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Brief Background 

Georgian College is an applied arts and technology college which is situated in Ontario, Canada. The college was established in 1967. There are 13000 full-time students including 3600 international students. The Georgian group of college has the motto “Accelerate your Success”. The college students are mostly international students from about 85 countries. The college offers various academic upgrading, diploma, graduate certificate, and college degree and university programs. Georgian has more than 5,000 students across the seven campuses who are enrolled in co-op programs. 

Georgian has seven campuses which are Barrie, Orillia, Owen Sound, Midland, Muskoka, South Georgian Bay, and Orangeville. The main and largest campus, Barrie, is located on the northeast edge of Barrie. The college is also home to a business school which provides automotive business courses. This school consists of two-year diploma programs and a four-year honours degree. The notable alumni of the college are Aylan Couchie, Dale Geroge, Eve Northmore, and Scott Bravener.


Georgian is committed to providing the best infrastructure to their students. The campus is wide, and the college ensures the safety and security of the students and staff. There is a safety department present in the campus which ensures emergency planning. The campus consists of a 9000-square foot fitness center with the latest equipment. There is a 147-metre suspended running track where the students can have their morning run and can do their exercises. The fitness center consists of the state-of-the-art climbing wall and Olympic-sized gymnasium. There are eateries available in the various campuses of Georgian. Some of the eateries are Georgian Dining Room, The Last Class Bar and Grill, Pizza and Subway, Burn on the Run and Twi Tim Hortons. 

Residing Options 

The residence at Georgian offers a wide variety of facilities which are available in every campus. The largest residence of Georgian is in Barrie. Barrie is known for its famous and friendly residents. The Georgian’s on-campus residence provides the students with convenient, modern and perfect accommodation allowing students to stay comfortably at the campus. There are suites with three or two individual bedrooms which consist of a double-bed, dresser and large desk. The room consists of high-speed internet, local service, telephone, and TV with satellite service. 

On-campus accommodation offers various types of facilities that include enhanced security, CCTV cameras, catering of all types of special food and dietary requirements. The room consists of three-piece bathroom with shower, and the kitchen consists of microwave and full-sized fridge. The residing options are available for both international and domestic students. 
For students looking for off-campus housing options and wanting to get in touch with landlords or tenants, the university has partnered with, a company that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions to postsecondary students.  However, the college does not verify the house listings for ensuring safety and legitimacy.

Jobs and Placement 

There is a recruitment team present in the college which helps the students to discover their study options and explore their talents in various communities. Georgian College works directly with the faculty in finding and securing placement locations for the various programs present in the college. Georgian offers dedicated careers and employability services for the students.The placement department of Georgian assists the students in finding the correct job. This is the department that helps the student grow in a certain field and enhance their skills and experience. The faculty consists of placement providers which allow the right candidates to practice their skills under the supervision of a certified practitioner. They also ensure before admitting any student that he/she has completed all the necessary requirements for starting their placement procedure. The cooperative partners of the placement cell of the college give an overview of roles and responsibilities of a job profile. A proper training is also provided to each student from every department before the test so that they he/she gets selected in the very first round of placements. The college has a high graduate employment rate which it has managed to keep for a decade. As per the survey in 2018, 90.3% of Georgian graduates surveyed have been employed within six months of their graduation. 

Financial Aid 

Georgian offers more than $3 million in scholarships and bursaries each year to the students who need funds for education. The professional consultants help students plan their finances by managing their income and guiding them with the basics of credit and bank practices. The students can apply online for the scholarships and bursaries. The Canadian government offers and sponsors the bursaries and about 750 listed scholarships. There is an online portal in the college website which allows the students to apply for the awards, scholarships and bursaries. The scholarships available from Georgian college are for Aboriginal, Metis and First Nation students and include the Casino Rama tourism graduate award. 

Georgian provides private consultation services for their students which help them in assisting with financial needs. 


The main campus, spread over an area of 140-acre, is located in Barrie, Ontario. The Georgian Mall is one of the largest malls in this location. The nearest airport is the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. There is a bus service that runs frequently between the city’s downtown Barrie and north Barrie.

