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Douglas College - Overview & Background

Douglas College is a public college that was established in 1970. It is situated in British Columbia in Canada. This college is generally famous in British Columbia for granting a public degree. The college has around 17,000 students (including 4,210 international students from over 92 countries) opting for for-credit courses. There is a wide number of international students who have enrolled in this college Douglas also is the largest degree-granting degree granting college in British Columbia.

It educates about 25,000 students every year. Douglas’ two campuses have a strong infrastructure and have been developed well. The campuses are named New Westminster and Coquitlam. The college also includes some small training centers which are situated in Burnaby, Maple Ridge and Surrey. This college is one of the most accessible institutes which is close to the metro Vancouver, which happens to draw the attention of the students. 

Douglas offers various degrees and courses which are noted by academic foundation departments. The college is renowned for imparting career-ready skills to the students as per their interests. Douglas offers both bachelor’s degree and post-degree programs in the college. The college’s strong academic base prepares the students for their career goals.

The college doesn’t only provide long-term courses but also some short-term courses with high-quality non-credit programs. There are various education and training groups that are formed in the college to provide special career development and industry training to the students.

The college consists of 960 experienced teaching faculty who bring their real-world experience to the classroom. There are 960 experienced faculty bringing the best of both academia and real-world experience to the classroom at Douglas. Outside the classroom, more than 900 other employees work together to create a friendly and supportive environment


Founder Sir James Douglas
University Type Public Research University
University Motto Do What You Love
University City New Westminster and Coquitlam, British Columbia
Acceptance Rate 25%
Student to Faculty Ratio 27:1
Main Campus New Westminster
Official Website Link Douglas College, New Westminster, Canada
Phone Number +1 604-527-5400


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Douglas consists of a Facilities Service Department which has been set up in the college and made responsible for the development and planning of the college facilities and services. The responsibility of maintenance and repairing of the college infrastructure is handed over to this department. This department’s goals are to maintain the grounds, building, and equipment at a high operational level. It helps in providing the students, staff and faculty a pleasing and well-maintained campus environment. 

The campus consists of a Cafeteria and catering service. For the work of moving furniture, mail pickup, equipment, and delivery, there is a department of Building Service Workers handling the responsibilities. The Custodial team of the campus is responsible for the cleanliness of the college infrastructure and campus. 

As the college has two campuses, the parking areas of both campuses are wide and require a parking passes. 
The library at the campus has an extensive range of books and DVDs and articles and databases and provides study rooms too. 


Residing Options

There are domestic as well as international students studying in Douglas. The international students generally choose to live in a homestay for their early few months of living in Canada. Douglas has a special partnership with homestay placement services. The First Choice International Placement (FCI) service helps the students of Douglas to receive a rent homestay at an affordable price. This service carefully selects each and every family and ensures to give the best possible experience to the students taking admission in the college. 

The students of Douglas who want to stay in a student residence in the college campus are recommended to go for Global Education City and Cypress Accommodation. Douglas also helps in renting a student’s own place. If a student wants to own a place individually and independently in general, the college helps them to find the rent house too.

Douglas College has special rooms for students at their own campus which requires students to put up requests for room bookings. There are external room bookings where variety of spaces are available for rent including standard classrooms for seating of 20-6 people, double classrooms with seating of 500-115 people, and lecture theatres with seating of 80-130 people.

The campus room is available for the students on rent with seating of 350 people. If a student wants to place a room request then the student has to apply to the room service department through the college website. The college will release a list which will name the students who got in for the room service. The residential area of the college is located in a safe environment and peaceful location.


Financial Aid

The financial aid includes student loans, grants, awards and scholarships for the students who cannot afford to study in college. For applying to any financial aid, the student needs to gain an appointment with the financial advisor. A financial advisor is a person who is appointed from the college to advise the students on their financial needs and application of savings for their future. They assist with the following:

Student Loans & Grants

The financial advisors advise the students to plan the funding of their education. They assist the students in calculating their expenses and savings through the cost of living calculator. The budget worksheet is prepared by the advisor. After the analysis of the financial status of a student, the funding options are investigated. The student loans are funded by the government of Canada which are needed to be repaid after the end of the study period.

