Webinar on Career in Finance


Saturday, September 09, 2017
1 hr


Speakers Profile:
1) Neeraj Agarwal (Vice President, The Blackstone Group, New York)
Profile: Neeraj Agarwal pursued his MS in Chemical engineering from Virginia Tech straight after graduating from IIT Kanpur. His interest in finance thereafter drew him to pursue MS in Mathematics in Finance from New York University. Neeraj is currently working as vice president of The Blackstone Group since 2011.

2) Dr. Jitendra Tayal (Assistant Professor of Finance, Ohio University)
Dr. Jitendra Tayal graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2007 and did his masters in financial engineering Institute for Financial Management and Research & Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. Jitendra has also worked with the organizations like Godrej, Center for Advanced Financial Studies, Credit Suisse and is currently working as an assistant professor of finance at Ohio University.

Moderator: Ankit Mehra (CEO, GyanDhan)