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Brown University is a leading non-profit research institute founded in 1764. It is distinct for its deep sense of purpose and student-centered learning and is driven by the notion that the students and their work will impact the world. The university offers 80 undergraduate programs and 84 doctoral and master’s programs. There are nearly 2,000 courses across 45 departments and opportunities to create your courses.

Brown University was the third college in New England and the seventh in Colonial America. The university's mission is to educate and prepare students for meaningful contributions to their communities, nations, and the world. Through a collaborative partnership between students and teachers within a unified university-college community, the institution aims to instil in its graduates the skills, knowledge, and integrity necessary to excel in their chosen paths and make a positive impact on society.

It currently has over 3,000 graduate and medical students and over 700 faculty members. The Ivy League University welcomes international students each year. In fact, about 14% of the students come from abroad, seeking academic value and world-class research. Its Open Curriculum is a rigorous but flexible approach to education that encourages students to think outside the box, explore new perspectives, and be entrepreneurial problem-solvers.


Key Highlights of Brown University

Established 1764
Founder Moses Brown, John Brown, James Manning, Morgan Edwards
University Type Private Research University
University Motto In God We Hope
University City Providence, Rhode Island
Acceptance Rate 5%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:6
Endowment $6.6 Billion
Campus Size 146 Acres
Graduation Rate 96%
Employment Rate 69%
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Rankings & Recognition of Brown University

Brown University is committed to academic excellence and personalised attention for students. Some notable accolades include:

  • list items Ranked 73 in QS World University Ranking 2024. 
  • list items Ranked 64 in World University Rankings 2024 by Times Higher Education. 
  • list items Ranked 9th among the “Best National Research Universities as per the 2023 College Consensus rankings
  • list items Ranked 4th for “Best Colleges for English in America by Niche in 2024
  • list items PitchBook ranked Brown University no. 14 globally for graduating the most women entrepreneurs on its “Female Founders list” of 2023
  • list items Ranked 9th among the country’s “Top 10 Dream Schools for Parents” in Princeton Review’s annual “College Hopes and Worries Survey 2024.
  • list items Received Top 10 spots for PhD programs in applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering as per College Factual 2024 “Doctorate Degree Rankings”.
  • list items Ranked 4th among the “Top 25 Drama Schools in the World” in 2023 by the Hollywood Reporter 
  • In addition, the U.S. News and World Report recognises Brown for its exemplary programs. Here are some notable rankings the University secured:

  • list items #10 for Service Learning
  • list items #17 for Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects
  • list items #11 for Best Undergraduate Economics
  • list items #23 for Best Undergraduate Computer Science
  • list items #9 in National Universities
  • list items #11 in Best Value Schools
  • list items #37 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Program
  • list items #1 in Writing in the Disciplines
  • list items #3 in Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • Brown University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), a non-governmental, non-profit organisation recognized by the US Department of Education as a credible authority that assesses the quality of educational institutions and programmes.


    Campus Details of Brown University

    Brown University is in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, a dynamic city renowned for its cultural diversity and vibrant atmosphere. Situated only 50 miles from Boston and 180 miles from New York City, Providence offers an ideal setting for living, working, and studying. The Brown University main campus spans 151.7 Acres in Providence’s East Side and Knowledge District and comprises 243 buildings.

    The expansive campus provides a rich environment for academic and extracurricular activities to build a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff. It features state-of-the-art laboratories, world-class libraries, and cutting-edge facilities that support academic and research endeavors. The Robert Campus Center has a Graduate/RUE Student Lounge as a welcoming space for study and socializing.

    Several campus facilities are tailored to the needs of undergraduate and graduate students. The bookstore offers essential resources, while dining services provide diverse culinary options. Modern athletic facilities promote health and wellness, and transportation and parking arrangements ensure convenience.

    In addition to academic pursuits, Brown University offers a charming extracurricular landscape with over 500 student organisations. Whether you are pursuing long-standing interests, uncovering new passions, or connecting with like-minded peers, there are endless opportunities to make unforgettable memories and enrich your university experience.


    Top Programs Offered by Brown University

    Brown University annually offers more than 80 programmes for undergraduates and 33 master’s courses and 49 doctoral programmes for graduates across different disciplines.

    Here are a few popular courses with tuition fees and other details at Brown University:

    Masters Tuition Per Semester Cost
    Biostatistics Masters $8,284
    Clinical and Translational Research Masters $7,903
    Computer Science $10,149
    Cybersecurity Masters $9,168
    Data-Enabled Computational Engineering & Science Masters $9,132
    Data Science $9,851
    Design Engineering Masters $7,584
    Engineering $9,452
    Physics Masters $9,472
    PRIME Masters $8,807
    Public Affairs Masters $8,081
    Public Health Masters $7,903
    Public Health Accelerated Masters $6,656

    Here are a few popular fields for undergraduate courses at Brown University:

  • list items Applied Mathematics - Economics
  • list items Biomedical Engineering
  • list items International Relations
  • list items Literary Arts
  • list items Computer Engineering
  • list items Psychology
  • list items Statistics 
  • list items Materials Engineering
  • Sprinkles

    Admission Details of Brown University

    Brown University focuses on academic excellence and a collaborative style of study for all its students. Moreover, admitted undergraduate students can sample rigorous courses from 80+ majors before immersing in an in-depth, focused study. To apply at Brown University, you can follow the deadlines and procedure as detailed below.

