How to prepare for GRE ?


Saturday, February 24, 2018
1 hr


Planning to go for a Master's degree?
Well, the first step is a good GRE score, which can open the doors of the top universities for you.
And for that, you need to prepare well and in a thorough manner.

This webinar will help you to prepare for your GRE in the most stellar manner:
1) D for Dictionary
2) GRE prep course
3) Practice tests
4) Take the GRE again
5) Take a tough English course
6) Study What’s Actually on the Test
7) Target Your Weaknesses

Questions that will be answered:
✓ When to start preparation?
✓ How much time to give for the preparation? 
✓ How to start the preparation? 
✓ Which course to buy for GRE preparation?