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Brief Background

La Trobe University is located in Australia and is extremely multicultural and socially inclusive. The university is home to more than 8000 students every year who belong to more than 110 countries. La Trobe's largest campus is located in Melbourne, the capital of Australia. The university’s main campuses are located in Melbourne, Regional Victoria, and Sydney. 

  • Melbourne Campus has a very socially diverse student population and is known for its high standards of amenities and facilities. One of the Melbourne campuses is located in Bundoora which is 14 km from the city centre. The new campus which was established in 2017 is located in Melbourne's business district. It has lots of multicultural events, museums, cafes, restaurants, and sports facilities.
  • Four Regional Campuses are located in Victoria, namely Bendigo Campus, Albury-Wodonga Campus, Mildura Campus, and Shepparton Campus. The regional campuses offer smaller class size which is suitable for research activities. 
  • Sydney Campus was established in the year 2001. This campus is designed and structured in a corporate style and is located in the centre of Sydney's international business community. 

La Trobe has two main colleges. College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce has four schools associated with it, namely La Trobe Business School, School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and La Trobe Law School. College of Science, Health, and Engineering is associated with nine schools, namely La Trobe Rural Health School, School of Allied Health, School of Applied Systems Biology, School of Cancer Medicine, School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, School of Life Sciences, School of Molecular Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery, and School of Psychology and Public Health.


La Trobe has a well-structured academic library that operates on all campuses. Most of the resources are available in the digital form enabling the students to use the library irrespective of their campus location. The university hosts Research Infrastructure Expo which aims at exposing the available facilities and train the students on using them for their research activities. Centre for Materials and Surface Science (CMSS) offers facilities for surface analysis. The other main research facilities offered by La Trobe are Gait Lab, Histology, Interactive Visualisation Technologies, La Trobe Animal Research and Teaching Facility, and Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems.

Residing Options

La Trobe University supports students with various accommodation facilities including on-campus, off-campus, and short-stay options. 

For on-campus accommodation, the fees and the housing options differ based on the campuses, colleges, and the types of housing chosen. The university offers single and twin share rooms with shared amenities. There are also serviced apartments ranging from studio to six bedrooms inclusive of all the basic amenities. The students are charged around A$720 as a compulsory fee before check-in.

The university provides an off-campus housing options database which is regularly updated. Most of the off-campus housing options range from a minimum of A$180 to a maximum of A$430 per week. The rates differ based on the benefits and the distance from the university.

Financial Aid

La Trobe University offers scholarships to both domestic and international students. Some of the scholarships are awarded only for the international students, while some are provided for certain research activities that are undertaken at the regional campuses in Victoria. La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships provides up to 25% reduction on the course fees for the students with an excellent academic record. Undergraduate and postgraduate regional campus scholarships provide A$5000 worth of the tuition fees for the students enrolled in postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the colleges of regional campuses. La Trobe University Full Fee Research Scholarship (LTUFFRS) is offered to outstanding international students pursuing a master's degree every year covering the whole of the tuition fees. David Myers Research Scholarship is awarded to the highest university ranked graduate irrespective of the discipline or the nationality. There is a whole range of other research scholarships awarded to the students based on their area of research and merit.

Jobs and Placements

As per 2018/2019 QS Graduate Employability Rankings, the University ranks 14th in Australia and fourth in Victoria (and in the top 300 universities globally). Speaking of the graduate employment rate, that is, the number of graduates in full or part-time employment within 12 months of graduation – La Trobe occupies the ninth rank in Australia and 129th in the world.

La Trobe has moved into the 251-300 band from the 301-500 band last year, increasing its overall position in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings, placing the University 14th nationally and 4th in Victoria. As per the QS Graduate Employability Rankings in the Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) earlier this year, the La Trobe University graduates were rated second among Victorian universities and eighth nationally for overall satisfaction, with a rating of 86.6 percent (2.6 per cent above the university national average).


All of La Trobe University's campuses are located in the main areas thus enabling students to get around by public transports. Public transports are cost-efficient and time-saving for the students. The university also offers student concession rates. A project developed by students called the Metrobe is used university-wide to get information about the availability of buses and trains. The car parking area has limited slots and requires an authorized permit. The university has also partnered with GoGet which enables car-sharing services in the Melbourne campus. They also offer secure bicycle parking and sharing services inside the campus. Medical centers are situated very close to all the campuses. There is a wide range of shops, cafés, and stores operating around the university.


