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Brief Background

Founded in 1885, Arizona State University is the largest public university in the entire United States.

It was ranked the Number 1 University for Innovation, by U.S. News & World Report, even ahead of MIT and Stanford. The Wall Street Journal too ranked ASU as Top 5 Universities in the U.S. for producing the best-qualified graduates. These rankings speak eons about the University. With over 80,000 students enrolled, this university is one of the most popular Universities for Indian students, who refer to this University as a ‘safe’ university only because getting admission here is comparatively easier. Though the University offers more than 800 programs from undergraduate through post-doctoral degrees, the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering courses of ASU are rated extremely well.

Another unique feature of this University is that more than 150 degrees are offered online. The online degrees offer world-class undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as Business, Health & Nursing, Engineering, Humanities, and many more – that too with the same curriculum and the same prestigious faculty as on-campus and are 100% online.  


The main campus is the Tempe campus, which hosts some classes. Apart from lecture halls, this campus also has some excellent libraries, recreational centers, and cafes too. However, most ASU students end up studying at its Polytechnic Campus, which is spread across 600 acres. This campus has some nice lecture halls as well as excellent research labs too.

Residing Options

Students studying at ASU can choose from on-campus as well as off-campus housing. On-campus housing is a tad bit costlier and thus many students prefer to live off-campus, in nearby areas like Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

Faculty and Pedagogy

ASU has a healthy mix of experienced as well as new faculty. Many professors from Ivy-league colleges have relocated to ASU. Though ASU also has its own share of in-experienced faculty, every faculty here is committed to helping students even beyond office hours.

Financial Aid

Though ASU offers need-based scholarships, students have to ensure that they maintain the minimum required GPA.

Jobs and Placements

Students of engineering from ASU have a high placement rate. 89% of postgraduate students get employed or receive at least one job offer within 90 days of their graduation. They have an average salary package of $64,588.
The starting salary of students with an MS degree from ASU ranges $50,876 - $98,827. 
Out of MS graduates, boys make a median salary of $72K compared to their female counterparts, who earn $58K. 
The average salaries of students pursuing ME in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering are $72,842; $69,760 and $81,873 respectively.
Some of the popular companies recruiting students from ASU include Amazon, The Boeing Company, Intel Corporation, etc. The students are highly satisfied with their jobs and have given a 5 out of 5 ratings on Payscale.


Some famous alumni of ASU include names like Craig Weatherup - Former Chairman of PepsiCo and Eric Crown - Co-founder of Indus Enterprises.


Arizona State University is a good school and offers its students a host of facilities. Students enrolling here would not regret their decision in the least.

Advice From Senior

Journey to Arizona State University

Acceptance Rate for Indians 62%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 839
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 119
TA Appointments 314
RA appointments 690
Research funding $109,105,780
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018


The School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy aims to foster necessary intellectual growth among the students so that they would become productive citizens and dedicate their services to this field. ASU is among five university research teams that are funded by NASA’s Aeronautics University Leadership Initiative. This gives the students at ASU an edge over other students. The Sun Devil Satellite Lab at ASU provides a means for the students to engage in aerospace-related activities. Facilities like these help the students in propagating innovation infused with their technical abilities.

Available Programs: BSE; Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, Ph.D. in Aerospace engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Climate and Environment; Fluid and Aero Mechanics; Dynamics, Controls and Robotics; Thermal and Solar Energy; Design and Manufacturing; Engineering Education; Mechanical Behavior and Design of Materials; Adaptive Materials, Structures, and Systems.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a degree program in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology. The program places a huge focus on hands-on research to foster innovation. Another hallmark of this program is its capstone course with both science and entrepreneurial components. The department prides over its excellent faculty who lay special emphasis on innovation through experimentation. The department gives the students access to excellent laboratories with hi-tech instruments in order to inculcate a spirit of innovation and discovery in them. The various departments offering biotechnology in ASU aim to link fundamental research with practical application.

Available Programs: BS, LLM in Biotechnology.
Areas of Expertise: Synthetic Biology; Biosensors and Biomarkers; Neural Engineering and rehabilitation engineering; Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Bioengineering; Biomedical Imaging.


The Chemical Engineering program at ASU is internationally recognized. It was reported to be amongst the Top 50 Chemical Engineering Programs by U.S. News & World Report in the year 2018. The students and faculty address real-world issues using the integrative approach to enhance discernment and find solutions to build a better future. The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to enable students to translate fundamental discoveries in areas of high technology to commercial exploitation. The department prepares the students to adapt readily to the challenges found in a diverse range of industrial sectors that can benefit from process engineering approaches.

Available Programs: BS, Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, PhD in Chemical Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Membranes and Separations for Energy and Sustainability; Advanced Materials and Manufacturing; Reaction Engineering for Sustainability; Systems Design and Engineering; Engineering education; Biological/Biomedical Engineering


The Department of Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering believes that an emphasis on the fundamental principles of civil engineering is the key to expanding the frontiers of innovation in the discipline. It is focussed on the analysis and quantification of risk and uncertainty in an urban phenomenon so as to contribute towards better design and construction. By laying stress on the development of green technologies and making carbon and nitrogen cycle management through biotechnological approaches an essential aspect of civil engineer’s thinking, the faculty is breaking new grounds in civil engineering. The students at the department are offered the best possible exposure to the professional world through fruitful partnerships with industry and local government in key areas such as transportation systems design and management, geotechnical management and water resources system management and design. Innovation with green technologies and computational methods to solve complex problems including the search for more efficient composite materials is another hallmark of the department.    