The second campus is located in Orillia which mainly focuses on community and safety and human services fields. Situated between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe, both offer a great place to just hang out. Orillia Square Mall provides the students with almost all basic needs. The nearest airport to Orillia is Orillia Ramara Regional Airport.
The third campus is situated in Owen Sound with its main feature being the marine training facility among others like skilled trades and practical nursing. City being located near the mouths of the Potawatomi and Sydenham Rivers along with its many waterfalls attracts a lot of tourists. Heritage Place is a popular shopping mall. The city has Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport located just east of the city.

The next campus, Robbert Hartog Midland Campus is located in Midland providing education including skilled trades and engineering to the people of North Simcoe County. With MountainView Mall for all the shopping needs and Huronia Airport situated just south of the city; the campus is ideally located.
Fifth Campus in the line, namely the Muskoka Campus is located in Bracebridge, which is 100km north of Barrie. With a Walmart in the city, all shopping needs are fulfilled. The nearest airport is the Muskoka airport located around 6km south of the city. 

The John Di Poce South Georgian Campus is located in Collingwood, Ontario just north of the major city of Toronto. Blue Mountain Ski Resort is a famous ski location, with the Collingwood Regional Airport providing easy transport to other parts of the country. The last, Orangeville Campus, is located in Orangeville Ontario. The Orangeville Mall provides a place for shopping and hanging out, whereas the Orangeville Airport connects the city with other places.

Automotive Business (Co-op) - Diploma

By providing general business and specialized automotive education, the program aims to prepare students for professional and essential support positions in the automotive industry. The students get to have insightful experiences under the guidance of industry and automotive experts. The eight-month of co-op work program and the chance to work alongside and learn from industry professionals is one of the most appealing features of this program. The duration of the course is 2 years (4 semesters +  work terms). By the end of the program, the students will have gained the knowledge, experience, and skills to establish a career in a wide range of sectors of the automotive industry.

Being one of the largest industries in Canada and globally, the automotive industry covers a variety of sectors: retail (dealerships), manufacturing, distribution, aftermarket, finance, marketing, and media. This program prepares students for entry-level to mid-level management business positions in possibly all the sectors of the automotive industry including sales, marketing, operations, customer service, finance, and accounting. 

Business Management

1. Advertising and Marketing Communications - Diploma 

This course enables the students to gain knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in marketing communications. The program will also help them to apply various media techniques. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years. On completion, the graduates will have gained massive amounts of information with regards to advertising/marketing departments and hence can get various opportunities in any of the work fields related to retail, distribution, public relations, client services, research, creative, IT, and advertising. The advertisement/marketing industry has gained immense popularity with the mass-scale usage of digital, media and marketing platforms, which reach the target audience at the speed of light. Employment can be found in areas like advertising or marketing departments of distribution, retail, public relations, computers, etc.

2. Business Accounting -Diploma 

This program is designed for students to achieve excellence in number crunching, which makes them eligible for work in any kind of industry. In spite of the cut-throat competition in the Business/Finance sector, a person with good accounting & analytical knowledge can very well get an entry into the most challenging environments. The course establishes a strong base for all the students in the field of accounting and finance, both theoretically as well as practically. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years. The Finance sector is an evergreen sector and the ones with accounting skills and knowledge of principles and standards can get placed in various industries like banks, financial institutions, government sector, accounting/tax/manufacturing firms.

3. Business Marketing - Diploma

The Marketing program is apt for students who want to help their esteemed organization to prosper by fructifying their plans into actions and immediate results. Students are trained to imbibe necessary knowledge in market research and different market segments. By building skills the latest trends in Media and online platforms, students can work on various projects related to planning, sales, strategy development, social media, and digital marketing. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years. The course is designed to assist students in getting entry-level to executive-level business positions and prepare them for various roles including as a consultant. One can apply to a variety of roles including marketing coordinator, social media specialist, and sales representative. 

