Brief background:

Established in 1891, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private research university that has been able to establish itself as one of the best technological universities in the world. It is a name to reckon with in engineering and natural sciences and is always ranked amongst the top ten Universities in the world. The university’s faculty, alumni, and researchers include 73 Nobel Laureates. California Institute of Technology ranking is 4 in the QS World University Rankings 2021. 

The Division of Engineering and Applied Science at California Institute of Technology offers undergraduate programs in 24 Majors and graduate degree programs for Engineer's Degree, the Master of Science, BS/MS, Doctor of Philosophy, MD/ Ph.D.


The campus of the California Institute of Technology is located in Pasadena. The campus is spread across 124 acres and has buildings that are architectural wonders. Every facility on the campus is state-of-the-art and the campus boasts of high-quality facilities such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the International Observatory Network, and the Caltech Seismological Laboratory. The campus also has numerous cafes for students.

Acceptance Rate

Admission is extremely competitive as the California Institute of Technology acceptance rate is around 7%. It means that for every 100 applicants, only 6 get admission to the institute. 

Residing Options:

Though Caltech offers on-campus accommodation to its students, many graduate students prefer to live off-campus. Rent for off-campus accommodation varies and depends on the location, kind of room, and the number of roommates you have. Rents are pretty high for off-campus accommodation and students can end up paying around $1,400 a month.

Faculty and pedagogy:

The faculty at Caltech is extremely good and has many professors who are associated with NASA and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The University has some of the most renowned professors in the world and offers students an unparalleled learning experience. Though a majority of professors are involved in cutting-edge research, they are more than willing to help students.

Financial aid:

Being a Private University, Caltech offers few scholarships, and getting one of these is extremely difficult. Students who wish to get a scholarship compete with some of the brightest minds in the country.

Jobs and placements:

In the case of MS (Master of Science) graduates, the salary range is $64,330 - $133,102. Girls’ salary range is $62,432 - $127,067 and boys earn about $71,821 - $148,578. The average salary for the California Institute of Technology graduates is $107K. In the STEM field, the highest annual average pay is of Senior Software Engineers, that is, $135,000. 103 students found jobs after graduating from the California Institute of Technology extremely satisfying and rated 4 stars out of 5 on Payscale. Popular recruiters with salary range are Northrop Grumman Corporation; California Institute of Technology (Caltech); Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Apple Computer, Inc; Cornell University.


Some famous alumni from Caltech include names such as Co-founder of Hotmail Sabeer Bhatia, Inventor of MATLAB Cleve Moler, and co-founder of MathWorks Gordon Moore.


California Institute of Technology is undoubtedly one of the finest technical universities in the world. It has a very low acceptance rate and only accepts students with an exceptional profile.


The California Institute of Technology, covering 124 acres, is situated in Pasadena, California. Pasadena has numerous upscale retail shops and is littered with a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, outdoor cafés, pubs, and comedy clubs. The open-air mall covering three city blocks is a great crowd puller. Another shopping district is located in the South Lake Avenue neighborhood.
Pasadena's public transportation covers the Pasadena Bus line, the Metro Gold Line, and Foothill Transit. There is frequent metro rail connectivity at Pasadena. If you wish to travel by air, you may transit via the Los Angeles airport (a 36-minute drive). Another option is Burbank Airport (Bob Hope Airport) which is nearer and is a 21-minute drive. The Long Beach Airport is the third option for arriving by air and is a 43-minute drive. Caltech also provides housing opportunities along with community life and a lot of dining options on campus.

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