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Georgia State University’s admissions policy is designed to provide a competitive but fair consideration of all applications. This proves the college embraces Indian and international students, making it a conducive learning environment. Incoming students of Georgia State University said that it is good to learn from students with different perspectives and experiences, as it also enriches the learning atmosphere for all students. This institution is sensitive to minorities and disability. It proclaims that every admission process is simple and fair for students and provides enough assistance and aid for students interested in this institution at all levels.

Regardless of the country of origin, Georgia State University focuses on the possibility of achieving the granted academic goals to the most significant extent, not only in the territory of the United States but also in other countries. It is very diverse and has a good mixture of students from different backgrounds, cultures, and talents that are in proportion with the various courses that the institution offers, besides providing various non-academic activities for the students, making it a very vibrant place to learn and develop.


Admission Highlights 

Georgia State University has a unique and inclusive admissions procedure to accommodate a diverse student body.

Special Programs Dedicated support services, cultural exchange programs, and Indian Student Association

Holistic Criteria

Emphasis on academic achievements, extracurricular activities, personal essays, and recommendation letters

Acceptance Rate



Fall, Spring, Summer

Application Fee


Unique Admission Process

Comprehensive and accessible evaluation for all applicants

International Student Support

Orientation programs, visa assistance, and international student office

Diversity and Inclusivity

Commitment to creating a multicultural campus environment

Application Requirements

Online application, transcripts, standardised test scores, and proof of English proficiency


Specific deadlines for fall and spring admissions


Admission to Top Programs

Georgia State University has the best programmes for Indian students, including Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering and Public Health. These programmes are well-known for their rigorous coursework, expert faculty, and attractive job prospects. Each program has specific entrance requirements to guarantee that the students are well-prepared for the intellectual challenges ahead. Applicants from India should know the minimum standards one needs to meet for admission to these programmes, such as minimum GPA score, TOEFL/IELTS score, etc. In addition, some specific programmes require extra tools to evaluate the applicant, such as portfolios or interviews.

Program Name GPA Requirement Standardised Test Scores English Proficiency Additional Requirements

Business Administration (MBA)


SAT: 1200 / GMAT: 600

TOEFL: 80 / IELTS: 6.5

Personal statement, resume

Computer Science


SAT: 1300 / GRE: 310

TOEFL: 80 / IELTS: 6.5

Statement of purpose, letters of recommendation



SAT: 1250 / GRE: 315

TOEFL: 80 / IELTS: 6.5

Portfolio (for some specialisations)

Public Health


GRE: 300

TOEFL: 80 / IELTS: 6.5

Interview, letters of recommendation

By satisfying these requirements and demonstrating their abilities and experiences, Indian students can get admission to these distinguished programmes and begin a successful educational adventure at Georgia State University.


Application Deadlines

Georgia State University has set application deadlines for various intake sessions to guarantee a smooth admissions process for undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Semester Priority Application Deadline Final Application Deadline


December 1st, 2024

April 1st, 2025


August 1st, 2024

October 1st, 2024

Undergraduate programme deadlines are April 1 for the fall admission and October 1 for the spring intake. Postgraduate programmes have deadlines on May 1 for the Georgia State University Fall admission and October 1 for the Georgia State University spring admission. Applicants are requested to submit their applications far ahead of these deadlines to give enough time for processing and meeting any extra criteria.


Admission Details and Process

Here is the detailed Georgia State University admission process:

Undergraduate Admission Process

The protocols for joining an undergraduate programme at Georgia State University are based on submitting an online application on the university’s Application Site. Primary documents that must be provided include the candidate’s high school transcript, the SAT/ACT scores, English language proficiency – TOEFL or IELTS scores, and an essay. There may also be specific programmes that require letters of reference. With this help, after its submission, all the data are studied, including academic performance, activity in clubs, and personal traits.

Sometimes, an interview may be done to determine the candidate's appropriateness. Applicants will be advised of their admission decision by email. Students will receive an admission notice and should immediately begin the visa procedure by submitting the required documentation to the international student office. The final stages are to attend orientation and register for classes.


Postgraduate Admission Process

The Georgia State University application process for postgraduate programmes starts by completing an application online through the university’s website. Standardised tests (GRE/GMAT for specialised programs), transferral and undergraduate records, English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS), statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation are some of the documents required. Some programmes may require a portfolio or an interview. 

The Georgia State University evaluation procedure is rigorous as the result of academic performance, work experience, and submission quality are all considered. Notifications are sent through emails concerning decisions. Upon admission, students shall receive the admission decision and must present the necessary documentation for the visa process to the international student affairs office. Students accepted into the program must fulfil standard pre-entry requirements, attend an orientation meeting, and complete class enrollment.


Exams Accepted

Georgia State University takes a range of standardised examinations to determine prospective students' academic preparedness for undergraduate and graduate programmes. For undergraduate admissions, candidates may submit SAT or ACT results. These assessments examine the essential reading, arithmetic, and writing abilities required for success in college-level curriculum. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is widely recognised across programmes for postgraduate admissions, but the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is solely necessary for business-related programmes.

Exam Program Type Approximate Minimum Score









300 (verbal + quantitative)


Graduate (Business)



All Programs



All Programs


PTE Academic

All Programs


Duolingo English Test

All Programs


Besides the above-mentioned standardised assessments, Georgia State University must ensure the English proficiency of international students whose first language is not English. Until now, universally accepted English language proficiency assessments are TOEFL, PTE, and the IELTS. These assessments establish whether the students are in a position to meet the requirements and be helpful in the University learning community.

In conclusion, Georgia State University’s admission is well-ordered and friendly, accepting all students who want to get an education. Thus, the requirements and potential timeframes will assist the candidates in working out their documents and stressing their unique strengths. Therefore, students are welcome to view the university’s numerous programs and opportunities to get completely and satisfactorily educated. Therefore, by applying to Georgia State University, you are toward achieving your academic and career goals in an energetic, multicultural setting. Explore your educational journey with Gyandhan.


Frequently Asked Questions

What papers are required for the application?

High school or college transcripts, standardised test results, confirmation of English proficiency, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation (if necessary).

How is the application evaluated?

Applications are evaluated holistically, considering academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, personal characteristics, and, in some instances, interviews.

When will I get the admissions decision?

Decisions to offer admissions are usually made about a few weeks after the candidate has submitted their application.

Is financial help available?

Can overseas students apply for scholarships?

Yes, Georgia State University offers many scholarships for international students based on merit and need.

What support services are offered to incoming students?