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Conestoga College Full Time Courses & Programs in a Nutshell

As of 2022, Conestoga offers 200+ career-focused programs in various disciplines. Below is the list of full-time programs by Conestoga (***Updated 2022) -

  1. 3D Computer Animation
  2. Academic Upgrading
  3. Administrative Business Management
  4. Advanced Police Studies
  5. Advertising and Marketing Communications
  6. Agricultural Equipment Operator
  7. Animation
  8. Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management
  9. Applied Energy Management
  10. Applied Energy Management - Renewable Energy Stream
  11. Applied Manufacturing Management - Automation Stream (formerly Applied Manufacturing Management - Mechatronics Stream)
  12. Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration 3D Printing Stream
  13. Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration Stream
  14. Applied Manufacturing Management - Machining Stream
  15. Applied Manufacturing Management - Mechatronics Stream
  16. Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Stream
  17. Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Stream (2022-2023)
  18. Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration
  19. Applied Research (Optional Co-op)
  20. Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  21. Autism and Behavioural Science
  22. Aviation - General Arts and Science
  23. Aviation - General Arts and Science Fast Track
  24. Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Honours)
  25. Bachelor of Applied Technology (Honours) - Architecture - Project and Facility Management
  26. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Accounting, Audit and Information Technology
  27. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - International Business Management
  28. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) - Financial Services
  29. Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice (Honours)
  30. Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
  31. Bachelor of Design (Honours)
  32. Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Honours)
  33. Bachelor of Engineering - Building Systems Engineering
  34. Bachelor of Engineering - Cyber Systems Engineering
  35. Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering
  36. Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering
  37. Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering
  38. Bachelor of Environmental Public Health (Honours)
  39. Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
  40. Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours)
  41. Baking and Pastry Arts
  42. Baking and Pastry Arts Management (Optional Co-op)
  43. Bartending
  44. Big Data Solution Architecture (Optional Co-op)
  45. Biotechnology Technician
  46. Biotechnology Technician Fast Track
  47. Bookkeeping
  48. Broadcast - Radio
  49. Broadcasting - Television and Independent Production
  50. Broadcasting Performance and Digital Media
  51. Building Superintendence and Repair
  52. Business
  53. Business - Finance
  54. Business - Insurance (Optional Co-op)
  55. Business - International Business
  56. Business - Marketing
  57. Business - Marketing - Accelerated
  58. Business - Purchasing
  59. Business - Supply Chain and Operations for Commercial Trucking
  60. Business Administration - Accounting
  61. Business Administration - Accounting Accelerated
  62. Business Administration - Financial Planning
  63. Business Administration - Management
  64. Business Administration - Marketing
  65. Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op)
  66. Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management
  67. Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op)
  68. Business Analytics
  69. Business Development and Sales
  70. Business Fundamentals
  71. Career Development Professional
  72. Carpentry and Renovation Technician (Optional Co-op)
  73. Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  74. Cloud Data Management
  75. Community Integration Through Co-operative Education
  76. Computer Animation - Motion Graphics
  77. Computer Application Security (Optional Co-op)
  78. Computer Applications Development (Optional Co-op)
  79. Computer Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  80. Computer Programming
  81. Computer Programming and Analysis (Optional Co-op)
  82. Computer Systems Technician - Information Technology Infrastructure and Services (Optional Co-op)
  83. Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  84. Construction Foundations
  85. Construction Management (Optional Co-op)
  86. Construction Project Management
  87. Construction Techniques - Brick and Stone
  88. Construction Techniques (Carpentry)
  89. Construction Techniques (Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC and Welding)
  90. Construction Techniques (Masonry, Plumbing, Electrical, and Carpentry)
  91. Construction Techniques (Welding, HVAC, Plumbing, and Masonry)
  92. Culinary Management (Co-op)
  93. Culinary Skills (Co-op)
  94. Data Processing and Reporting
  95. Design Foundations
  96. Digital Solutions Management (Optional Co-op)
  97. Diploma Registered Practical Nurse to B.Sc.N. (McMaster)
  98. Early Childhood Education
  99. Early Childhood Education Fast Track (ECE)
  100. Early Childhood Education Fast Track (ECE) (International)
  101. Early Childhood Education Resource Consulting
  102. Early Childhood Education Resource Consulting International
  103. Educational Support
  104. Electrical Engineering Technician
  105. Electrical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  106. Electrical Technician - Industrial (Optional Co-op)
  107. Electrical Techniques
  108. Electro Mechanical and Automation Maintenance (Optional Co-op)
  109. Electronics Engineering Technician
  110. Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  111. Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)
  112. Energy Systems Engineering Technology - Electrical (Optional Co-op)
  113. English for Academic Studies
  114. Enhanced Practice for Internationally Educated Nurses
  115. Environmental Building Sciences
  116. Environmental Engineering Applications (Optional Co-op)
