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Chemical Engineering

Lakehead University-Thunder Bay's Faculty of Engineering offers a unique four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering program with a Co-op / Internship option. It also offers a post-diploma engineering program specifically designed for graduate engineering technologists in Chemical Engineering. At the graduate level, it offers Thesis based Master of Science (MSc) in Chemical Engineering that  gives students an opportunity for advanced studies and conduct independent research projects.

As chemical engineers, students are skilled in industrial plant production, design, construction, and operation where matter is changing. They are versatile and well-grounded in chemistry, physics and mathematics and well-versed with the know-hows of empirical engineering to solve problems. Students of the department engage in biorefining research projects with the faculty extracting green energy from waste, processing ore, and applying biomembranes and ultraviolet light to treat effluents.

Students may pursue their careers as:

  • list items Chemical Engineer
  • list items Process Design Engineer
  • list items Plant Process Engineer
  • list items Environmental Engineer
  • list items Project Engineer
  • list items Technical Manager 
  • list items Project Manager.
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    Civil Engineering

    The unique structure of Lakehead's programs in the Thunder Bay campus allows students to receive a four-year Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree while also meeting the criteria of a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma by the end of the second year of their BEngineering degree program. The Thunder Bay Campus Faculty of Engineering also offers a post-diploma engineering degree program in Civil Engineering specifically designed for student technologists.

    The campus also offers a graduate degree program - Master of Science (MSc) in Civil Engineering caters to the demand for highly qualified personnel willing to address global challenges in the field of Civil Engineering by training their students their accordingly.

    To the degree, the program offers three routes: the thesis option and two course-based options incorporating advanced-level coursework either into a research project or paper. The program offers students the opportunity to conduct advanced study and advance independent research skills in the discipline. Students in the MSc program work in state-of - the-art laboratories and in a collegial learning environment with world-class researchers.


    Electrical Engineering

    The Electrical Engineering program at Thunder Bay campus offers a four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering program with the option of Co-op / Internship. The department also provides a post-diploma engineering program for graduate engineering technologists to teach them how to design economically viable and environmentally sustainable electronic and electrical equipment and systems. Pursuing a Master of Engineering Science (MSc Eng) at Lakehead University in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a great path to a bright career.

    The program offers three routes to the degree: the thesis option, and two course-based options that combine advanced level coursework with either a research project or paper. The PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering gives students the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in the field through a combination of coursework and research.

    Students work on the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic devices. They discuss the fundamentals of physical science as well as the more specific fields of design and operation of industrial control systems, communication systems, electronic circuits, and electrical power generation and distribution. In areas such as fiber optics, fuzzy controls, wireless communications, power systems, and power electronics, students from the department  conduct advanced research.

    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree with Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma - This combination of degrees is offered by Lakehead University and Georgian College. Upon the completion of the programme, students receive both a Lakehead University Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree and a Georgian College Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology degree.

    Offered at the Barrie Campus in Georgia, students have four years to complete both the degree and the diploma. The curriculum provides a solid base for all the fields of electrical engineering and allows students to acquire important theoretical knowledge, practical engineering, and applied technology skills.

    Different courses concentrate on sub-fields such as:

  • list items digital and analog microelectronics
  • list items power electronics
  • list items communications systems
  • list items computer networks
  • list items electrical machinery.
  • Graduates are well suited for potential training and a wide range of career opportunities in electronics engineering; electrical engineering; project manager engineering; and telecommunications engineering.


    Mechanical Engineering

    Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Faculty of Engineering offers a four-year Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering with the option of a Co-op / Internship. It also offers a post-diploma degree program specifically designed for graduate technologists in engineering. A Master of Science (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering at Lakehead University offers students a transformative experience that prepares them to solve the challenges faced by businesses and communities across Canada and internationally with respect to mechanical engineering in an active and innovative way.

    There are three routes to the degree: the thesis option, and two course-based options that combine advanced level coursework with either a research project or paper.

    Through a mixture of course work and structured study, this program seeks to promote the independent research abilities of students.