The school of engineering provides degrees that are of a high standard and are globally recognized. The school offers teaching facilities and research facilities in the university’s Melbourne and Bendigo regional campuses. The major departments under the school are Department of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, and Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It also offers additional research support through The Centre for Technology Infusions. All the courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society. The school offers work-integrated learning opportunities across partnered industries. The school also partners with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) which provides industry-related training and trains the students to be job-ready. 

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

The school also offers a PhD research course, namely Doctor of Philosophy (Science, Technology, and Engineering).

Graduate Courses 

  • Master of Engineering (Civil) is a 2-year full-time masters' program that aims to have industry-ready civil engineers at the end of the course. It provides a foundation for electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering. The main areas of focus are Sustainable infrastructure, Water resources, civil construction, transport engineering, Surveying, and Computer-Aided Design. The industries that have partnered are Asphaltech, Bitu-mill, Coliban, Darebin City Council, Leed Engineering & Construction, Metro Trains Melbourne, Spire, Terraco, Tomkinson Group, and Vic Roads. This course requires students to obtain 120 credit points in each year. Graduates are trained and placed in positions like Construction Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, and structural engineer. 
  • Master of Engineering (Manufacturing) is a two-year full-time master's program that offers technical expertise combined with management and business skills. The graduates of this course are trained to provide solutions to complex technical problems and are also prepared for advanced and emerging technologies like AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems, and the Internet of Services (IoS). The main field of study includes advanced materials and processes, Computer-aided engineering, elements of mass production, and engineering in a business context. It requires 120 credit points per year. The graduates are industry-ready and can opt for job positions like Supply chain manager, Defence contractor and Product designer. La Trobe’s Master of Engineering Management is a master's course that aims to create career-ready professionals who have both the technical expertise and organizational management skills. The field of study includes management areas, accounting, marketing, finance, and major engineering topics. The degree is recognized as Level 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The second year of study involves an independent design project opportunity for all the enrolled students. This course enables the graduates to apply for roles like Telecommunication project manager, senior technical consultant, and software development manager.
  • Master of Telecommunication and Network Engineering is a master’s program that covers computer, multimedia, internet, and telecommunication fields. This is a two-year full-time study course. In the first year, students are introduced to the fundamentals of telecommunication systems. In the second year, the students learn to apply the theory and design of the telecommunication systems. The main areas of study are Broadband digital communication, Engineering practice, Communication networks, Telecommunication design, Network security, and Advanced network engineering.
  • Master of Computer Science is La Trobe's master's course that aims to produce skilled ICT professionals. The graduates are job-ready with technical, management and ethical values and skills. The course is offered as a two-year full time or four years part-time course. The graduates are recruited as Senior IT architects, software developers and quality assurance engineers at various companies like Fujitsu, Nike, and Thomson Reuters. The university is ranked in the top 400 universities around the world for computer science.
  • Master of Information Technology (Computer Networks) is a two-year full-time master's program that specializes in computer networks. The main areas of focus are data communications and networks, network design and management, networks and system security, wireless networks, and application protocol. This course also provides an opportunity for completing an industry-related project. The other skills imparted to the students are Java programming, fundamental mathematics, system design engineering, and algorithms and data structures. It is professionally recognized by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).
  • Master of Information Technology is a master’s course offered by La Trobe that helps students to acquire advanced skills in systems, e-commerce, software, and data structures. It enables students to achieve a rewarding career in the IT sector. The main areas of focus are Database, networks and programming, Software engineering and intelligent systems, Internet computing and IT-related logical thinking. To complete the degree, this course mandates that the students have to complete a project along with a team. There are three streams to choose from, and these are Software and web systems, Data management and analysis, and Wireless and network technologies.

Pure Sciences

  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the prestigious departments at La Trobe University. They are a member of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and also the Statistical Society of Australia Inc. The research specializations offered by the department broadly include General algebra and its applications, Scientific computation and dynamical systems, and Theory of statistical inference.
  • Department of Chemistry and Physics offers courses that have extensive theoretical sessions combined with more hands-on and laboratory-based experiences. The main areas of interest are chemistry, nanotechnology, and physics. The UG courses offered are Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce with many elective choices. The postgraduate and research degrees offered are Master of Science, Master of Chemical Sciences, Master of Nanotechnology and Doctor of Philosophy in science.
  • Department of Biology offers courses that involve studying the various life forms. It boasts that their graduates are being employed in industries dealing with conservation and landscape management, agricultural science, biotechnology, medical science, genetics, microbiology, zoology and botany. The courses offered are Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities and Social Sciences), and Master of Science.


