prefer to live off-campus as it is cheaper and more convenient. 

The preferred residential areas for Indian students are Colonial Arms, Avery Close, Kings Court, Kensington Park, Champions Court and Gorman Street which are in the radius of 0.5 to 5.5 miles from the university.


What are the Courses Offered in NCSU?

NCSU offers over 160 Masters programs in engineering, sciences, management design, natural resources, life sciences and agriculture, humanities and social sciences, education, veterinary medicine and textiles with over 70 MS programs. The university is renowned for its highly ranked engineering school and particularly agricultural/biological engineering programs, Jenkins Graduate School of Management and an education program. Besides this, the university offers 60 doctoral programs. 

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What are the Local Services, Location of College, and Weather Conditions in Raleigh?

Cost of living in Raleigh is comparatively lower than an average city in the US and thus, it is one of the preferred destinations amongst the students. Weather-wise, July is the warmest month of the year with an average high temperature of 32 degrees C, while January is the coolest month with an average high temperature of 10 degrees C. Raleigh is well-known for its technology/research roots and colleges and experiences strong job growth. Most of the people living in the city are young, educated, friendly and diverse. Raleigh is a beautiful place with museums, green spaces and growing art and music culture with various art galleries, summer concerts and music festivals. Also, here are a few resources that provide you the information about the local services available nearby in your city.


How is the Faculty of NCSU?

The high standard of academic quality and excellence, admission retention rates, affordable tuition fees, financial aid, student-faculty ratios and four and six-year graduation rates are reflected by the top class ranking over the years by various esteemed publishers like US News, Times Higher Education and QS Stars. The university is ranked 81st amongst the national universities and has the best engineering school that is ranked 24th by the US News. It is the world’s 137th best university in the US and 279th best university in the world by Times Higher Education and QS Stars respectively. The university has over 34,000 students and 2,300 faculties with a student-faculty ratio 13:1 and belongs 10 colleges representing all the major academic domains.

The university has top-class professors that have received global fame for their achievements. Professor Ruben Carbonell of Chemical Engineering received UNC System’s O. Max Gardner Award for his valuable contributions in engineering, education, healthcare and public policy. Other renowned faculties are Jim Crisp, Thomas Parker, Akram Khater who have accomplished their work by the grants received from renowned sponsors like National Geographic Society. Besides this, there are many professors like Dr. Philip Bradford, who have been recognized for their cutting-edge researches from time to time. The university ensures the best education quality; it imparts by encouraging its faculty and staff with a range of awards and recognitions such as Medal for Excellence, University Teaching Awards and various other awards.


How is the Campus Life of NCSU?

The University with state-of-the-art infrastructure has an equally vibrant campus life. There are 700+ student organizations on the campus to satisfy a range of varied interests of students. Along with its breathtaking view, the campus has 70 intramural and club sports programs and 23 Division I varsity teams. There are as well two recreational complexes spread over 350,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor fitness space. There are planned community service events as well as many arts and activities. 


What are the Job & Placement Prospects of NCSU?

The Master's degree from NCSU offers promising employment opportunities to its aspirants. With a variety of top companies in the region including Cisco Systems, IBM, Biogen Idec, SAS Institute, GlaxoSmithKline are some of the best employers in the country and also hire new NC graduates. Thus, the students can land in a reputed organization after the completion of their academics. The university has its ePartner program through which many reputed organizations recruit NCSU students and offer them opportunities to join leadership development programs for rapid promotion within their company.

Along with other domains, MS graduates from the Computer Science stream have an abundant potential. The average salary (not including options, bonuses, moving allowances, etc.) reported by NCSU master’s graduates for the 2018-19 academic year was $109K/year which is higher than the average salary with the similar education background.

The University has the credit for starting 125+ start-up companies. Apart from this, the NC State Research has started over 550 new commercial products. Thus, the students also have an option to join a start-up or found one.

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Who are the Star Alumni of NCSU?

Alumni is one of the criteria that reflects the standard of quality and excellence of a University. NCSU has produced many great personalities and professionals including White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, stand-up comedian Zach Galifianakis, pianist and pop music composer John Tesh, programming language designer Anthony James Barr, Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Cullen Jones and many more. 


How to Get Help in NCSU Admissions?

The admission process for masters in NCSU can be complicated at times. Expert help in the matter can be highly favorable for you to comprehend everything and get help in the university application. With right admissions counselling for NCSU, you can sail through the entire admission process without any problem. You can get in touch with GyanDhan for admission counseling for North Carolina State University and rest assured you get end-to-end help in every step of the admission process.



North Carolina State University is one of the top global universities with a special niche in MS. Along with providing a world-class education at an affordable cost, the university also pays close attention to the overall growth of its students. Along with academic excellence, the university offers affordable fee-structure that acts as a magnet to its aspirants. With many renowned professors, the university offers significant research opportunities to its students. Besides education, NCSU offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to ensure all-rounder student performance. All in all, it is one of the best engineering schools with promising opportunities.

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