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DePaul University, founded in 1898, follows the teaching of St. Vincent De Paul. The campus of DePaul University thrives on a vibrant tapestry of cultures and perspectives. Students from 49 states and 136 countries bring many experiences and viewpoints to every classroom and living space. The University of DePaul has more than 14,000 domestic and international graduate students, with over 7,000 graduate students.

The university has a rich diversity and inclusive culture, making it rank at 22nd positon in the U.S. as the best place for women and diverse managers to work in the Diversity MBA magazine 2018. Not only this, but DePaul University has study abroad programs in more than 30 countries, with ten colleges and schools. More than 3,800 students have completed their service learning courses annually. DePaul University is a welcoming environment for international undergraduate students from more than 104 countries. 

DePaul University boasts a comprehensive academic landscape with over 130 undergraduate majors and 170 graduate programs, all housed within ten distinct colleges and schools. This breadth allows students to pursue various interests, from traditional disciplines to cutting-edge fields.


Key Highlights of DePaul University

Founder  The Vincentians
University Type  Private Catholic Research University
University Motto I will show you the way of wisdom
University City  Chicago
Acceptance Rate  70%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 16:1
Endowment $907.6 Million (2023)
Campus Size  41 Acres
Graduation Rate  58%
Employment Rate  92%
Official Website 

Rankings & Recognition of DePaul University

DePaul University is ranked 231st in the US college rankings for 2022, according to the Times Higher Education. The Princeton Review named the University of DePaul the best midwestern college in the U.S. in 2019. 

Moreover, U.S. News and World Report ranked DePaul University as one of the best national universities in 2021. In 2015, U.S. News and World Report also ranked the University of DePaul as the most innovative school in the nation. Not only this, but DePaul University has also ranked in the 151st position among national universities and as the 59 best value school in 2024. 

The game design MFA program offered by DePaul University is ranked #5 by the animation career review in the year 2021. The university also received the Higher Education Excellence Award through Insight into Diversity magazine in 2016. 

The college ranked the University of Depaul as the 10th best master’s in entrepreneurship university. At the same time, the university ranked 16th by the Hollywood reporter in 2021 as the best film school in the nation. The program at DePaul University ranked no. 1 as an outstanding PR education program of the year, based on PR Week awards in 2018.


Campus Details of DePaul University

DePaul University has campuses in Chicago's vibrant business district and Lincoln Park. This prime location allows students to gain real-world experience through thousands of internship opportunities and connect with a network of more than 122,500 alums in the metro area, all fostering connections that impact your education and career opportunities.

DePaul's Lincoln Park campus is the perfect conventional university just north of Chicago's downtown. Lake Michigan, a sizable park, 14 Portillo's restaurants, and an Intelligentsia coffee shop border Lincoln Park Campus, a residential and shopping district. 

The central business district in the city is called The Loop Campus. The Loop has five DePaul colleges and institutions, and Chicago's most prominent business sector is in the city's centre. The region is known as "the Loop" due to the pair of elevated rail tracks that encircle it, making it simple to get to classrooms and all downtown offers.


Programs Offered by DePaul University

DePaul University boasts over 300 undergraduate and graduate programs for students worldwide.

Undergraduate Courses Requirements
Actuarial Science (BSB) A minimum grade of C and a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher are required.
Accountancy A minimum grade of C and a total GPA of 2.000 or above are necessary.
Animation (BA) 192 credit hours must be completed. A C- or better grade is necessary. A grade of D or higher in liberal studies and open elective courses is required. A minimum cumulative score of 2.0 is required. 
Computer Science 192 credit hours must be completed. A C- or better grade is necessary. A grade of D or higher in liberal studies and open elective courses is required. A minimum cumulative score of 2.0 is required. 
Business Analytics A minimum grade of C with a GPA of 2.0 or more.

The tuition fee for the above-mentioned courses is about $750 per credit. The courses can vary between 15 to 18 credits per academic year.