    Brown University Application Deadlines

    The application deadlines at Brown University vary by program level and respective courses. 

    Undergraduates can follow these application deadlines:

  • list items Early Decision: November 1 (11:59 p.m. applicant's local time)
  • list items Early Decision letters available online: Mid-December
  • list items Regular Decision: January 3 (11:59 p.m. applicant's local time)
  • list items Regular Decision letters available online: March 28
  • list items Commitment deadline for Regular Decision candidates: May 1
  • The application deadlines for graduate courses vary by program. Some of these are listed below:

  • list items Biomedical Engineering:
    • Spring 2025: November 15, 2024
    • Fall 2024: April 15, 2024
  • list items Computer Science and Education, Master of Arts in Teaching: January 15, 2024
  • list items Integrative Studies: April 4, 2024
  • Students may also need to check with Brown University for the application deadlines for certain courses. You can do this by filling out the Master’s Program Information Form. Mark Your Calendar: USA University Application Deadline 2024 - Apply Now!

    Admission Requirements for International Students

    International applicants need to tick the following checklist before they begin the application process.

    For Undergraduates:

  • list items Official copy of your high school transcripts sent by your school
  • list items The School Report form is to be submitted through the Common Application website by your school
  • list items Midyear school report and official transcripts. It should include information on your GPA and class rank (if available).
  • list items Counsellor recommendation
  • list items Two letters of recommendation from teachers in major academic subjects. Subjects could include science, mathematics, social studies, a foreign language, or English
  • list items Final School Report and Transcript
  • list items First Quarter/Trimester Grades
  • list items English proficiency test scores
  • list items SAT or ACT scores
  • If you are an Early Decision applicant, you also need to complete the Early Decision Agreement via the Common Application.

    For Graduates:

  • list items Completed the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree
  • list items Upload unofficial transcripts for application submission. You will be asked to submit official transcripts before the class starts. 
  • list items English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score
  • list items Letters of Recommendations
  • list items Programme-specific personal statement
  • list items Resume/CV
  • list items Certified proof of financial support (including travel to and from the U.S.
  • If you have been awarded teaching assistantships but your native language is not English, you will be tested for English proficiency on your arrival. If you have any questions regarding the application process for this program, please email [email protected].

    Step-by-Step Admission Process

    You can follow the given process to apply for an undergraduate or graduate program at Brown University:

    Step 1. Visit the Common Application site and create an account.

    Step 2. Use the College Search tab to add Brown University to your list of colleges.

    Step 3. Fill out the Common Application, providing personal and academic information.

    Step 4. Submit your application by either the Early Decision or Regular Decision deadline as applicable. Pay the $75 application fee, or you can request a fee waiver.

    Step 5. Ensure all required supporting materials, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation, are sent by the deadline. If the application and fee payment are submitted on time, you may submit some materials within a week after the deadline.


    Exams Accepted at Brown University

    Brown University accepts Score Choice and practices super-scoring for both the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Testing). Additionally, international applicants who do not have English as their native language are required to submit results from an English proficiency test.

    Test Minimum Score Required
    TOEFL (Internet-based) 105
    TOEFL 105
    IELTS 8.0
    Duolingo English Test 130

    To ensure your English proficiency test scores arrive on time for Early Decision applications, you must take the test by the last October test date. For Regular Decision applications, the deadline is the last December test date. Please keep the deadlines in mind and plan your testing accordingly to avoid delays in your application process.


    Tuition Fees and Other Expenses at Brown University

    Understanding the expenses related to a Brown education is crucial for students and families to strategise and secure suitable financial assistance.

    For Undergraduates:

    Item Fee
    Tuition (Full-Time) $68,612
    Student Activities Fee $400
    Student Resources Fee $1,044
    Student Recreation Fee $90
    Health Services Fee $1,166
    Academic Record Fee (charged one-time to all first-time attendees in degree programs) $100

    The graduate programme tuition fees vary depending on the course. Besides the tuition fee, there are multiple charges such as follows:

    For Graduates:

    Item Fee
    Graduate Student Activities Fee $80
    Student Recreation Fee $90
    Health Services Fee $1,166
    Academic Record Fee (charged one-time to all first-time attendees in degree programs) $100
    Living Expenses (est.) 12 month $33,240

    Here are some other miscellaneous expenses for both undergraduate and graduate students to get a rough estimate of their monthly expenses:

    Expense Cost
    Rent and utilities $1,430
    Food and groceries $660
    Transportation $100
    Books and supplies $135
    Personal expenses $310

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    Financial Aid & Scholarships by Brown University

    International students can apply for financial aid offered by Brown University to meet their educational expenses. If you do not apply for and receive financial aid during admission to Brown, you will not be eligible for this aid in the later years. 