Unlike the loans, the grants are not needed to be paid back. The grants and loans are provided to the students as per their eligibility and academic performance. The loans are provided as a full-time funding, part-time funding, adult upgrading grant, awards, business and scholarships, provincial tuition waiver program for former youth in care. 


A limited number of awards are available to students who can demonstrate their financial needs. To opt for an award, students need to prove their poor financial condition. The preference is given to students who are facing a financial crisis and have exhausted all other sources of funding including grants and loans. The award is given to the students with a minimum GPA of 2.67 or those who have completed at least 9 Douglas college academic credits. 


Jobs and Placement

The placement center for Douglas College is called the Career Center through which the students and graduates take their career to another level. The career center gives support to the students who want to gain skills and are seeking a dream job, or part-time experience to boost future prospects. In the career center of Douglas, a student will find free help and resources by working and volunteering for the opportunities.

There are a large number of professional coaches present in the center to help the students with job prospects. There are free career development workshops in the career center which gives a direction to the students for their career. A Co-operative Education has been formed in the campus where there are professional coaches present for coaching the students. It allows the student to spend a semester with their dream company which helps them in learning and gaining knowledge about the work. 


Notable Alumni

 Some famous alumni from Douglas College, New Westminster include:

  • list items Cheri Beasley, Chief Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court
  • list items Leonie Brinkema, Judge, U.S. District Court, E.D. Va.
  • list items Carol T. Christ, Former President, Smith College, current Chancellor of University of California, Berkeley
  • list items Jeanne Fox, Former president, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
  • list items Jaynee LaVecchia, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice
  • list items Susan Martin, Retired Georgetown University professor, expert on international migrations
  • list items Imbolo Mbue, Novelist
  • Sprinkles

    Douglas College Location

    Douglas is located in Canada with campuses in two cities:

  • list items  The two campuses are located in 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC
  • list items 1250 Pine tree Way, 1 km north of Coquitlam Centre Mall.
  • The location of both the campuses is good as it consists of all the necessities of a normal student. The students find it easy to live near the campus. There are a lot of cafeterias near the college which can act as recreational sites for students. The nearest airport from the college is the Vancouver International Airport. 

    Douglas College Map Location

    Address: 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z5, Canada


    Frequently Asked Questions about Douglas College

    Is Douglas College recognized?

    With about 25,000 students enrolled each year, Douglas College, founded in 1970, is the biggest degree-granting institution in British Columbia, Canada. The British Columbia Education Quality Assurance program recognizes Douglas College as it is a provincial seal that represents high standards in education and consumer protection on a global scale.

    Does Douglas College have dorms?

    No. Douglas College does not provide lodging for students on campus and also does not support any of the organizations on the list. Students are free to select any service that is suitable for them or satisfies their needs.

    What is Douglas College famous for?

    Douglas College is renowned for fusing the intellectual foundations of a university with the career-ready skills of a college and for having the most bachelor's degrees and post-degree programs of any college in British Columbia. Additionally, it provides a huge selection of short-term, top-notch non-credit courses and programs in a variety of subjects, including business, health, industry training etc.

    How much is tuition fee at Douglas College?

    The annual cost of attendance at Douglas College, which includes tuition of 12 lakhs and living expenses of 13 lakhs, is approximately 25 lakhs for students. With awards of up to 1.5 lakhs, Douglas College scholarships help roughly 4,523 international students pay for their studies.

    Why international students choose Douglas College?

    The academic foundations of a university along with the employer-ready skills of a college are combined at Douglas College. At Douglas, you'll get the best of both worlds: a comprehensive education and the practical, real-world skills required for success in academics and the workplace.