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Brief Background

Edith Cowan University (ECU) was established in 1991 in Joondalup, Western Australia. It provides an inspiring campus and aims to create a distinctive and irresistible place for the students and faculties involved in higher education and research. ECU has been recognized and awarded many times for their work and achievements in higher education and research. Some of the recent achievements include 2019 Top 100 Asia-Pacific Universities and 2018 QS World University Rankings Top 150 under 50. ECU believes in integrity and personal excellence. It is inclusive and multicultural and believes inequality.

ECU has 3 campuses in Western Australia. These campuses are vibrant and full of resources that are needed to support higher education and research.

  1. Joondalup Campus - The university has its headquarters at the Joondalup Campus and houses all the major buildings and facilities. The health and fitness centre, sports centre and state-of-the-art library are all located on this campus. 
  2. Mount Lawley Campus -  Mount Lawley Campus is located near Perth CBD and the Beaufort Street cafe strip. It has advanced resource for IT and performing arts. Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA ) is located on this campus. Students are provided with on-campus accommodation facilities on this campus.
  3. South West Campus (Bunbury) - South West Campus (Bunbury) is located outside the metropolitan area. It has small class sizes, on-campus accommodation, and advanced modern facilities. 


ECU provides modern and comfortable on-campus accommodation services. All the students are provided with computer facilities that can be accessed throughout the day. It also has well-designed childcare and after school services. ECU believes in the mental well-being of the students so they offer free counselling services to address any personal or emotional problems. It offers many clubs and societies on the campus to encourage cultural and social activities.
ECU also offers a range of food cafes, restaurants, co-ops, grocery stores, hair and beauty salon, and all-day print and copy services. All the three campuses contain well-equipped sports and fitness center.
ECU has a huge library that consists of vast collections of books and journals. They are available in both print and electronic forms.  It also offers e-journals and multimedia packages. It is open all-year-round on all days. Additionally, students are offered with book lending machines in all the three campus libraries.  

Residing Options

ECU offers modern and comfortable on-campus accommodation on all the campuses. It has a separate service called the ECUVillage that supports students in finding off-campus accommodation.
The on-campus accommodation has single and shared room options. The accommodation provides a friendly environment for the students. ECU strives to provide students with accommodation options less than the market price. The primary facilities include self-catering centres, 24 hours laundry service, parking facilities, pool and table tennis courts, and an outdoor courtyard. The university offers a wide range of accommodation options starting from studio to 4-bedroom apartments with prices starting from $195 per person per week.
 The off-campus accommodation is supported by the university. The students can get in touch with both individuals and real estate agents.

Financial Aids

Scholarships are provided by the university for eligible students either on the basis of their financial status or their academic achievement. ECU provides 71 postgraduate and 38 research scholarships. The scholarships are processed throughout the year. But each scholarship has stipulated open and closing dates for the students to apply. They apply to either domestic or international or both of them. Each scholarship has its terms and conditions. The scholarship aid can be used for the payment of tuition fees only and cannot be used for any other expenses of the student. If the terms and conditions are not met by the student, then ECU has all the rights to revoke the scholarship at any point in time.
ECU Higher Degree by Research Scholarship is specially designed for postgraduate students. Both domestic and international students are eligible for the scholarship. The eligible students should be undertaking a higher degree by research at the university. Both the current and future students can apply for aid. The scholarship offers a stipend of $28,420 per annum. The stipend will be paid fortnightly through electronic funds transfer and tuition fee sponsorship. The scholarship offers other special benefits that include a relocation allowance and Overseas Students Health Cover.

Jobs and Placements

ECU provides excellent career support services to all its current students and the alumni. It offers free resources, professional career support, and enhanced job search support. ECU partners with the industry and staff to provide students with industry experience and support for employment in their chosen field of study. The job opportunities are advertised through Careerhub. Students are recruited in various industries for internships and jobs through career fairs and graduate panels. The top employers include Aurecon, CISCO, GHD, and John Holland. 


ECU has three main campuses, namely, Joondalup Campus, Mount Lawley Campus and South West Campus. ECU believes in sustainable forms of transport and provides bike parking and bike locking stations in all the campuses. All the campuses are accessible via bicycle and car. But car parking spaces are limited. 
Joondalup Campus is located 25km north of Perth CBD exactly at the intersection of Joondalup Drive and Grand Boulevard. The campus is easily accessible via public transport. People can use the Mitchell Freeway, the Perth-Joondalup rail line. All-day bus services are also available. Separate bicycle paths are also offered to encourage students to use sustainable forms of transport. ECS has a free bus service from Joondalup train station that stops at the library, student housing and the Police Academy.
Mount Lawley Campus is located at a distance of 6km north of Perth exactly at the intersection of Alexander Drive and Central Avenue. There are frequent bus services to the campus from Perth. 
Unlike the other campuses, South West Campus is located in a place called Banbury which is 200km south of Perth. This is situated at Roberson drive and is accessible by train, bus, and car. The bus services by TransRegional provide all-day buses to the campus. 