Graduate Courses Requirements Deadlines Tuition Fee per Credit
MBA Application fees of $75 for an essay,  Resume,  Letter of recommendation. GMAT/GRE scores (optional) English Proficiency Score June 15, 2024 $1,120
Applied Mathematics (MS) A completed application with official transcripts. Personal statement of 200-300 words Proof of English language  Accepting applications on a rolling basis $810
Economics Application fees of $75 for an essay,  Resume,  letter of recommendation. Official transcripts GMAT/GRE scores (optional) English Proficiency Score June 15 $810
Applied Diplomacy (MA) A complete online application form. Official transcripts with personal statement and resume. English Proficiency tests Accepting applications on a rolling basis $810
Acting An online application attached with your photograph   Resume Official college transcripts  Three letters of recommendation English proficiency test scores. December 15 $1,007
Biological Science An online application attached with your photograph   Resume A bachelors degree Minimum GPA 3.0 Official college transcripts Three letters of recommendation English proficiency test scores: TOEFL: 96 IELTS: 7.0 Duolingo: 125 February 1 $810
Bilingual Bicultural Education Admission application $75 application fee Official transcripts Resume Letter of Recommendation Personal Statement Proof of English Proficiency July 15 $695

Admissions Details of DePaul University

Below is helpful information on deadlines, requirements, and the application procedure for students applying to DePaul University.

Admission Deadlines

DePaul University has the following general deadline dates for class commencement and admissions, which are worth considering for prospective students. 

Enrollment Quarter International Student Deadline
Fall June 15
Winter October 15
Spring January 15
Summer April 15

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Admission Process and Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

DePaul University has a welcoming environment for international undergraduate students with more than 1,500 degrees. Undergraduate international students planning to graduate from their home university and are here just to complete their undergraduate education must follow the below application process for smooth and seamless admission into DePaul University.

Step 1: Students wishing to apply to DePaul University must complete an undergraduate non-degree online application form. Students will have to pay an international application fee of $75.

Step 2: Once the form is filled out, they must submit scanned copies of their unofficial transcripts with an English translation (if the transcripts are in other languages).

Step 3: It is a must for international undergraduate students to submit proof of English proficiency.

Admission Process and Requirements for Graduate Programs

Step 1: To apply to DePaul University, students must fill out an online application for graduate programs. There will be an international application fee that students must pay.

Step 2: Once the application form is filled out, students are advised to submit an essay stating their interest in the program and three letters of recommendation

Step 3: Every program has its own qualifications and requirements for entrance. A few program-specific demands are listed below, although they are not exclusive to any one program. 

  • list items Resume
  • list items Official Transcripts
  • list items Test scores like GMAT and GRE are optional and must be submitted for admission
  • list items A minimum GPA is required by some of the programs
  • Step 4: Students might have to attend interviews in many of the programs.

    Step 5: International students are bound to submit their recognised English proficiency test with the above-required documents. 


    Exams Accepted by DePaul University

    It is a must for international applicants to demonstrate their English proficiency to have a smooth and seamless admission experience at DePaul University. Therefore, they should provide proof of their English language proficiency by submitting any of the below-mentioned standardised test scores. 

  • list items The minimum score required for the IELTS/ International English Language Testing System is 6.5.
  • list items The minimum score required for TOEFL IBT should be 80.
  • list items Duolingo minimum score should be 115
  • list items The minimum score required for the SAT is 540, whereas for the ACT, it is 20
  • list items PTE score must be 53
  • DePaul University has adopted a test-optional policy for many of its graduate programs, including both GMAT and GRE tests.


    Tuition Fees & Other Expenses at DePaul University

    Below are the estimated yearly expenses for attending the DePaul University academics. Moreover, the estimates mentioned below are for full-time international undergraduate students.

