Brief background:

A private Ivy League research university, Columbia University (Fu Foundation) was established in 1754. It has an acceptance rate of 5.8%, which makes it the third most selective college in the country and the second most selective college in the Ivy League. The university offers various undergraduate and graduate programs through its 20 schools. Undergraduate schools such as the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia College, and the School of General Studies, and graduate schools such as Columbia Law School, Columbia Journalism School, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Columbia Business School are some of its world-renowned schools.

Its Engineering school, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering, was started in 1896 and is counted amongst the Ivy League colleges.


The main campus of the University is located in Morningside Heights and is spread over 36 acres. The campus has excellent facilities for students. The largest building on the campus is the Butler library. Students also have access to 20 other major libraries. The campus also has two wind tunnels, a nanotechnology laboratory, a machine shop, a nuclear fission reactor, and a General Dynamics TRIGA Mk. II amongst other facilities.

Residing Options:

Columbia University (Fu Foundation) offers on-campus housing to its students. However, on-campus living is quite expensive and students have to pay $6,000 per year. Hence, most students prefer to live off-campus.

Faculty and pedagogy:

We are sure you must have heard about the excellent faculty at this University. Well, what else can be expected from one of the finest Universities in the world? The professors here are pretty helpful.


Columbia University fees for Indian students is around $45,000 annually. The annual off-campus living cost is around $10,000 annually.

Financial aid:

Columbia University (Fu Foundation) is a private foundation and thus offers very scholarships. Getting these scholarships is quite tough as the competition is fierce. However, students desirous of financial aid can apply for Teaching Assistant positions.

Jobs and placements:

In the case of MS (Master of Science) graduates, the salary range is $53,052 - $111,237. Girls salary range is $47,573 - $100,649, and boys earn about $53,487 - $125,016. Girls earn $70K on an average compared to approximately $87K in the case of boys, and the average salary for CMU graduates is $81K. In the STEM field, the highest annual median pay is for Software Engineers and Data Scientists (around $100K). MBA is the highest paying degree with an average annual salary of $134K. 1304 Students found jobs after graduating from Columbia University extremely satisfying and rated 4 stars out of 5 on Payscale.


Columbia University (Fu Foundation) has a long list of famous alumni. Some of the recent notable names include Chairman of Goldman Sachs Stephen Friedman, CEO of Citigroup Vikram Pandit, and President of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet.


All we can say is that if you manage to receive an admission letter from Columbia University, accept it by all means.


The university is located on the upper west side of Manhattan and is at the center of cultural life. There are a number of galleries, museums, and libraries nearby. New York is the hub of air and train travel. The cab fare to the airport is not very high. And the subway is also near to the university that connects to the inter-state railway station and runs 24 hours a day. LaGuardia Airport is closest to the university. The bus service ($2.00) from LaGuardia Airport to Columbia University (leaves LaGuardia every 30 minutes from 4:50 am–1:00 am). The ride may last 45-60 minutes, depending on traffic.

There are several restaurants and bars that are frequented by the students: Riverside and Morningside Parks are very near to the campus, and Central Park is only a walk away. Many academic institutions are at Morningside Heights. They keep the neighborhood student-centered and affordable. The location provides quick and easy access to Lincoln Center, the West Village, Times Square, etc

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