    A few things to note:

  • list items Brown University currently offers need-based financial aid for international students. However, the university will be need-blind starting with the class of 2029.
  • list items There are no merit awards.
  • list items Financial aid awards help with the cost of tuition, fees, room and meals, cost of travel, book, and personal expenses, but not with vacation and summer expenses.
  • Here are some demonstrated statistics that reinforce Brown University’s commitment to making education affordable for students in need of financial assistance:

  • list items 0% parent responsibility for many families that have less than $60,000 in annual income
  • list items 52% of the class of 2027 received need-based financial aid
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    Jobs & Placement Opportunities by Brown University

    Brown University presents comprehensive job opportunities to help you discover your next career move. You can use Handshake, the exclusive job board hosting over 9,000 employers offering internships, research positions, jobs, and more, tailored specifically to Brown students and alumni.

    Brown University also hosts recruiting events, career fairs, and networking opportunities to connect students with recruiters actively seeking talent. The SPRINT Program also boosts your career with skill-building workshops and mentorship opportunities customised to your professional growth.

    In fact, 88% of undergraduate students 10 years out of the institute say Brown University prepared them for their current career. The following are a few salary estimates for various professions and degrees opted for by Brown University students.

    Activity Sample Salary
    Financial Services $168,000
    Marketing, Product & Communications $110,000
    Finance Control & Strategy $128,000 
    Education & Research $74,000 
    Public Sector & Not For Profit $67,000 
    Data $57,000
    Degree Approx Salary
    Doctorate $148,000
    Bachelor of Science $128,000
    Bachelor of Arts $115,000
    PhD $69,000

    Accommodation by Brown University

    Brown University offers a variety of accommodation options for students. Its housing system mirrors the diverse community found on campus. Nearly all first-year students, along with 74% of all undergraduates, live on campus.

    First-year undergraduates at Brown University live in residence hall communities of 50-60 students, sharing rooms with roommates. Upperclassmen select their housing through a lottery, with options ranging from private single rooms to suites and apartments. The university offers program houses like Casa Machado (Spanish language, Hispanic culture), St. Anthony Hall (literary society), and Environmental House (sustainability, social action), allowing students to live with those who share similar interests.

    First-year housing includes various settings such as Andrews Hall, Miller Hall, Morris Hall, and Champlin. Some residence halls have floors designated for Program, Theme, and Greek House organizations. Upper-division housing is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

    All undergraduate students must live on campus until semester level 07, unless participating in an approved study away or abroad program. The cost of housing ranges from approximately $9,000 to $12,000 per academic year, depending on the type of room and residence hall.


    Notable Alumni of Brown University

    Brown University has a strong alumni network of 63K for networking. Some notable Alumni include:

    Name Profession Achievements
    Allegra Versace Director of Versace Well-known theatrical dresser.
    Emma Watson Actress and Model Famous for her role as the character Hermione in the Harry Potter film series.
    John F. Kennedy Jr. Magazine Publisher, Journalist, Lawyer Co-founded George magazine.
    Ted Turner Media Mogul Founded CNN, Turner Network Television, Turner Classic Movies, and the Cartoon Network.
    Janet Yellen Former Federal Reserve Chair, U.S. Treasury Secretary First woman appointed as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

    Brown University is a beacon of excellence and shapes the future leaders and innovators for tomorrow. While academics are crucial, the intellectual curiosity of its students extends far beyond the classroom. The student body here is known for its creativity, open-mindedness, curiosity, intelligence, and strong work ethic. So, choose your programme and apply now!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is Brown University?

    Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America.

    What is the Brown University acceptance rate for international students?

    The acceptance rate for international students at Brown University stood at 5.0% for the class of 2024.

    What are the admission requirements for international students at Brown University?

    There are no additional requirements for international students at Brown University besides the English Proficiency Test. All applications undergo holistic review by a faculty admissions committee.

    How hard is it to get into Brown University?

    The acceptance rate at Brown University is 5%, which implies that only five out of 100 students were selected. To pass the thorough evaluation process, applicants must form a strong profile and create flawless SOPs, letters of recommendation, and academic excellence.

    Is Brown University good for international students?

    Yes, Brown University is among the best study-abroad universities for international students. The U.S. News & World Report ranks it 129th among the Best Global Universities.

    What Brown University courses are available for international students?

    International applicants can access all the academic courses and programs as domestic students.

    Are Brown University scholarships, grants or loans available for overseas students?

    International students can seek financial aid from Brown University. They must apply for financial aid and receive the University Scholarship at the time of admission.

    How can I improve my chances of getting a scholarship at Brown University?

    Brown University offers scholarships depending solely on financial needs. However, you can consider seeking assistance from outside sources based on your merit or other criteria.

    How to get admission to Brown University?

    First, it is ideal to check the eligibility criteria for the preferred course. Students must submit the application online on the Common Application website. The required transcripts, documents, and records must be faxed or emailed for evaluation.