4. Business Entrepreneurship - Diploma

This program works with the aim to help students develop a thorough financial base in business. They can cultivate and extend their skills to various fields like market research, M&A analysis, financial analysis, computers, entrepreneurship and human resource planning and management. Students are trained to analyze the various aspects of business along with the necessary principles and ethics in business with which one can efficiently run business. This course is essential for students aiming to set up their own business as an entrepreneur or join their family business. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years. Thus, the program is designed to pool in new emerging entrepreneurs, but a person can also join private, public, or not-for-profit firms. 

5. Business Administration-Accounting (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

This program enables students to learn the financial strategies/areas/principles of business and also get well-versed with accounting. Students who possess a good understanding of technology, mathematical skills and number crunching can learn to apply various financial techniques, maintain proper accounts, and prepare and finalize financial documents. With apt financial management skills, students can assist in the management decision-making process as well as strengthen the internal controls of any organization. The program lasts for about 6 semesters i.e. 3 years.

There is an ample number of opportunities through which students can enter into practically all the business sectors in the industry, including banks, financial institutions, government sector, accounting/tax/manufacturing firms and NPOs.

6. Business Administration of Human Resources (Co-op) -Advanced Diploma

The program allows students to gain necessary expertise in the human resources function (both domestic and international environments). Students become competent in handling various functions related to staffing, performance, training, labour relations, administration, communication, IT. With leadership qualities, students can boost the growth of human resource activities and in-turn strengthen the business plans of any organization. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 3 work terms), i.e., 3 years.

There are enormous opportunities for students to get placed in private/public/not-for-profit sectors of the industry which include banks, financial institutions, government offices, retailers or manufacturing firms, as well as human resource consulting firms.

Graduate Certificates (1 or 2 years)

1. Global Business Management - Graduate Certificate 

This course is well-designed to prepare graduates to work at a managerial position in domestic as well as international environments. The program assists the students in cultivating and using the requisite skills in the management of human/physical/financial resources related to international trade. The students gain sufficient knowledge fundamentally as well as get trained to work in complex international / cross-structural situations and deal with various strategies effectively. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years. The course has many opportunities for students to get placed in entry-level positions related to research, marketing, and finance, project and information management. One may also set up their own business by using essential finance skills.

2. Human Resources Management (Co-op) - Graduate Certificate

This program is designed to enable students to get well-versed with all the aspects of human resource functions within an organization. It trains the students to effectively communicate and nourish the organizational growth. A person having the necessary expertise in the human resources field can achieve success in lowering the employee costs, boosting the productivity of the organization and catering to the client needs. The program lasts for about 2 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 1 year.
Human resource management is one of the most vital aspects in any organization (Private and not-for-profit) and forms a strong base for the survival of businesses. Candidates of this program can get the opportunity to work with manufacturing firms, banks, retailers, financial institutions, government offices, and human resource consulting firms.

Computer Studies

1. Computer Programming (Co-op) - Diploma program

This program is specially designed to help students excel in the fields of computer programming, web development, and design of data-driven systems. One can learn various code languages too in this program such as Arduino, ASP.Net, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP and Swift. Students are trained to develop various software which can be used on numerous platforms including desktop, mobile and mainframe systems. Students develop expertise in problem-solving and system-building. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 2 work term), i.e., 2 years. Students get ample opportunities to get placed in entry-level positions with regards to software development roles.

2. Computer Systems Technician - Networking (Co-op) - Diploma

This program has been mainly introduced to assist students in gaining the requisite skills in networking, operating systems, system administration, virtualization, and security-related aspects in any computer networks. The students are trained to solve complex problems in challenging environments, analyze the latest industry norms and trends. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 2 work term), i.e., 2 years. Students can get recruited in the top-most firms in the industry or can go for entrepreneurship roles, depending on their expertise. The candidates will be responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of computer system/networks. Depending on their interests, students may find various opportunities in the arena of data communications, network technical support, network administrators, computer operations, etc.

