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University Park, Illinois

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Founded in 1969 by the then Illinois Governor Richard B. Ogilvie, Governor State University is situated in Chicago. It has gained recognition for its outstanding community, religious, and public comprehensive campus, during its 5 decades-long foundation. The institution offers 85 distinct bachelor's, master's, doctorate, and certificate programs to about 4,600 students each year. 

Mission: Governors State University (GSU) is committed to offering its students an exceptional education that is accessible and prepares them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the future. 

Vision: It has the vision to create an intellectually stimulating public square and serve as an economic catalyst for its region. The university aims to lead as a model of academic excellence and innovation. 

GSU offers affordable, excellent undergraduate and graduate education to a diverse student body from all over the world, including different cultural and economic backgrounds. 


Governors State University Key Highlights 

The main highlights discussing details like graduation rate, endowment, campus area, etc., of Governors State University are as follows:

Founder Governor Richard B. Ogilvie
University Type Government University
University Motto ‘It’s the ultimate state of being’
University City Chicago, United States of America
Acceptance Rate 57%
Faculty to Student Ratio  1:10
Campus Size 750 acres
Graduation Rate 15%
Employment Rate 100%
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Governors State University Rankings & Recognition

Governor State University is a premium institute in the United States with some credible rankings. COB's Online MBA ranked Governors State University as No. 3 in the state of Illinois in 2023. GSU’s Online MBA in Supply Chain Management programme was ranked 5th in the country in’s 2023 Best Online MBA in Supply Chain Management list. 

GSU has the following rankings as per U.S News:

  • list items Governor State University is ranked #149-164 In Regional Universities Midwest in 2024
  • list items Governors State University ranks #55-56 In Top Public Schools in 2024
  • The Governors State University was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in 2020. Moreover, some of the GSU's programmes are accredited as follows:

    Programme  Accredited by  Accreditation through year
    Addiction Studies National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission 2027
    Chemistry  American Chemical Society 2024
    Secondary Education Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation 2025
    Public Administration Network of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration 2025

    Governors State University Campus Details 

    Governors State University has one of the most lush and lively campuses in Chicago. Located 40 miles south of Chicago, surrounded by 750 Acres of prairie, Governors State University provides an exceptional campus life. The administration, employees, and instructors at the institution are dedicated to giving you a top-notch education, celebrating diversity, and offering exceptional service. Students can make lifelong friendships that will last a lifetime.

    The many services, events, and programs that Governors State University (GSU) provides enhance the student experience. Living on campus has several advantages, such as:

  • list items No commute problems
  • list items A chance to attend events for the community
  • list items Chance to assume leadership positions in campus events 
  • The university is a place for students to live, learn and grow. Additionally, traveling options to the campus are very feasible and diverse. You can travel by train, bus, or air, or take the Metra electric line from Chicago's Randolph Street Station to University Park Station, with stops along the way. The walk to the main entrance is less than a mile from there.

    Additionally, the Governor's state offers a complimentary shuttle bus service from the station to the front entrance. There's the Regional PACE bus as well. This serves as the main entrance of the university as well as the nearby towns and the University Park Metra station. For travelers by air, O'Hare and Midway are the two airports that serve Chicago. 


    Programmes Offered by Governors State University 

    The Governors State University provides several undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of these programs are mentioned below:

  • list items Accounting, Bachelor of Science
  • list items Biology, Bachelor of Science Teacher Education Concentration
  • list items Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts
  • list items Communication Disorders, Bachelor of Health Science
  • list items Gender and Sexuality Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  • list items Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts
  • list items RN to BSN Completion Program
  • list items Social Sciences Teacher Education, Bachelor of Arts
  • list items Theatre and Performance Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  • list items Criminal Justice, Master of Arts
  • list items Accounting, Master of Science
  • list items Business Administration, Master of Business Administration 
  • list items Chemistry, Master of Science 
  • list items Independent Film and Digital Imaging, Master of Fine Arts
  • list items Occupational Therapy, Master of Occupational Therapy 
  • list items Social Work, Masters of Social Work
  • list items Political and Social Justice Studies, Master of Arts
  • Here are the details of a few of the programs at GSU:

