Durham College, Oshawa

Oshawa, Canada

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Centre for Food

This School focuses on field-to-fork and sustainable business practices. The spectacular W. Galen Weston Centre for Food conducts courses on culinary, food and farming, horticulture, hospitality, and special events management. A retail store and Bistro ’67, a fine dining restaurant, are present here.

There is an experienced faculty teaching the various nuances of culinary science such as culinary skills, culinary management, experts in horticulture, hospitality management, event management, etc. The school produces hundreds of professionals every year.


School of Business, IT & Management (BITM)

This school houses enormous options. One would find every field of one’s interest in business in the list of courses offered by this school. There are interdisciplinary courses like business analytics offered by this school. The curriculum and course action moulds a student into a market-ready professional well-abreast with the market demands.


School of Continuing Education

This school opened platforms especially for the working professionals to further their knowledge and skill in a pre-mastered domain. Thus, the school helps such individuals to improvise the position they hold in their existing career, widens their skill set, updates them with the latest innovations in their field. A wide range of online and classroom courses are offered by this school. 


School of Health & Community Services (HCS)

This school offers courses in domains like Dentistry, Nursing, Social work, etc. The school is an apt choice for students inclined towards health sciences. The diploma or certificate courses are versatile and highly driven by the market demands. Opportunities for jobs and placements offered by the school are note-worthy and attract hundreds of students annually.


School of Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

The school of Interdisciplinary Studies is one of the best fields in which you can start your post-secondary education. Apart from offering a number of programs, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies provides unique educational services to the students enrolled in it. It provides a  range of exclusive courses to graduates, secondary school students and internationally trained immigrants. Various certificate courses are offered in this school, and each course paves way to a number of career opportunities.  


School of Justice & Emergency Services (JES)

The school of Justice and Emergency Services provides an astonishing yet amazing list of programs with the help of which one can decide and choose one’s career to carve a path for the future! The School of Justice & Emergency Services also offers specialized, on-campus services including Campus Conflict Resolution Services, assistance with off-campus legal advice, and field placement information for specific programs. The School of Justice encompasses and promotes positive education by providing high quality, challenging and innovative programs. The school also provides additional career pathways through  course crediting, bridging programs and articulation agreements. 


School of Media, Art and Design (MAD)

The School of Media, Art and Design at Durham College provides practical, knowledgeable, hands-on skills and experiences and conducts analytical discussions handled by generous professors and technical staff. The students of the School of Media, Art and Design (MAD) make a significant and positive contribution to the culture and economy of the region as they use their talent and skills to collaborate with community groups and not-for-profit organizations.  

The School of Media, Art and Design’s curriculum challenges students to explore critical social issues such as sustainability, marginalization, poverty and gender politics in over twenty different programs. As the Durham Region grows and continues to develop in media, agriculture, tourism and energy, the School of Media, Arts and Design will provide the next generation of talented students who can tell the emerging story.

Moreover, the environment is enriched by its close proximity to galleries, museums and studios in Oshawa, Whitby and Toronto. MAD students learn to amalgamate their professional education with the entrepreneurial skills needed to build a successful career in Ontario’s vibrant culture sector.

The School of Media, Arts and Design educates students to enter the most sought-after careers. MAD graduates use their creativity to make a real contribution at work, in their communities and in their own lives. The School ensures that the graduates are ready for creative work and serious play.


School of Science and Engineering Technology (SET)

The School of Science and Engineering Technology is one of the nine academic schools which is led by market-driven programs and high class teachers, professors and staff. The teaching environment here is one of the best and premier in the world and involves the right amount of practical, hands-on and theoretical knowledge required to shape the career of an individual/student.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria to be met before joining the postsecondary programs in the School of Science and Technology of Durham College. They are:

  • list items Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • list items Equivalent secondary school diploma from another province or territory in Canada
  • list items Equivalent secondary school diploma from outside of Canada.
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    School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship and Renewable Technology (START)

    Being one of the nine stupendous schools in the Durham College, it is equipped with the best quality staff, teachers and professors to aid and support the students at every major step during their college life. The school offers leading programs which are well-versed and involves the rightful amount of hands-on skills, practical approach and theoretical practice to make the student robust in each and every program it provides. 

    The School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship and Renewable Technology teaches its students the art and skills of trading, apprentices work and some topics related to the field of renewable technology. There are certain criteria that need to be met by the students i.e. one must maintain a good attendance, at least 70% in each subject, and a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher in order to successfully complete the program. 

    Some benefits of the apprenticeship training are:

  • list items Challenging work
  • list items Earn while you learn
  • list items Efficient preparation and education of individuals interested in the skilled trades
  • list items Potentially qualifying for a training allowance or Employment Insurance benefits while attending school