  117. Esthetician
  118. Event Management
  119. Financial Planning Services
  120. Financial Technology
  121. Fitness and Health Promotion
  122. Food and Beverage Management - Hotel and Restaurant Operations (Optional Co-op)
  123. Food Processing Technician (Optional Co-op)
  124. Food Safety and Quality Assurance - Food Processing
  125. Food Service Worker
  126. Game - Design
  127. General Arts and Science - Diploma Option
  128. General Arts and Science - One Year
  129. General Arts and Science: English Language Studies
  130. Global Business Management
  131. Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op)
  132. Graphic Design
  133. Health Care Administration and Service Management
  134. Health Office Administration
  135. Hearing Instrument Specialist
  136. Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  137. Heavy Construction Equipment Operation
  138. Hospitality Operations - Food and Beverage
  139. Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op)
  140. Human Services Foundation
  141. Information Technology Business Analysis
  142. Information Technology Infrastructure
  143. Information Technology Network Security
  144. Interactive Media Management - Interaction Design
  145. Interior Decorating
  146. IT Innovation and Design (Optional Co-op)
  147. Journalism
  148. Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)
  149. Management in Community Services (Formerly: Community and Social Services Management)
  150. Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Welding and Robotics (Optional Co-op)
  151. Massage Therapy
  152. Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing (Optional Co-op)
  153. Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing (Optional Co-op)
  154. Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis (Optional Co-op)
  155. Mechanical Engineering Technology - Robotics and Automation (Optional Co-op)
  156. Mechanical Technician - CNC
  157. Mechanical Technician - General Machinist (Optional Co-op)
  158. Mechanical Technician - Tool and Die/Tool Maker (Optional Co-op)
  159. Mechanical Techniques - Industrial Millwright
  160. Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing
  161. Mechanical Techniques - Precision Machining and Tooling
  162. Media Foundations
  163. Medical Office Practices
  164. Mental Health and Substance Use
  165. Mobile Solutions Development (Optional Co-op)
  166. Motive Power Fundamentals - Automotive Repair
  167. Motive Power Technician - Automotive Service
  168. Motive Power Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment (Optional Co-op)
  169. Motive Power Technician - Truck and Coach
  170. Motive Power Techniques - Heavy Duty Equipment Repair
  171. Motive Power Techniques - Motorcycle and Power Sport Vehicles Repair
  172. Motive Power Techniques - Truck and Coach Repair
  173. Network Technical Support
  174. Nursing - BScN (McMaster)
  175. Nutrition and Food Service Management
  176. Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT)
  177. Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
  178. Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant
  179. Office Administration - Executive
  180. Office Administration - General
  181. Office Administration - Legal
  182. Operations Leadership in Food Manufacturing
  183. Packaging Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op)
  184. Paramedic
  185. Payroll and Bookkeeping (Optional Co-op)
  186. Personal Support Worker
  187. Personal Support Worker - FAST Delivery
  188. Personal Support Worker - International
  189. Police Foundations
  190. Power Engineering Techniques - 3rd Class
  191. Power Engineering Techniques - 4th Class
  192. Power Engineering Technology
  193. Powerline Technician (Optional Co-op)
  194. Practical Nursing
  195. Pre-Apprenticeship General Carpenter
  196. Pre-Apprenticeship Introduction to Construction Trades
  197. Pre-Apprenticeship Welder
  198. Predictive Analytics
  199. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees
  200. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas
  201. Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training
  202. Process Quality Engineering
  203. Production GMAW Welder
  204. Professional Cheese Making
  205. Project Management
  206. Protection, Security and Investigation
  207. Public Relations
  208. Public Relations - Integrated Communications (Optional Co-op)
  209. Public Service (Optional Co-op)
  210. Quality Assurance - Manufacturing and Management
  211. Reception and Customer Service
  212. Recreation and Leisure Services
  213. Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing
  214. Renewable Energy Techniques
  215. Reporting Systems and Database Development
  216. Respiratory Therapy
  217. Robotics and Industrial Automation (Optional Co-op)
  218. Sensory Loss Intervention
  219. Social Media Marketing
  220. Social Service Worker
  221. Software Engineering Technician
  222. Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  223. Software Quality Assurance and Test Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  224. Strategic Global Business Management
  225. Strategic Marketing Communications
  226. Structural Packaging Design and Management
  227. Structural Steel Management and Detailing (Optional Co-op)
  228. Supply Chain Management - Global
  229. Supportive Care
  230. Sustainable Business Management (Optional Co-op)
  231. Teaching English as a Second Language
  232. Technical Communication (Optional Co-op)
  233. Technology Foundations
  234. Tourism - Destinations and Travel Management (Optional Co-op)
  235. Virtual Reality Production
  236. Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  237. Visual Merchandising Arts
  238. Web Development
  239. Web Development and Internet Applications Fundamentals
  240. Welding and Fabrication Technician
  241. Welding Engineering Technician - Robotics (Optional Co-op)
  242. Welding Engineering Technology - Inspection (Optional Co-op)
  243. Welding Techniques
  244. Wireless Network Infrastructure
  245. Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship
  246. Woodworking Technician
  247. Woodworking Techniques - CNC
  248. Woodworking Technology (Optional Co-op)