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering focuses on advanced technologies and is located in the Joondalup Campus. It provides world-class facilities and labs for students pursuing higher education and research. It aims to keep the environment-friendly and supportive. The school houses both hardware and software laboratories that provide all-round support for students.

It aims to train the students to be proactive and to identify and provide solutions to problems that prevail in the industry and also in the community. The various research groups that the school manages are The Centre for Communications and Electronics Research, The Chemical Engineering Group, The Thermofluids Research Group, The Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Research Group, The Materials Research Group, The Smart Energy Systems Research Group and The Water and Environmental Engineering Group. Many laboratories have been constructed on the campus to facilitate higher education and research. Some of them include circuits and systems laboratory, power systems laboratory, robotics and automation laboratory, communications systems laboratory and Siemens instrumentation and control laboratory.

The school has a highly educated and talented staff base that reports to a primary dean. There are separate deans for academic, teaching and learning, research and international streams. ECU's School of Engineering is accredited by Engineers Australia which is a professional body in Australia that recognizes and accredits all engineering programs.

Postgraduate Programs

1. Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering degree is professionally accredited and offers multiple disciplines. It provides students with a variety of choices in the specialization. The specializations available are Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. All the specializations and courses are recognized and accredited by Engineers Australia, a professional body based in Australia.

This course has strict entry requirements which are mandatory for all applicants to fulfil to be eligible for admissions. The applicants should have completed a Bachelor's degree in engineering or engineering technology. Alternatively, they can also hold a Bachelor of Engineering Science to be eligible for admissions. For international students, an IELTS Academic Overall band minimum score of 6.5 is required.

The estimated yearly fees for domestic students is AUD $9,550 and for international students, it is estimated as AUD $30,700. 

  • Chemical Engineering - The specialization in Chemical Engineering offers a broad field of study including chemical thermodynamics, environmental and process risk management, minerals, and solids processing. It also equips students with high-level skills to enable them to plan and execute chemical engineering projects.
  • Civil Engineering - The specialization in Civil Engineering offers students with the skills and expertise in the fields of civil engineering. This broadly includes structural analysis, concrete design, fluid mechanics, construction technology, Engineering Geology, and Rock Mechanics, Construction Site Management, and transportation engineering.
  • Computer Systems Engineering - The specialization in Computer Systems Engineering helps in developing skills in data communication and computer networks, communication systems, digital electronics, computer architecture, robotics, Data Analysis and Visualisation and industrial control.
  • Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering - The specialization in Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering is suitable for students who are planning a career in the electrical industry or renewable energy industry. It introduces students to the fundamental electrical engineering concepts and additional in-depth studies about renewable energy. It focuses on the utilization, generation, management, and design of renewable energy resources. 
  • Electrical Power Engineering - The specialization in Electrical Power Engineering aims to equip students with the knowledge of Power Electronics, Signals and Systems, Instrumentation and Measurement, Electrical Machines and Transformers and Sustainability and Renewable Energy.
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering - The specialization in Electronics and Communications Engineering offers subjects related to Data Communication and Computer Networks, Wireless Communication, Digital Electronics, Propagation and Antennas and Telecommunication Networks.
  • Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering - The specialization in Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering involves majors related to both the instrumentation and automation engineering fields. They include a study on Data Communication and Computer Networks, Microprocessor Systems, Instrumentation and Measurement, Advanced Industrial Control, Control Systems and Process Control.
  • Mechanical Engineering - The specialization in Mechanical Engineering offers a wide range of options to choose from. They include Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Structural Analysis, and Computer-Aided Design.
  • Mechatronics Engineering - The specialization in Mechatronics Engineering supports students and helps them gain additional knowledge in the field of mechatronics engineerings such as robotics, advanced materials, and manufacturing systems, mechanical design and development.
  • Petroleum Engineering - The specialization in Petroleum Engineering helps the students to gain professional experience and skills related to the oil and gas industry. It provides both theoretical and practical knowledge in Petroleum production engineering.

