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Cambrian College, Sudbury - Overview & Background

Cambrian College is situated in Great Sudbury, Canada. Cambrian is specifically a college of applied arts and technology which was established in the year 1967. The college has been funded by the Province of Ontario which has created its infrastructure with the intent to support the extraordinary teaching of applied arts in college. The college teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in applied arts and technology which put great emphasis on students and prepare them for an extraordinary future. 

The work of the Cambrian is to keep up with its commitment to various communities. The college for its advancement has applied to many superior institutions which include First Nation Education. This initiative has been taken by the college to bring necessities to people with disabilities.

Founder Dr. Walter Curlook
University City Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
University Motto Imagine, Inspire, Innovate
University Type Public Research University
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:33
Acceptance Rate 70%
Graduation Rate 73.6%
Employment Rate 82%
Endowment $ 8,173,553
Official Website Link Cambrian College, Sudbury
Phone Number  +1 705-566-8101


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The student population in the college is vast which includes a total number of 4,400 students who attend the Cambrian on a full-time basis. The college has about 80+ programs. The college sends an invitation to the interested students who want to join their programs and receives an average of 9000 registrations annually. 

Cambrian has been chosen as a college of distinction as it has developed an exemplary strategic plan for five years. The vision of this college is to imagine and make the impossible possible and to motivate each other and inspire the coming generations The management emphasizes the power of collaboration by creating a supportive community. 


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Cambrian College has designed a vibrant and attractive community of about 11000 learners. The infrastructure of the college is strong and makes available a wide range of electronic studying gadgets.
 The infrastructure of the college brings a great package of activities and facilities which include:

  • list items Residence
  • list items On-Campus Cafeteria
  • list items Career Centre
  • list items Student Life Centre
  • list items Athletics Department 
  • list items Presence of Student Government
  • list items Student Health
  • list items Special Women’s Resource Centre
  • The infrastructure of the college offers an athletics centre which supports the fitness and recreational needs of the student. The Athletics Centre consists of about three international squash courts, cardio room, functional training room, area for exercising and stretching, Saunas, a modern training facility, and many fitness programs. 

    In the campus, the methods of teaching include independent learning, classroom learning and distance education with the help of the internet. 

    The library of the college houses a large collection of print and digital resources:

  • list items Library services and spaces
  • list items Books & leisure reading,
  • list items Electronic databases
  • list items Audiovisual equipment
  • list items DVDs & video streaming
  • list items Magazines journals, newspapers, CDs & LPs.
  • The library also offers the following facilities to support the students’ studies: Group study rooms, Silent study spaces, Printers & photocopiers, Computer stations, Research help.


    Residing Options

    Cambrian’s Residence consists of houses which can house up to 677 students. The college campus has two kinds of houses. The first type of house is the Townhouse which can contain 300 students, whereas the other type of house known as the Dorm style can house 377 students. Students can select their house on the basis of their needs.

    Some Resident advisors are present in the dorms to help you and guide through the rules and regulations of living in the residence. They will ensure to give a smooth living environment around the campus for the student’s graduating years. 

    Resident life on the campus is cheerful and enjoyable. A student living on campus has more facilities than the students living outside. A student while living on campus can take part in various events and can also make new friends. The houses are provided with full-furnished rooms at an affordable price. There is internet access for the residents which helps them in their studies. The laundry and kitchen facilities are being provided for twenty-four hours. It offers 24 hours of security and warden services which helps the students to live peacefully during their college years.


    Financial Aid

    Cambrian offers student loans and scholarships to international students. The application procedure to apply for the scholarship is flexible and not time-taking. Cambrian wants to have students who have an exceptional mind and come with great experience. The college would welcome any student with these qualities and help those gain scholarships to complete their course.

    Cambrian is always present to help students with financial and future planning. The college helps in procuring government loans. To get the government loan, a student has to demonstrate their wish to join the college.

    The college awards scholarships and bursaries too for every department. A student first has to apply for the scholarships and Bursaries. The team will get back to the student if they like the application and then the procedure to award the scholarship will begin. If the scholarship has been awarded, then the award applications can be accessed from ‘my Cambrian account’ on the college website.

    Other than scholarships, Cambrian also offers student's entrance awards. These are the awards given to the newly admitted students for their special academic achievements. The remaining candidates are awarded scholarship awards based on their financial need. Also, after the admission, about $600,000 amount of awards is given out to the students annually based on their talent in their area of study, academic achievement, financial need and their involvement in the community. 


    Jobs and Placements

    As per the official reports released by the college, 82% of the graduates found employment within six months of graduation. Furthermore, 85% of the employers are satisfied with the graduates of Cambrian College.

    Cambrian offers many jobs for the students during their study and after graduation. The On-Campus work-study program is for students who are still studying and completing their graduation. This On-campus work helps the students gain suitable practical knowledge in their fields while studying and keeping up with their exams. Cambrian has started a yearly fair conference which brings top-notch companies to the campus to give students better career opportunities.

    The Career Centre of the college makes sure to showcase the companies and the students according to their capabilities. The placement takes place every year before the convocation which allows capable students to get a job. On-Campus recruitment can happen at any time of the year. A two weeks' notice is given to the candidates for the preparation. The interviews are scheduled as per the preferences. 


    Alumni Notable

    Some famous alumni from Cambrian College, Sudbury include:

  • list items Brian Hayes, Canadian politician
  • list items Will Morin, Canadian politician
  • list items Brian Bigger, Canadian politician
  • Sprinkles

    Cambrian College, Sudbury Map and Location

    Cambrian College is situated in 1400 Barrydowne Road, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The college campus is situated in an urban area. The college is known as the largest college in Northern Ontario. The location of the college is also home to three important student government associations which are CNSA- Cambrian Native Students Association, SAC- Student Administrative Council, and CAA- Cambrian Athletics Association.

    These three in the campus provide special services to the students for their student life. The college is situated in the heart of the city. The nearest Airport from the college is Sudbury Airport which is situated 15.1 km away. International students are provided with free pick-up service when they arrive at the Sudbury airport, bus station, or train terminal. There are shopping malls, pharmacies as well as district hospitals which are situated right beside the college campus. 

    There are three bus services available with the help of which one can commute to and from the university: Greyhound Bus Terminal, Ontario Northland Bus Terminal, City Transit Station. 

    Cambrian College, Sudbury Map Location 

    Address: 1400 Barry Downe Rd, Greater Sudbury, ON P3A 3V8, Canada


    Frequently Asked Questions about Cambrian College, Sudbury

    Is Cambrian a good College?

    Cambrian provides all of the needs of the students, whether they be looking for a student organization to join or consulting a healthcare provider. Over 4100 students are enrolled in 80 full-time programs, and over 7000 are enrolled in approximately 900 part-time programs at its campuses.

    Can I apply to Cambrian College without IELTS?

    No, for English entrance criteria, Cambrian College accepts the TOEFL, IELTS, or comparable tests. The College retains the right to interview candidates to determine if they have the necessary communication skills to succeed at the post-secondary level.

    How many days does it take to get an offer letter from Cambrian College?

    All candidates for open enrollment programs at Cambrian College will start to receive admissions offers on February 1. Offers of admission will be made to candidates for programs with a limited enrollment no later than March 31. A single admission offer may be accepted by each applicant.

    Does Cambrian College provide work permit?

    You must have a co-op work permit before you begin your work if it is a necessary component of your course of study. You can work for any authorized co-op work period permitted by your academic program thanks to your co-op work permit, which lists Cambrian College as the employer.