    Different systems such as:

  • list items generators
  • list items turbines
  • list items industrial production machinery
  • list items material handling systems
  • list items robots
  • list items machines
  • and many types of mechanisms are planned, modeled, produced and tested by mechanical engineers.

    They are versatile and also work in many economic sectors such as power generation, manufacturing, transport, mining, and renewable energy.

    The department focuses on: using thermodynamics, physics of liquids, solid mechanics, and other disciplines of engineering to solve complex problems facing our society.


    Software Engineering

    There is an urgent and significant need for skilled software engineers who can model entire software and hardware systems, understand the role of individual system components, lead interdisciplinary designer and developer project teams to create large-scale systems, ensure the reliability, integrity and security of the software infrastructure. The Software Engineering Department at Thunder Bay campus offers a four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering with a Co-op / Internship option along with a post-diploma degree in Software Engineering program.

    Students use engineering methodologies and good practices as software engineers to analyze, model, execute, test, and deploy computer software. Software Engineers; Software Developers; Software Systems Architects; Mobile Application Developers; Data Scientists; and Cyber Security Specialists are some of the career roles in this field.


    Computer Science

    The Computer Science Department covers the current areas of interest which are in demand by employers such as game programming, web software, mobile programming and computer security in its courses. The manufacturing partners are: IBM, RIM, CIBC, Cargill, Bowater, Syncrude Oil, Imperial Oil, Canadian Grain Commission, Industry Canada, Environment Canada, TBRRI, HydroOne and others.

    The Department offers computer science courses that lead to bachelor's degrees and honors as well as graduate programs. For their computer science program, students can choose either a Business focus or a Science focus. The Business Focus provides a path to the Faculty of Business Entrepreneurship Certificate, while the Science Focus emphasizes electives in science and environment. The graduate programs allow students to pursue both advanced coursework and research.

    There are three graduate program options available to students: Master’s by Course; Master's by Thesis and Master's by Project. MSc Computer Science Co-operative Program Choice is also available only for project and thesis students. Co-operative training is one of the key components of the programs. The Co-op work option offers excellent opportunities for obtaining rewarding experiences to earn income and develop practical skills.


    Pure Sciences

    1. The Department of Physics offers programs leading to Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. The bachelor’s degree includes honors BSc with Physics and Mathematical Physics major with a Co-op option. It also has a concentration in Biomedical Physics. There is also an option of BSc. BEd and Honors BSc. BEd in Physics major. The Master of Science in Physics has a thesis, project, and thesis Co-op options. 

    2. The Chemistry Department boasts of expertise in both teaching and research, with small class sizes providing ready access to teachers and specialized instrumentation for students. The four-year HBSc (Chemistry) program is at the centre of undergraduate offerings. Included in the HBSc program is the chance to draft an original research project for a year. The Department also offers the Honours BSc (Biology and Chemistry) and BSc (Biology and Chemistry) degrees for a combined four-year program. At the graduate level, it offers a Master of Science in Chemistry, and a PhD in Chemistry and Materials Science.

    3. The Biology Department offers sound instruction for both science-based and professional career students. Honors BSc (Biology Major), BSc (Joint Major in Biology and Chemistry) and HBESc (Biology Major) are recommended for students considering a career in health-related fields and science as scientists and educators at the MSc and PhD level. The BSc (Natural Science Major) is a terminal degree. Students can also pursue their interests in Biology in combination with Outdoor Recreation (HBOR / BSc Natural Science) and Learning (HBSc Biology / BEd and BSc Natural Science / BEd). At the graduate level, the department offers a Master of Science in Biology.

    4. The Mathematical Sciences Department offers programs leading to a Bachelor's degree in Arts, a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Science. There is also a minor in mathematics. The department offers Mathematics Honors BA; and Economics and Mathematics major and BSc Honors with Mathematics and Mathematical Physics major. BA and BSc programs are available with a BEd option along with their Honors. The department offers Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences at the graduate level with options for both the thesis and the course.