2. Master of Engineering Science

This research program conducts advanced research in fields like a computer, communication, civil, electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical or mechatronic engineering. The course is for 2 years. Students enrolled in this course will get to solve problems by applying and defending innovative practices, critically analyse principles related to sustainability and global perspectives, demonstrate an understanding of the practice, theory, and recent developments in engineering.

3. Master of Technology, Petroleum Engineering 

This program is the perfect opportunity for engineering graduates from other discipline areas to extend their knowledge and skills to the field of petroleum engineering. This course sets the foundations for a professional engineering career in the oil and gas industries, both in Australia and internationally. The course is for 1.5 years. Students enrolled in this course will get to apply their cognitive, creative and technical skills to investigate complex concepts, design innovative contribution with the help of communication and collaboration skills, use management skills to plan and execute a project.

Undergraduate Programs

Each of the Bachelor’s degree study units are usually allocated 15 credit points. For a 3-year full-time degree, students have to acquire 360 credit points.

1. Bachelor of Aviation

Bachelor of Aviation is a technical and professional degree in Aviation.  Students enrolled in the course are required to complete a core unit set plus an 8-unit Major/Minor plus Electives, or 8 Electives.

2. Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Honours primarily concentrates on how the materials interact and the techniques of converting them to useful forms. Students enrolled in this course are required to complete 31 core units, 1 Elective unit, and a Practicum unit.

3. Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental) Honours deals with civil engineering subjects with an additional focus on environment-related studies. Students enrolled in this course are required to complete 30 core units, 2 Elective units, and a Practicum unit.

4. Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Honours focuses on primary civil engineering subjects related to design, construction and management of the man-made physical structures. It is a two-semester program that requires students to complete 30 Core units, 2 Elective units, and a Practicum unit.

5. Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Honours focuses on the basics of computer engineering which includes hardware-software interactions and other electronic systems.  It is a two-semester program that requires students to complete 29 Core units, 3 Elective units, and a Practicum unit.

6. Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Honours/Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Honours/Bachelor of Computer Science is a double degree program that broadens the field of study for the students. It is a two-semester program that requires students to complete 41 Core units and a Practicum unit.

7. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Renewable Energy) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Renewable Energy) Honours is a specialization course in the field of electrical engineering that has an additional focus on renewable energy. It is a two-semester program that requires students to complete 31 Core units, 1 Elective unit, and a Practicum unit.

8. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Power) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Power) Honours mainly deals with the electric power generation and distribution. It is a two-semester program that requires students to complete 30 Core units, 2 Elective units, and a Practicum unit.

9. Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications) Honours deals with basic electronic principles coupled with digital and analog circuit designs. It also trains students in basic communication principles.

10. Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation Control and Automation) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation Control and Automation) Honours has its field of study based on electrical, electronic and computer engineering. This course also covers control engineering concepts.

11. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Honours is project-based and involves practical learning opportunities. It deals with mechanical engineering concepts related to machines and moving systems.

12. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) Honours offers a combined study of mechanical, electrical and electronic disciplines. It teaches students to design and manufacture advanced machines and systems.

13. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) Honours/Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports)

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) Honours/Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) is a double degree program that offers a combination of mechanical, electrical and electronics. It enhances problem-solving and management skills.

14. Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) Honours

Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering) Honours offers lessons in building technology in processing fossil fuels. The course also enables students to acquire and enhance their mechanical and chemical engineering skills.

15. Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Commerce offers basic engineering skills along with management and financial skills. Students enrolled in this course are required to complete 31 Engineering units and a 15-unit Engineering Major along with 16 Commerce Units.

16. Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Laws is a double degree course that focuses on engineering core along with law. This enables students to become legal law practitioners in Australia.

17. Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Engineering Honours/Bachelor of Science is a double degree program that allows students to select their choice of electives to suit their career aspirations.

18. Bachelor of Engineering Science

Bachelor of Engineering Science is a three-year full-time degree that comprises of multi-disciplinary engineering fields. This course is available both part-time and full time.

19. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce is a double-degree program that allows students to choose from a range of science and commerce major subjects. Students enrolled in this course are required to complete 16 Science units and 16 Commerce units.

20. Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical)

Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical) offers students with studies in aviation and aerospace engineering. They have practical lessons designed for students to help them understand the design and principles of aviation technology. It also offers 8-week practical work experience in the industry.

21. Bachelor of Technology (Electronic and Computer Systems)

Bachelor of Technology (Electronic and Computer Systems) offers skills in both electronic and computer-related subjects and aims to make the students better technologists.

22. Bachelor of Technology (Engineering)

Bachelor of Technology (Engineering) is a 3-year full-time core engineering degree.

23. Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports)

Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports) trains graduates in the design and core principles of the manufacturing industry with a specialized focus on the motorsports industry.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are Bachelor of Engineering (Ocean Engineering) Honour and Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) Honour programs. 

Pure Sciences

Pure science involves 8 fields of study namely Biological Science, Chemistry, Computing, Conservation Science, Cyber Security, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Science. The courses offered are Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Wildlife Biology), Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management), Bachelor of Science (Marine and Freshwater Biology), Bachelor of Science Honours, Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Bioinformatics, Master of Environmental Science, Master of Science by Research, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated).

1. Business

The School of Business and Law readily develop industry-ready, challenging graduates through high standard and quality teaching and learning experiences and engaged applied research.
As a provider of approved and accredited law program, the School is proud to express its commitment to the rule of law and the promotion of the highest standards of professional responsibility, community service and ethical conduct.
Some of the popular undergraduate courses offered by the university are Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law etc. You may check the undergraduate course details here.
The school of business also offers double degrees.
There are a plethora of graduate courses offered by the school of business, some of them are as follows:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration International
  • Master of Business by Research
  • Master of Finance and Banking
  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of International Hospitality Management
  • Master of Laws (Research)
  • Master of Management Information Systems
  • Master of Marketing and Innovation Management
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Project Management
  • Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management New in 2020
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)

You can check this page to further information, here.

2. Arts and Humanities

One of the most comprehensive and largest schools of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the School of Arts and Humanities offers a variety of programs covering design, psychology and social sciences, criminology and justice, media and communications, contemporary arts, and the humanities. For more information about the school and the courses on offer, click here. 

3. Education 

Edith Cowan University places a lot of importance to Education. It has practical courses stressing on cutting-edge research which cater to the learning needs of the young people and the community. For more information, click here. 

4. Nursing and Midwifery

The university has the largest Nursing program and the only dual Nursing/Midwifery degree in Western Australia. ECU has top-notch facilities which give it an edge over the other universities providing the discipline. For more information about this program of the university, click here. 

5. Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

WAAPA is known both nationally and internationally for the quality of its graduates. Students enrolled in the program get access to the most comprehensive training in performing arts in  Australia! More plus points being a world-class staff, opportunities to work in state-of-the-art performance, and teaching facilities providing rigorous training too students. For more information about the school, click here. 

6. Medical and Health Sciences 

ECU places a lot of emphasis on health. One can study programs in areas as diverse as Biomedical Science, Exercise and Sports Science, or Paramedical Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Pathology.  For more information about the department and the courses on offer, click here. 

Annual fees for Indians $34,054
Annual off-campus living $9,800
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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However, many times education loan seekers have numerous doubts regarding the policies that guide education loan sanction. Among all the various queries, one of the top ones that we often get is whether a student can take an education loan on agricultural land. In this blog, we will try to answer this question and help make things clear for all such students.&nbsp; Can I take a secured education loan on agricultural land?&nbsp; Well, theoretically the answer to this question is, Yes. But on digging a little deeper we realize that this is not possible practically. Even though the RBI has suggested that banks sanction education loans to farmers and their children, the reality is quite different. When we look at the terms and conditions for sanctioning a secured education loan, we realize that all public banks, private banks, and NBFCs have mentioned that agricultural land is not accepted as collateral for an education loan. Even though the reasons for this are not very clear, one possible reason for this could be the fact that agricultural land cannot be used to raise security in case the education loan becomes a Non-Performing Asset. The very purpose of collateral is to be a means of recovering the loan money in case the borrower defaults on the loan and this would not be the case with agricultural land, thus beating the very purpose of asking for collateral.&nbsp; Need an education loan to study abroad? Fill in the form to get free assistance What is the next best option? Now that we know that it is not practically possible to get a secured education loan on agricultural land, let us look at alternate ways in which a student can get a secured education loan.&nbsp; Find another immovable collateral that can be attached with your loan application - Lenders accept many different kinds of tangible collateral for sanctioning an education loan such as any flat, house, plot with boundary, shop, etc. In case a borrower does not have the property in his/her name, they can also attach third-party collateral for their education loan, provided the owner agrees to mortgage the property on behalf of the student.&nbsp; Attach any movable collateral with your education loan - A student can also pledge intangible assets such as Fixed Deposits, Government Bonds, Mutual Funds, National Savings Certificates, Life Insurance Policies, etc. The assets could be in the name of the student or even a relative.&nbsp; Pledge gold ornaments - Students can also mortgage gold ornaments for their education loan.&nbsp; It should be noted here that the value of the collateral being pledged must be equal to or higher than the loan amount being applied for. 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