3. Interactive Media Design - Web (Co-op) - Diploma

This program is designed for students to learn about Current Web and Internet Technologies and accordingly introduce unique products for users on various platforms and devices. Students are trained to plan, design and develop user interfaces. They are also taught to use many technologies like HTML, JavaScript, DOM and API. Students gain the necessary expertise in the application of human-computer interaction principles, standard-based technology, and application practices. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. This course enables the students to work as designers or developers or both for the interfaces in any organization. Graduates of this program become eligible for role of a web-designer, user-experience or interface-designer, interactive-designer, frontend or full-stack developer, and web content manager.

4. Computer Programmer Analyst (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

The program is designed to enable the students to obtain necessary knowledge in computer programming, web development and leveraging of data and to assist the various organizations in making efficient financial decisions. Students get trained to write in various code languages such as Arduino, ASP.Net, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Swift. One can enhance the required skills in the domains of software development, system analysis, business intelligence, application security and simulation programming, problem-solving as well as systems building. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 2 work terms), i.e., 3 years. Being a technology-driven program, students get ample opportunities to get placed in entry-level to intermediate-level positions in organizations.

5. Big Data Analytics - Graduate Certificate

This program is structured in such a way that students get to learn about Big Data by analyzing various patterns and presenting the necessary information in an apt manner. The program seeks to train the students to understand the data sets, right from scratch. With theoretical knowledge, students can interpret, curate, encode or store a date and study the problems involved in any data and solve them accordingly. The program lasts for about 2 semesters, i.e., 1 year. The data study assists candidates in entering the various fields of industry including government offices, applied research, human resource, health care and marketing. One can get placed in the most suitable roles in accordance to their skills such as a Data Analyst, Data Visualization Developer, Business Intelligence / Analytics / Business Analytic Specialist.

6. Information Systems Security (Co-op) - Graduate Certificate

This course is designed to let the students focus on the development, evaluation and support of IT security solutions. Students are trained to apply the necessary skills to design and implement safeguards to make sure that the information systems are working hassle-free. The program lasts for about 2 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 1 year. With the growing challenges in complex business environments, it is very crucial for every organization to establish a safe network. There are vast opportunities in private as well as public organizations, and students can apply for various roles including administrators, technicians, security analysts, and penetration testers.

Engineering and Environmental Technologies

1. Architectural Technician (Co-op) - Diploma

This course allows students to work with architects, designers as well as project managers. Students obtain the required skills in architectural drafting, designing, building design, project design, etc. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 2 work terms), i.e., 2 years. Students can get placed in private sectors or in government offices as architectural and civil draftspersons, or sales representatives and technicians in building unique products.

2. Civil Engineering Technician (Co-op) - Diploma

This program allows students to work along with engineers and construction project managers, analyze the data accordingly to estimate costs, conduct material testing, and administer various projects. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term) i.e. 2 years. This program gives a major boost to the knowledge of the fellow candidates who can then effectively cater to the needs of the civil engineering industry. Students can get recruited as assistants to quantity surveyors, site supervisors, drafters or detailers, engineering assistants or assistants at construction firms. There is a lot of scope in both the private and government sectors.

3. Electrical Engineering Technician (Co-op) - Diploma 

This program is designed to encourage and help students to build their career in the field of electrical industry with the help of theoretical and technical knowledge. Students are given insights into power transmission and distribution, robotics, and troubleshooting, digital circuits, and programming. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. Students get recruitment opportunities in various companies prevailing within the electrical industry, including the utility, green energy, manufacturing, and robotic sectors.

4. Environmental Technician (Co-op) - Diploma

This course enables the students to learn about the usage of environmental sampling and monitoring and testing of various IT related tools. With the help of this program, they are able to imbibe the knowledge of various operating procedures to conduct specific environment projects, manage various environmental management systems, and the essential norms of the ecosystem-based management. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. Students enjoy the advantage of getting placed in small to large organizations including environmental consulting firms, government agencies, services departments, etc.