    Programs Intake Tuition Fees (per credit hour) Credit hours
    Counsellor Education and Supervision  Fall, Spring & Summer $985 48-credit hour
    Interdisciplinary Leadership  Fall, Spring & Summer $985 60-credit hour
    Nursing Practice Fall, Spring & Summer $1,169 42–47 credit hours
    Computer Science; and Information Technology Fall, Spring & Summer $842 33-credit hour
    School Psychology Fall, Spring & Summer $874 68 hours

    Governors State University Admission Details 

    GSU has different deadlines for the different degrees it offers to its international students which are mentioned below:

    For Undergraduate Programmes:

    Semester Preferred Application Deadline 
    Spring December 1
    Fall April 1

    For Graduate Programmes:

    Semester Preferred Application Deadline 
    Spring June 1
    Summer  March 1
    Fall October 1

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    Admission Requirements for International Students

    Students looking for admission to Governors State University need the following list of documents during the process of admission:

  • list items An official transcript from all the previously attended institutions
  • list items Official Academic Credentials like National Examination results
  • list items English Proficiency Test results
  • list items Evidence of financial support like an affidavit or bank statement
  • Steps-by-Step Process to Apply 

    International applicants need to follow the following steps to apply to the university:

    Step 1: Complete the application online for the chosen program

    Step 2: Apply to the program with an application fee of:

  • list items $25 for undergraduate programs
  • list items  $50 for graduate programs
  • Step 3: Submit all required material as required by your preferred course

    Step 4: Send the official transcript online or by mail to the university

    Step 5: Send all the documents required by mail to the university

    After evaluation, the selected students will receive a letter of admission with the university’s decision. 


    Exams Accepted by Governors State University

    To be admitted to the university, international students must fulfill the language requirements of the university. The Pearson Test of English (PTE), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) must be taken by applicants.

    For Graduate Students:

  • list items Applicants must have a minimum acceptable score of 6.0 in the IELTS
  • list items Applicants must have a minimum of 53 scores on the Pearson Test of English (PTE). 
  • list items The acceptable TOEFL score for candidates pursuing a master's degree is 80. Find the details in the table given below.
  • Type of TOEFL Exam Paper Computer Internet Internet (IBT)
    Total Score 550 213 80
    Reading 54 21 20
    Writing 58 24 20
    Listening 55 21 20
    Speaking - - 20

    For Undergraduate Students

    Submission of official ACT or SAT scores to Governors State University is optional for admission. 


    Tuition Fees & Other Expenses at Governors State University

    Governors State University's (GSU) tuition is set up to maintain high levels of excellence while making education accessible. The university is dedicated to providing reasonably priced options for students seeking higher education, given its status as a public institution. 

    Governors State University Tuition Fee for Undergraduates:

    Category  Sum 
    Tuition $656 per credit hour

    Cost of Living Breakdown for Undergraduate Program:

    Category Sum
    Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $500
    Transportation $1,000
    Living Expenses $6,028
    Personal Expenses $500

    Governors State University Tuition Fee for Graduates:

    Category Sum per credit hour
    College Of Business $ 842
    Computer Science and Information Technology $ 842
    Occupational Therapy $ 1,010
    All Other Master’s Programs $ 736

    Cost of Living Breakdown for Graduate Program: 

    Category  Sum 
    Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $500.00
    Transportation $1,000.00
    Living Expenses $6,028.00
    Personal Expenses $1000.00

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    Financial Aid & Scholarships by the Governors State University

    To lessen the financial burden of tuition costs, Governors State University also provides grants, scholarships, and financial aid programs. With the use of these resources, GSU hopes to make sure that every deserving student, regardless of financial situation, may achieve their academic objectives. There are numerous sources of financial aid available, including the federal and state governments, private companies and organizations, employers, and the Governors State itself.