    Academic Schools under DePaul University Tuition Fees per Credit
    Driehaus College of Business $758
    Communication  $758
    Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media $758
    Education  $758
    Science and Health $758
    Liberal Arts and Social Sciences $758
    Music and Theatre $1,007

    DePaul University Estimated Cost of Attendance

    These budgets represent the expected average costs for undergraduate students enrolled full-time for the academic year. Your actual expenditures may differ depending on your academic program, course load, living situation, preferred eating plan, and unique circumstances.

    Tuition & Fees Dependent living in on-campus or off-campus housing Dependent living with parents Independent living in on-campus or off-campus housing Independent living with parents
    Books, Course Materials, Supplies, & Equipment $1,104 $1,104 $1,104 $1,104
    Living Expenses (including housing & food) $18,468 $3,822 $18,468 $3,822
    Transportation $663 $882 $663 $882
    Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $2103 $2103 $2103 $2103
    Average Loan Fees $78 $78 $123 $123
    The total of items listed above $22,416 $7,989 $22,461 $8,034

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    Financial Aid & Scholarships at DePaul University

    Numerous scholarships and other financial aid are available at DePaul University to help them cover their tuition costs. Donor-funded scholarships are present to assist students’ education, which applies to both undergraduate and graduate College of Science and Health students. Additionally, scholars receive awards based on their departments and majors. Scholarships are awarded to international undergraduate students planning to complete their master's from their home university based on the submission of their online application.

    Scholarships Award amount Eligibility Disbursement Renewal
    Graduate Presidential Scholarship $12,000 (disbursed over six quarters) International students admitted to specific Master's programs (Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Chemistry, Environmental Science) or the Sustainable Urban Development Master's program. $2,000 per quarter for the first six quarters of continuous, full-time enrollment (excluding summer). It is not renewable (except for the Double Demon Scholarship for DePaul alums).
    DePaul Double Demon Scholarship 25% discount on any graduate coursework. Students with bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees from DePaul College of Science and Health are eligible for this scholarship. N/A Renewable

    Important note regarding above scholarships:

  • list items The scholarship is not disbursed during the summer or the December inter-session.
  • list items The maximum award is $12,000.
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    Jobs & Placement Opportunities by DePaul University

    The average salary of students at DePaul University is $80k/year. In the table below, let us look at some DePaul University student job titles and their average salary range. 

    Job Title Range Average
    Software Engineer $66k - $119k $88,983
    Project Manager (Unspecified Type / General) $55k - $121k $79,435
    Marketing Director $65k - $151k $85,752
    Information Technology (IT) Director $89k - $173k $132,258
    Senior Software Engineer $93k - $189k $120,410
    Financial Analyst $50k - $85k $66,051
    Senior Financial Analyst $81k - $125k $97,948


    Accommodation by DePaul University 

    DePaul University offers diverse housing options across its two campuses, fostering a strong sense of community among its students. Lincoln Park Campus, home to 2,500 residents, is ideal for those seeking a traditional college experience. This 30-acre site near Lake Michigan features fully furnished residence halls and apartments, offering a classic collegiate atmosphere.

    For those who prefer urban living, the Loop Campus presents a vibrant alternative. Here, students can enjoy high-rise living in the University Center, a shared residence hall close to Chicago's main attractions. This setup ensures that DePaul students live together on designated floors, maintaining a tight-knit community feel. The University Center offers various living options, from suites to apartments, accommodating both first-year and graduate students.

    Let us look at the housing rates for the academic year 2024 to 2025. The table below presents the housing rates at various DePaul campuses.