5. Architectural Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

This program is designed for students whose interests lie in developing, presenting and executing various building designs. This program fetches them multiple opportunities to work with experienced architects, engineers, designers or managers. It enables them to get well-versed with the most challenging environments related to architecture and construction industry. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 2 work term), i.e., 3 years. After completing this program, potential candidates can get to work as assistant, estimators, quantity surveyor, modellers, detailers, plan examiners as well as building code advisors in various organizations within the architectural and construction field.

6. Civil Engineering Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

With the growth of the civil engineering industry, various challenges are faced in the competitive environment of construction and infrastructure. Students learn about cost estimation, material testing and project management through this course. They are skilled enough to apply the very methodologies to site management and technology which help them to work accordingly with established engineers, designers, or project managers. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 2 work term), i.e., 3 years. Again, the students can find exciting career opportunities to work with various engineering officers in the posts of quantity surveyors, site supervisors, project managers, or designers.

7. Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

This program provides knowledge to students about electrical power systems, robotics, programmable controllers, networking as well as project management. The training is provided in a state-of-the-art learning environment using hardware and test equipment. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 3 work term), i.e., 3 years. Students get the opportunity to work in various sectors in the engineering industry which include robotics/equipment manufacturing, automotive, and utility companies.

8. Environmental Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma 

This course seeks to assist the candidates in imbibing the requisite skills to use environmental sampling, monitor and test various equipment, analyze data and unique technology tools. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 3 work term), i.e., 3 years. The students gain knowledge in managing and preventing environmental damages. Students get opportunities to work in the environmental field, including government agencies and consulting firms.

9. Mechanical Engineering Technology (Co-op)  - Advanced Diploma

This program is designed to equip the students with various techniques and procedures related to mechanical engineering. They are taught about the principles and given a clear understanding to design and fabricate systems and manufacturing processes. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 3 work term,  i.e., 3 years. This program grants many opportunities to the students to enter into the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and technical industries.

10. Power Engineering Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

The program enables candidates to operate high energy processes which are used in power plants, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Students are taught the necessary skills to manage high-pressure steam systems, boilers, turbines, compressors as well as condensers. This program lasts for about 5 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. Students can get a chance to establish their careers in the engineering industry, with challenging roles such as power and operating engineers.


1. Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Operations Management (Co-op) - Diploma

This program is developed to assist the students in excelling and stepping up their careers in the hospitality industry and give them an opportunity to work with the topmost hotels and resorts. Students are made to learn on an overall basis the various scenarios related to the hospitality industry, right from accounting to human resources management. This program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. The Canadian Hotel Industry has been boasting of significant growth due to an increase in the number of international visitors. The students get entry in various organizations in roles ranging from trainee to supervisor. 

2. Recreation and Leisure Services (Co-op) - Diploma

The program allows students to develop skills and expertise relevant to recreation and leisure services. It allows students to explore the various fields of community recreation, arts, culture and fitness, event planning, and much more. Students gain immense knowledge in all the relevant aspects of business, including accounts, marketing, technology and human resources. This program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. The program provides long-term opportunities for the students in the fields of therapeutic recreation, fitness, and event planning.

3. Tourism - Marketing and Product Development (Co-op) - Diploma

Tourism is one of the national industries that generate business in practically every territory and community. This sector provides a strong stimulus to Canada’s commercial growth. This inculcates in students the knowledge of essential skills and knowledge and gives them unique opportunities to enter the tourism industry. This program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. With the tourism industry booming to its new heights, this course offers various opportunities to the students to achieve positions in small size organizations, companies as well as government offices such as events/marketing/tourism coordinator, or a public relations assistant.

4. Tourism (Co-op) - Diploma

This program lets the student learn about the latest developments in the social media and tourism industry. The program lasts for about 4 semesters (plus 1 work term), i.e., 2 years. Canada has a large domestic and foreign tourism industry. It offers the visitors a rich diversity of experiences and assists them in exploring new places. This course helps the students to explore jobs in small size organizations, companies as well as government offices as Tourism coordinator, Social media / Marketing coordinator, Travel Counselor, or a Tour Guide

5. Hospitality Administration - Hotel and Resort (Co-op) -Advanced Diploma

With the flourishing hospitality industry, this program enables students to get unique hands-on and training in essential management and leadership skills required in any service industry. The students are able to gain requisite knowledge in various fields including accounts, marketing, entrepreneurial thinking and human resources. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 2 work terms), i.e., 3 years. Potential candidates can get placed at managerial as well as advanced positions in various sectors like hotels, resorts, restaurants, airlines, finance, marketing, health care, and education.