    Gift aids are commonly given out based on academic achievement or financial necessity and does not need to be repaid. It consists of:

  • list items Scholarships and Awards
  • list items Benefits for Veterans and the Military
  • list items Assistantships & Waivers of Tuition
  • The university offers multiple scholarships to its students to support them in achieving their dreams. Some of these scholarships are as follows:

    Scholarship  Benefit
    AIM HIGH Scholarships  $5000 per year
    Creative Writing Scholarship $500 - $1,000 per year
    Film Arts Scholarship $3,000 - $6,000 per year
    Forensics Scholarship $3,000 - $6,000 per year
    Media Studies $3,000- $6,000
    Dual Degree Scholarships $500 MyONE Card Stipend
    AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program Upto $20,000
    ACA Foundation Graduate Essay Competition $1,000
    AFT Robert G. Porter Scholars Program $8,000
    Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship $2,000

    Jobs & Placement Opportunities by Governors State University

    Students at Governors State University have excellent employment rates within a year of graduation. 100% of them found employment in the field of speech-language pathology. The majority of graduate students secure jobs in their fields before they graduate.

    With a personalized, step-by-step strategy that keeps you on track from your freshman through senior year, Governors State University also offers a 4-Year Career Compass that helps you transition from the classroom to the boardroom. Start at the beginning and adhere to the instructions for every year of your schooling. 

    In order to assist students who are looking for jobs, the Office of Career Services also hosts a range of courses and activities throughout different semesters. Details on both on-campus and off-campus activities can be found on the university website.

    Here are some placement statistics at GSU - 

    Year Number of Graduates (#) Percent of Graduates (%)
    Jan 2022 – Dec 2022 34 100
    2019 - 2020 38 100
    2018 - 2019 32 100

    The Governors State University graduates and alumni have reported the following salary for a few of its courses:

    Degree Sample Salary
    IT & Software Development $121,000
    Masters in Science $107,000


    Accommodation by Governors State University

    Governors State's first residence hall, Prairie Place, debuted in the fall of 2014. Living at GSU's distinctive residence hall, Prairie Place is an enriching and wholesome experience for the students! This vibrant neighborhood, which is only an hour's drive from Chicago, is home to students from various generations, cultures, and walks of life. The completely furnished two- and four-bedroom apartments, as well as suites, offer residents a modern living environment. 

    Prairie Place provides 4 accommodation options:

    Suites/ Apartments Occupancy Cost for each semester
    Semi-suites Double Bedroom $3,712.06
    Two Bedroom Apartment Single Bedroom $4,368.10
    Two Bedroom Apartment Double Bedroom $6,243.01
    Four Bedroom Apartment Single Bedroom $5,254.55

    Notable Alumni of Governors State University

    Governors State University, a public university in University Park, Illinois, has played a significant role in influencing the professional lives of many accomplished individuals in a variety of professions. A university is known for its alumni, and Governors State University has given some of the most remarkable individuals to society. From Arts to Politics, the university’s alumni list is distinct and never-ending.

    Some of the most notable alumni of the University of New Haven are as follows:

    Alumni Profession Achievements 
    Debbie Halvorson Former United States Representative First female Majority Leader of the Illinois State Senate.
    Sheryl Underwood American comedian and actress National recognition in comedy, television, politics, and philanthropy.
    William Davis Illinois State Representative Three-time winner of the Jefferson Davis Prize for Confederate History
    George M. Marakas American Author, Teacher, Scholar National Teaching Award
    Alicia Tate-Nadeau Member of the United States Army First female general in Illinois history

    Governors State University is a shining example of higher education in Chicago, offering students from all backgrounds the chance to pursue top-notch academic programs in a range of subject areas. The institution is a desirable choice for students looking for both value and quality in their education because of its competitive tuition rates and extensive support services, which demonstrate its dedication to affordability and accessibility.

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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Where is the Governors State University located?

    Governors State University is located in Chicago, United States.

    What is the employment rate at Governors State University?

    The employment rate at Governors State University is 100%.

    What is the graduation rate of Governors State University as per U.S. News?

    The graduation rate of Governors State University as per U.S News is 15%.

    What is the ranking of Governors State University?

    As per the U.S. News, Governors State University is ranked #149-164 in Regional Universities in the Midwest.

    Is Governors State University good for international students?

    Yes, Governors State University welcomes international students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to ensure campus diversity and impactful education.

    What is the acceptance rate of Governors State University?

    The acceptance rate of Governors State University is 57%.

    What are the scholarship opportunities at Governors State University?

    Governors State University provides several scholarship options and financial aid options such as AIM HIGH Scholarships, Dual Degree Scholarships, AFT Robert G. Porter Scholars Program, etc. .