    Loop Room Rates

    Room Type Quarter (per resident) Semester (per resident)
    Quad Semi-Suite $3,928 $5,892
    Deluxe Double Semi-Suite $4,452 $6,678
    Private Room Suite $5,742 $8,613
    Quad 2-Bedroom Apartment $4,696 $7,044
    Quad 4-Bedroom Apartment $5,748 $8,622
    1-Person Studio Apartment $6,582 $9,873

    Lincoln Park Room Rates

    Room Type Quarter (Per Resident)
    Corcoran hall single $3520
    Corcoran hall double $2937
    LeCompte Hall Single Suite $4,377
    LeCompte Hall Double Suite $37,89
    Double Deluxe Suite $4,260
    Munroe Hall Single Suite $4,377
    Munroe Hall Double Suite $3,789
    Double Deluxe Suite $4,260
    Ozanam Hall Single Suite $4,377
    Ozanam Hall Double Suite $3,789
    Ozanam Hall Double Deluxe Suite $4,260
    Seton Hall Double $3,520
    Seton Hall Triple $3,402
    Seton Hall Quad $3,286
    University Hall Double $3,789
    University Hall Triple $3,671
    University Hall Double $4,260
    Centennial Hall Standard Apartment $4,558
    Centennial Hall 2-Person Studio Apartment $4,209
    Courtside Apartments $4,558
    McCabe Hall Standard Apartment $4,189
    McCabe Hall Efficiency Apartment $3,950
    McCabe Hall 2-Person Studio Apartment $3,841
    Sanctuary Hall Standard Apartment $4,558
    Sanctuary Hall 3-Person Studio Apartment $4,209
    Sanctuary Hall Higher Occupancy Apartment  $4,305
    Sanctuary Townhomes $4,420
    Sheffield Square Apartment $4,558

    Notable Alumni of DePaul University 

    DePaul University has produced several well-known alums who are successful in their fields. We shall discover information about a few alumni below, arranged by occupation. 

    Notable Alumni Education Designation
    Joseph Adams BUS '77, MBA '79 CEO & Managing Partner, RSM US LLP
    Robin S. Anderson MBA '97 CFO Fourthstone LLC
    Karen Atwood MBA '92 Former Executive Vice President of Health Care Service Corp. for Technology and Services.
    James Ryan MBA '87 Chairman, CEO Retired, W.W. Grainger, Inc.
    Bertram Scott SCPS '80 Chairman of the American Heart Association Board of Directors and Past President of CIGNA's US Commercial Business
    Michael Scudder MBA '93 Executive Chairman, Old National Bancorp
    Lourdes Duarte CMN '99 Co-anchor of WGN Evening News, WGN Television
    Dennis Dugan THE '69 Actor/Director
    Scott Ellis THE '78 Director
    Art O'Leary CDM '07 Editor, Emmy Award Winner, Outstanding Picture Editing
    Elizabeth Perkins THE '81 Actress, Golden Globe Award Nominee, Emmy Award Nominee
    John C. Reilly THE Actor, Academy Award Nominee, Golden Globe Award Nominee
    Hon. Thomas M. Durkin JD ‘78 Federal Judge, U.S. District Court
    Gerald D. Hosier JD '67 Attorney, Law Offices of Gerald D. Hosier, Ltd.

    DePaul University offers a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for undergraduate international students. With its diverse student body, esteemed faculty, and vibrant campuses in Chicago, DePaul University prepares students for success in their chosen fields. From its impressive alumni network to its scholarship opportunities, DePaul University invests in the future of its students. It is worth considering if you're an international student seeking a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is DePaul University?

    DePaul University is located in Chicago, United States.

    What is the DePaul University acceptance rate for international students?

    DePaul University's acceptance rate is 70.2%.

    What are the English language proficiency requirements for international students at DePaul University?

    International undergraduate students are required to provide proof of their English language proficiency scores. For the IBT TOEFL, a score of 80 should be the minimum. However, each section should have at least 17. Duolingo requires a minimum test score of at least 115 and has scored a minimum of 6.5 or higher in IELTS.

    How hard is it to get into DePaul University?

    DePaul University has a 70.2% acceptance rate. It follows that the school needs a higher level of selection. The school will have requirements regarding SAT/ACT scores and GPA. You will receive an offer of admission if you match the requirements they set.

    Is DePaul University suitable for international students?

    Students from more than 104 countries are served by DePaul University. Because of their enduring dedication to diversity and inclusion, students can learn in a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere while developing into global citizens.