Available Programs: Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (BSE), Construction Engineering (BSE) and Environmental Engineering (BSE), besides BS in Construction Management (BS).  Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (MSE), Construction Management (MS/PhD), Construction Engineering (MSE) and Sustainable Engineering (MSE) Online are the graduate programs offered by the department.
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems; Sustainable Engineering; Biofuels; Energy Systems; Transportation Systems; Sustainable Water Systems; Carbon Sequestration; Biogeotechnical Engineering
List of Labs: Center for Teaching Old Models New Tricks (TOMNET) - US Department of Transportation Tier 1 University Transportation Center

Computer Science

The School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering aims to inculcate within the students a desire to utilize experimental and computational skills in pursuing research projects of industrial and societal relevance. It seeks to nurture young minds by providing them the right ambience, quality education and research motivation for excellence in the areas of Computer Science & Engineering and by encouraging them  to contribute towards a better world. Computer Science degrees have been beneficial to graduates as a whopping 90% of the graduates from this stream get employed in various companies across the globe.

Available Programs: BS, Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, MCS (Master of Computer Science), PhD in computer science engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Software Systems and Applications; Computer Design and Architecture; Network Algorithms; Data Management and Information Assurance; Database Management, Big Data Systems, Analytics; Data Visualization and Graphics; Database Management and Information Retrieval; Mobile, Pervasive, and Wireless Networking and Smartphone Apps; Cloud and Distributed Computing; Next-generation Computing Systems; Sustainable and Green Computing; Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) and Human-Centered Computing; Social Computing; Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Tutoring; Information Assurance, Security and Privacy; Information Assurance and Security; Cyber-Physical, Embedded, Robotics and Mission-Critical Systems; Social Networks, Machine Learning and Media Mining; Healthcare Operations and Informatics; Network Science and Systems.
List of Labs: Center for Assured and Scalable Data Engineering; Information Assurance Center; Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing; Center for Embedded Systems; National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations.

Electrical/ Electronics

The School of Electrical, Computing and Energy Engineering has been ranked 31 by US News & World Report (2019) under electrical engineering Graduate School Specialty rankings category. The school aims to promote self-reliance among students so that they can address the emerging challenges in industry, academia and entrepreneurship ventures. The department has an excellent faculty which includes experts in application areas such as the design of flight control for aircraft and the implementation of neural interfaces. The students are thus exposed to a multitude of design and developmental experiences.

Available Programs: BSE, Accelerated program BS/MS, MS, MSE, MSE (online), MSE/MBA online) and a PhD in electrical engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Solid-state Electronics; Electric power and energy systems; Signal Processing and Communications; Electromagnetics, antennas, and microwave circuits; Electronic and mixed-signal circuit design; Solar Energy and Photovoltaics; Control Systems; Computer Engineering
List of Labs: Connection One


The School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment is dedicated to a healthy, environment-friendly and sustainable future of humanity. The programs of the department focus on the research of environmental processes occurring in the arid regions of the world, owing to the semi-arid nature of Arizona. The department also strongly encourages collaborative projects, courses, and seminars among students.

Available Programs: BSE in Environmental Engineering, MS/PhD in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering and MS in Sustainable Engineering (online).
Areas of Expertise: Environmental law, air pollution, soil and groundwater contamination, environmental toxicology, hazardous waste management, natural resources, worker health and safety, and international environmental laws and policies. 
Research Areas include sustainable engineering of urban systems, environmental biotechnology, environmental nanotechnology.
List of Labs: Water and Environmental Technology Center; Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership; Center for Negative Carbon Emissions; Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation; Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT)

Industrial Engineering:

The Industrial Engineering program at ASU has been ranked 18th in the US by US News & World Report. The Department of Industrial Engineering nurtures a diverse community of scholars who are prepared to lead in management and decision making both inside and outside the realms of Industrial Engineering. The department has excellent faculty who constantly undertake industrial as well as state-funded research projects. The students are under the constant guidance of professors who encourage innovation and experimentation thus preparing them for challenging environments

Available Programs: BSE, Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, MS (online), MS/MBA online) and a PhD in industrial engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Network Algorithms; Simulation Modeling and Systems; Personalized Learning and Gaming; Production Logistics; Statistical Modeling; Data Mining and Machine Learning; Healthcare Operations and Informatics; Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems; Enterprise Systems

Material Science

The Department of Material Science aims to provide a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes open-ended design, problem-solving skills, team work, communication, leadership skills, and dignity. The department provides an array of facilities including world-class laboratories where the students can attain hands-on experience through experimentation. ASU provides an opportunity for students to work in summer intern positions in the Metro Phoenix including high-tech companies like Honeywell and Boeing Helicopter.

Available Programs: BSE, Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, MS online, PhD in material science engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Biologically-inspired materials and systems; Mechanical Behavior of Materials; 2-D Materials Synthesis and Characterization; Engineering Education; Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials; Computational Materials; Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications


The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to motivate students towards collaborative activities, quality research and innovation. It seeks to impart knowledge and skills necessary for innovation. Ranging from carbon fiber to carbon neutrality, ASU’s Mechanical Engineering program covers all topics required to enhance prowess in a wide range of fields. The program provides a launchpad for the students to undertake challenges in this field for the betterment of the society. The program emphasizes on innovation to find solutions for worldwide issues related to energy, transportation, etc.

Available Programs: BSE, Accelerated program BS/MS (4+1), MS, and a PhD in mechanical engineering.
Areas of Expertise: Climate and Environment; Fluid and Aero Mechanics; Dynamics, Controls and Robotics; Thermal and Solar Energy; Design and Manufacturing; Engineering Education; Mechanical Behavior and Design of Materials; Adaptive Materials, Structures and Systems

Annual fees for Indians $28,000
Annual off-campus living $7,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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