***Updated 2022


School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology

Keeping up with the emerging technology of the current times, Conestoga’s School of Applied Computer Science and Information Technology offers cutting edge two-year diploma, three-year advanced diploma or graduate certificate programs for students across the globe. The school provides hands-on, project-based, and work-integrated learning so that students can fit in the real world and cater to the industry demands easily once they complete their course. The success story of Christina Vanderkooy is the best example to understand how this course suits young aspirants.


School Of Business 

The School of Business is considered to be Ontario's best, providing an array of superlative programs which allow you to complete, specialize and enlarge your business education apprenticeship. The school offers one-year certificate, two-year certificate, and three-year advanced diploma programs and degree opportunities to include multiple specialties. The Diploma and certificate programs consist of international business, marketing, finance, bookkeeping, global business management, supply chain management, sustainable business management, and so on. The approach of the School of Business makes sure that the student have the abilities and understanding to address real-world issues and objectives and can create changes in the rapidly growing business fields. 


School of Community Services

Conestoga’s School of Community Services makes sure that the students’ passion to work with people and drive to make a difference in the community is well nurtured into successful human services and community safety careers. Through different facilities inside the college like Child and youth development center, on-campus EMS station and high fidelity live-fire training site, students will be get various opportunities to learn, build their skills, and ability to develop critical thinking to solve a problem. 


The School of Creative Industry

The School of Creative industry emphasizes the need of strong creative professionals with solid technical knowledge and  skills. Keeping this belief in mind, it offers programs in media, communication, and design. The School offers full-time and part-time diploma courses in different fields which helps the students to pursue their career as a game designer, graphic designer, social media analyst, reporter, etc.  


The School of Engineering and Technology

The School of Engineering and Technology is one of the most prestigious schools which offers engineering programs including civil, architecture, construction, interior design, electrical, electronic/computer, food processing, environmental, mechanical, woodworking, packaging, and Welding. The school has on offer one-year certificate, two-year and three-year advanced diploma programs to graduate certificate programs. One of the specialties of these programs is that they are based on real-world project-based learning co-operative education, case studies, applied research opportunities, and capstone projects. 


The School of Health and Life sciences

The School of Health and Life Science provides up-to-date and expert training through pre-health programs, certificate, diploma, graduate certificate and degree programs. With their innovative work-integrated learning, students can get valuable work experience with an industry partner.


School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts

If you are planning to have a successful career in Canada's tourism industry, then the Conestoga’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts is the best choice. The school is renowned for culinary and hospitality programming education. The diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs cater to today’s needs and train the graduates to make a difference in a constantly changing world.  The school will also give you opportunities to develop your skills through hands-on application. One can find courses for each tourism-related field in the school. 


School of Language & Communications Studies

Language and communication is an important pillar of the society. Clear communication can help one to reach desired heights within minutes. Conestoga’s School of Language and Communication Studies offers a series of communication courses ranging from academic writing to professional skills to help students succeed in post-secondary programs and in the workplace. 


School of Liberal Studies

The School of Liberal Studies paves way for career development and higher academic studies. The General Arts and Science programs of certificate and diploma levels train students for  further studies, either at college or university. The General Arts and Sciences Aviation diploma program provides graduates with the aircraft pilot skills necessary to pass the Transport Canada commercial pilot license testing. The graduate certificate program in Public Service equips students with the knowledge and skills required for a career in all the fields falling under public service.


School of Trades & Apprenticeship

School of Trades & Apprenticeship operates from the campuses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph and training facility in Brantford and Ingersoll. This school offers programs which enhance the students’ skills in construction, motive power, industrial and service sectors, which helps them to get a successful career in skilled trades.


School of Workforce Development, Continuing Education & Online Learning

Conestoga's School of Workforce Development, Continuing Education & Online Learning offers part-time and full-time certificates and corporate training in academic upgrading for college, GED preparation, IT, trades, health, community, business. Courses and programs offered include online, hybrid and traditional classroom delivery.