The QS World University Rankings ranked La Trobe Business School as “Superior School”. They are accredited by the highest standard of achievement for business schools called the AACSB International (AACSB). The main areas of study are accounting, marketing, finance, management, leadership and human resource management, innovation and entrepreneurship, sport management, event management, tourism management, business information systems, and hospitality. 

1. Accounting and Data Analytics

The undergraduate courses offered are 

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

The master’s courses offered are:

  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Accounting and Financial Management
  • Doctoral Research Degree (Ph.D.)

2. Economics and Finance

The undergraduate courses offered are 

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Finance

3. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Marketing

The undergraduate course offered is 

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) – Melbourne

The master’s courses offered are

  • Master of Business Information Management and Systems
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
  • Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) (Online)

4. Management, Sport and Tourism    

The courses are offered in the following disciplines

  • Management and Human Resource Management
  • Sport Management
  • Tourism, Hospitality, and Events

Other Schools

La Trobe Law School offers high-quality legal education. The practical experience of the students is taken as the main priority. Courses can be taken either full time or part-time. They offer the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Criminology.

  • The School of Education at La Trobe has two departments under it, namely the Department of Education and Department of Outdoor and Environmental Education. The school offers teacher education programs along with programs in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Education, Educational Leadership and Management, and Special Education. 
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe houses five departments under it, namely Department of Creative Arts and English, Department of Languages and Linguistics, Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy, Department of Archaeology and History, and Department of Social Inquiry. The departments offer various specialist creative degrees.  The previous work experience of the candidates is assessed and considered to determine their admissions in the degree program. 
  • La Trobe Rural Health School aims at caring for rural and local people. Researchers work in close contact with the regional communities and continuously strive to improve the health of the people. The courses are offered in 11 health disciplines. They can be pursued in the four regional Victoria campuses. The school offers multipurpose laboratories and clinical learning environment which are well-equipped to carry out research activities. 
  • School of Allied Health at La Trobe has two departments under it, namely the Department of Community and Clinical Allied Health, and Department of Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Sport. The courses are offered in 11 disciplines including Audiology, Dietetics, Sport and Exercise, Human Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Orthoptics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Social Work, and Speech Pathology.
  • School of Applied Systems Biology at La Trobe offers research opportunities to students enrolled in the master's program. The main area of research is Agricultural Bioscience. It also has Australia's first research center dedicated to agricultural biology. The courses are offered across various disciplines which include computational biology, molecular phenomics, molecular genetics, molecular plant breeding, plant functional genomics, plant pathology, microbiology, veterinary pathobiology, and invertebrate sciences.
  • School of Cancer Medicine at La Trobe is the research facility named Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute. The staff, students, and teachers work together for the betterment of patients with cancer. The school provides advanced laboratory facilities like testing services and  ACRF center for translational cancer therapeutics and imaging.
  • School of Life Sciences at La Trobe has four departments under it, namely: 
    • Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences
    • Department of Ecology, Environment, and Evolution
    • Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Microbiology
    • Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems

The main areas of expertise of this department are animal, plant and soil science, environment and evolution, ecology, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology.

  • School of Molecular Sciences at La Trobe offers courses across four broad departments, namely 
    • Department of Biochemistry and Genetics
    • Department of Chemistry and Physics
    • Department of Pharmacy and Applied Science
    • Centre for Materials and Surface Science

The school offers a separate 6 storey-building which includes 34 highly equipped research laboratories.

  • School of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe is one of Australia's oldest nursing schools. It offers various Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate programs, Research and Higher Degrees and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs. The students get practical experience working in large hospitals in rural medical settings. The graduates can start work as a registered nurse or midwife by registering at the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).
  • School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe offers courses that aim to help the students understand human behavior and improve the overall health of the people. It has the following departments and research institutes associated with it.
    • Department of Public Health
    • Department of Psychology and Counselling
    • Australian Research Centre for Sex Health and Society
    • Bouverie Centre
    • Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
    • Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre
Annual fees for Indians $37,800
Annual off-campus living $21,041
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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