Liberal Arts

1. General Arts and Science - English for Academic Purposes - Diploma

This program is designed to help students to become proficient in English and related aspects such as writing, reading, verbal communications, listening and grammar. The program lasts for about 2 semesters, i.e.,1 year. Students generally prefer English for Academic Purposes to find respective employment in English proficient sectors.

2. General Arts and Science - Diploma

This program is structured to enable the candidates to focus on critical competency skills as well as analytical skills in Social Sciences and Humanities. The program lasts for about 2 semesters, i.e., 1 year. Candidates are given various facilities to obtain knowledge of fields such as literature, psychology, sociology.  It further improvises the problem-solving capabilities and personal management skills of students. Deserving candidates can get recruitment opportunities in occupations related to general education and administration organizations imparting essential training.

3. General Arts And Science - Liberal Studies Foundation - Diploma

The students of this program are given essential knowledge in humanities and social sciences. With the learned skills related to critical thinking and analytical aspects, students gain theoretical training as well. The program lasts for about 2 semesters, i.e., 1 year. Such a course mainly emphasizes reading, academic writing and analysis. Deserving candidates get an opportunity to enter into organizations imparting liberal studies education, or training programs.

4. General Arts and Science - 2-year Diploma

The students of this program are provided with essential knowledge in humanities and social sciences. The program lasts for about 4 semesters i.e. 2 years. This sector covers various courses such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, literature and political sciences. The students are able to get well-versed with reading, academic writing, analysis, leadership and decision making skills to complete the given assignments within the stipulated deadlines.

5. General Arts And Science - Liberal Studies -  Diploma

This program lays emphasis on various subjects related to humanities and social sciences. The program lasts for about 4 semesters, i.e., 2 years.  The students are trained to develop effective skills including critical thinking and analytical processes. It forms a strong base for the students academically, which sharpens their leadership, communication as well as effective decision-making capabilities. This course allows the students to even venture out into further study programs and offers opportunities to work with firms involved in liberal studies education or training programs.

Marine Studies

1. Marine Technology - Navigation (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

The program is offered in partnership with Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security as well as shipping companies. It enables the students to develop the required skills and competence to become eligible for the post of Ship’s Navigation officer. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 3 work terms), i.e., 3 years. With the fast-growing advancements in the Marine Industry, students are able to grab ample opportunities with respect to this sector, with roles such as engineering and navigation officers at entry-level positions as well as at senior ranks in domestic and international fields.

2. Marine Engineering Technology (Co-op) - Advanced Diploma

This course has been introduced in partnership with Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security operations, as well as the functioning of the shipping companies. Candidates are trained in such a way that they can operate as a part of the shipboard marine engineering team. The program lasts for about 6 semesters (plus 2 work terms), i.e., 3 years. The students are able to gain expertise in shipboard operations and academic studies including navigation with regards to marine simulators. The program helps deserving candidates to apply for the post of marine engineering officers on all board commercial vehicles in Canada and the rest of the world. The opportunities prevail in entry-level to top leadership positions, depending on the talent of the candidates.

3. Marine Engineering Management - Graduate Certificate

This program is offered in partnership with the Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security and Shipping companies of Canada. Academic training constitutes a portion of the TCMSS Engineering Officer Education Training program. The program lasts for about 2 semesters, i.e., 1 year.

The program allows students to establish their career as a ship’s engineering officer, who would handle the commercial vessel operations in Canada and the rest of the world. With the marine industry growing fast, skilled employees are offered exciting opportunities to step up the career to the senior-most positions on the board ships as well as leadership positions in the marine industry.

Annual fees for Indians $10,202
Annual off-campus living $17,100
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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