Fleming College

Peterborough, Canada

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School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences

The focus of the School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences is the environment. Field trips, field schools and applied projects help to put your new skills into practice. \

The school also houses a Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), which is a water research centre with advanced infrastructure and accredited on-site facilities. CAWT plays a major role in training students through the Environmental Technology and the Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management Co-op programs at Fleming. It is alo involved in technology transfer with partners. 

The school offers programs in the following areas: 

  • list items Conservation Biology
  • list items Ecosystem Management Technician
  • list items Ecosystem Management Technology
  • list items Environmental Technician 
  • list items Environmental Technology
  • list items Fish and Wildlife Technician
  • list items Fish and Wildlife Technology
  • list items General Arts and Science - Environmental and Natural Resource Studies
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    Haliburton School of Art + Design

    The unique and flexible programmes provide a breadth of creative programming. The programs are taught by professional who have changed the game in art, craft, design, media and heritage studies in Canada. The school also offers a one-of-a kind hands-on studio experience. The programmes help you build a solid portfolio to embark on a career. The students are able to apply their learnings to their own studio practice and create unique design concepts using a variety of materials and methodologies.

    The school offers diploma and certificate programs in the following areas:

  • list items Artist Blacksmith
  • list items Ceramics
  • list items Digital Image Design
  • list items Drawing and Painting
  • list items Fibre Arts
  • list items Glassblowing
  • list items Jewellery Essentials
  • list items Moving Image Design
  • list items Photo Arts
  • list items Integrated Design
  • list items Visual and Creative Arts
  • list items Expressive Arts
  • list items Independent Studio Practice
  • list items Graphic Design - Visual Communication
  • list items Museum Management and Curatorship
  • list items Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management
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    School of Business

    The school has built its diverse programmes on the basis of a wide variety of experiential learning which includes industry-sponsored applied projects and work placements. Business students are required to participate in an intensive project for an industry partner which needs them to execute a broad range of applied and project management skills. Students graduating from this school acquire a range of practical skills which are a necessity in today’s job market.

    The school provides certificate and diploma  programs in the following areas: 

  • list items Accounting
  • list items Business
  • list items Business - Human Resources
  • list items Business Administration
  • list items Business Administration - Accounting
  • list items Business Administration - Human Resources Management
  • list items Business Administration - Marketing
  • list items Global Business Management
  • list items Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations
  • list items International Business Management
  • list items Office Administration - Executive
  • list items Project Management
  • list items Sporting Goods Business
  • list items Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics
  • list items Tourism - Global Travel
  • list items Tourism - Global Travel - Advanced Standing
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    School of General Arts and Sciences

    There are various programmes to improve science skills of the students and help them qualify for admission to a college health science programme. The various programs provide are: 

  • list items English As A Second Language Bridge
  • list items General Arts and Science - University Transfer
  • list items Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees
  • list items Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas
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    School of Health and Wellness

    Students from this school undergo rigorous training in classroom, lab, clinical and field placement settings and therefore get the best of both theoretical and practical learning experience. The Pharmacy Technician lab has a fully-networked dispensary with 30 individual laptops equipped with industry standard KROLL software. The lab offers facilities for dispensing, compounding, long-term care with hospital setting, and a sterile preparation area. There is a Spa + Clinic facility for the Esthetician and Massage Therapy programmes. It is a 4,470 square-foot lab that provides client care areas for spa treatments and therapeutic massage and a shared reception space. 

    The diploma and certificate programmes are provided in the following areas:

  • list items Biotechnology - Advanced
  • list items Community Pharmacy Assistant
  • list items Esthetician
  • list items Fitness and Health Promotion
  • list items Health Information Management
  • list items Massage Therapy
  • list items Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant
  • list items Paramedic
  • list items Personal Support Worker
  • list items Pharmacy Technician
  • list items Practical Nursing
  • list items Recreation and Leisure Services
  • list items Recreation and Leisure Services - Advanced Standing
  • list items Therapeutic Recreation
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    School of Justice and Community Development

    The programs offered by the school seek to keep up with the sector advances and the ever-changing needs of the society. Students are offered with plenty of experiential learning opportunities, including live-action, scenario-based training on campus, and extensive placements with employers.

    The school offers programs in the following areas:

    Child and Youth Care

  • list items Community and Justice Services
  • list items Community Integration Through Cooperative Education
  • list items Customs Border Services
  • list items Developmental Services Worker
  • list items Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Support

  • list items Educational Support - Advanced Standing
  • list items Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • list items Law Clerk
  • list items Mental Health And Addiction Worker
  • list items Paralegal
  • Police Foundations

  • list items Police Foundations - Advanced Standing
  • list items Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training
  • list items Protection, Security and Investigation
  • list items Social Service Worker
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    School of Trades and Technology

    The students under this program are given rigorous training in world-class facilities with the help of the latest techniques in a variety of apprenticeship, skilled trades and technology programmes. The school houses the Kawartha Trades and Technology Center. It is spread over 87,000-square-foot and has a skills training facility, located at Sutherland Campus in Peterborough. It is built as per the LEED environmental and energy efficiency standards and has state-of-the art shop facilities, high-tech labs, and modular and integrated learning spaces. It is also home to dual credit courses for high school students, full-time and part-time trades and apprenticeship programmes, and initiatives to promote the trades to young women and elementary school students.

    Some of the areas which the school offers programs in are:

  • list items Carpenter - General Apprentice
  • list items Carpentry and Renovation Technician
  • list items Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship – Culinary
  • list items Computer Engineering Technician
  • list items Computer Engineering Technology
  • list items Computer Security and Investigations
  • list items Construction Engineering Technician
  • list items Cook Apprentice Level 1 
  • list items Culinary Management
  • list items Culinary Skills
  • list items Electrical Engineering Technician
  • list items Electrical Techniques
  • list items Electrician - Construction & Maintenance Apprentice
  • list items Trades Fundamentals
  • list items Welding and Fabrication Technician
  • list items Wireless Information Networking
  • list items Blasting Techniques
  • list items Electrical Power Generation Technician (Co-op)
  • list items Geothermal Systems