Cambrian College, Sudbury

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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Health Science Nursing and Emergency Services 

The programs that are provided under this department are related to the health sciences which include paramedic, nursing, dental hygiene, dental assisting etc. Cambrian offers post-graduate programmes for students who want to enhance their post-secondary education. This department is known for its expertise in the area of emergency services. The lab that is available for the students is the Medical Laboratory which helps the students in their studies. 


Skills and Trades Training 

The programs that are being provided by the college in this area of study are Carpentry Renovation Techniques, Healthy Equipment Technician, Power line Technician, etc.  This is a trade course which will train the students to use rigged hardware. The area of expertise of this department is working with metals. There is a Sudbury laboratory where the students can keep up with their work. The number of students is really low in this particular segment. 


Engineering Technology

This department boasts of its expertise in engineering which includes: chemical engineering technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Power technology, etc.

Graduates can work in a mine of 5000 feet below the ground or get to work in a cutting-edge laboratory. Some may also build a skyscraper or suspension bridge.

The programs offered by the department help students to acquire skills necessary for the aforementioned fields and many others too. The number of students is moderate here as these courses are considered the most critical and difficult. This department is focused on the design, construction and maintenance which prepares students to coordinate information systems with their artistic innovations.


Creative Arts, Music and Design

The department includes studies related to Animation, Arts, Design and Virtual Arts, Graphic design which allow students to explore their career options in the Arts field. The college partners with the Samaritan Centre to create ABOUTFACE which is known as a public art exhibition. The college provides an Art Gallery for the students which is an open studio. In this studio, the students will have the chance to showcase their work.


Community Services

This department includes studies related to mental health, applied learning, disability, child and youth care, community health services, social service worker, etc. Any of these fields can turn out to be good career options for students who want to make a difference in someone's life through their community skills. The Community and Health Services programs prepare you to become the care coordinator, patient navigator, outreach coordinator, etc.


Law and Justice

This department prepares students for the jobs of policing, corporate security and correctional services. At Cambrian, law students are allowed to get challenged by high-risk situations. This department will provide you with the right and modern tools to enhance your skills and techniques in the said field. The programs available under this are corporate safety and security, community and justice services, police foundations, protecting security and investigation. 


Business and Information Technology

It is the most important department of the college as it has the maximum number of students than the other departments. The programs under this department are Business for accounting, administration, analytics, fundamentals, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, etc. The professors in this department are highly acclaimed and will prepare you for the world of business. Cambrian has won 15 medals so far in the Ontario Business Technical Skills Competition since 2005.


Safety and Environmental Studies 

This department includes programs on areas such as Environmental technician, Workplace Safety, Environmental monitoring and Impact Assessment, etc. These are the programs which can be completed in 2-3 semesters. This course, however, has a very low number of students.

There is an eco-friendly laboratory present in the college for environmental studies. The department places a major part of its emphasis on the practical approach of education. Therefore, it provides practical field experience to measure and identify the environmental variables concerning air, water and soil. 


General Studies

This department consists of programs covering areas like English for academic purposes, general arts and science diploma, Academic Upgrading and General Arts and Science Certificate. General studies help students to enhance their personal growth as it allows the development of academic skills through general studies.