Algonquin College

Nepean, Ontario, Canada

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School of Advanced Technology

The School of Advanced Technology offers a wide range of programs and therefore opens up a lot of career avenues for the students. The program takes up virtual ideas to align them with the needs of the real world. The School of Advanced Technology is made up of the applied science and environmental technology, mechanical and transportation technology, and Information and Communication Technology. 

The School has 23 laboratories which include world-class equipment ranging from precision machining to industrial controls, aviation maintenance and robotics lab. With Ottawa being a technology leader, the level of skills you learn here will be transferable throughout the world.


Algonquin College for Construction Excellence

The Algonquin College for Construction Excellence was inaugurated in 2011 and has been providing rigorous training to the students and imparting various essential skills and knowledge for a span of about 45 years now. The Algonquin College is honoured to have assisted many students in pursuing excellence in their respective fields, be it - carpentry, plumbing, civil engineering technology, interior designing.

Approximately, 1900 students out of the total college strength of 20,000 at the campus are placed in skilled programs.  It has been estimated that by the year 2020, around 50% of the current skilled workers would prefer retirement, and thereby leading to massive shortages of the workforce in every field.  As per one of the research reports, it is calculated that about 40% of the recruitments will arise in the arena of skilled activities.


School of Business

The Algonquin School of Business houses 30 business programs that are designed to make the student immediately employable in the chosen field. The school of business also offers practical hands-on skills that go beyond business theory putting the student on the fast-track career to success.

Moreover, the students get to learn from faculty that are active in their fields and industries and gain hands-on knowledge and skills. The graduates from this school have an 85% employment rate within the first six months after graduation. 


Centre for Continuing and Online Learning

To make the most out of your spare time, Algonquin College has come up with the Centre for Continuing and Online Learning, it provides flexible learning options to the students. With more than 100 programs and 1,000 courses offered on evenings, weekends, and online, one is sure to find something that fits one’s requirements. The programs offered are Part-time on-campus, part-time online and Full-time online.


General Arts and Science

Algonquin College offers 15 different general arts and science programs that will help a student build his/her foundation of knowledge within a certain field and put him/her on the track of success. The department of general arts and science offers credit courses that can be used for other Algonquin post-secondary programs.

Moreover, the department has internal agreements with multiple Algonquin diploma programs for admissions and also has agreements with Ottawa universities for transfer of credits.


Health and Community Studies

Algonquin College’s School of Health and Community Studies covers around 30 programs including a  wide range of diploma programs. The students are provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and trained with effective skills to help them excel in their career.

The candidates are given excellent opportunities to work on various assignments and deliver unique healthcare solutions to various patients and clients. Facilities present in the school such as the Dental Clinic, Student Massage Therapy Clinic, and the Early Learning Centre are unique learning environments for students.


Hospitality and Tourism

Students from this department get the right mix of industry knowledge and real-world experience – at the Algonquin College School of Hospitality and Tourism. The school of Hospitality and Tourism at Algonquin College in Ottawa gives its students the knowledge and real-life skills he/she might need to excel in today’s dynamic and global hospitality, tourism and wellness industry.

The broad variety of programs provides the student with industry-standard training in unique learning environments, from the state-of-the-art kitchen and demo labs to on-site teaching restaurant and salon and spa.


Language Institute

The institute offers year-round full-time and part-time language training and testing pathways. Students who possess good communication skills are able to grow academically as well as professionally. The college programs have enabled many students, on a worldwide basis, to strengthen their knowledge in various areas including English comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar.


School of Media and Design

This school works with the aim to provide the students with learning opportunities in a unique and forward-thinking environment. Such an environment helps in developing among the students the ability to take independent decisions, conduct effective communication, and work in cooperation with the respective team members. The students are given an opportunity to get trained under the guidance of experienced people and deal with real-time projects and dynamic environments.

The 22 programs offered by the Institute, enable students to work within various communication and design industries and also assist them in developing essential skills related to technology and creative problem-solving.


Police and Public Safety Institute

The programs in the Police and Public Safety Institute stand firmly on the same foundation – public service. The programs are designed to train the students inapt skills and enable them to excel in their career which deals with community and justice services, or providing support to the victims.

The course prepares students for the career roles of a Firefighter or a Police officer or a profession in paramedic victimology. The school houses state-of-the-art technology-driven facilities like living labs, ambulances, a pumper truck, and fitness facilities.