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Lambton College - Overview Background

Lambton College is a multicultural educational organization in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, established in 1966. It has been providing high-quality education for students since then. It currently houses more than 10,000 students on the campus and 3500 international students. It is more unique than other colleges because it is publicly funded and operates on a non-profit system. Their campuses are also located in Mississauga and Toronto.

  • list items Lambton in Sarnia is the main campus and is situated near Lake Huron. It is an ideal place to experience Canadian culture while enjoying the warm weather. The campus provides a total of 13 courses in 6 different fields, namely Education, IT, Law, Management, Paramedical, and Science. The main building of this campus is the South Building where the majority of the classes are held. In addition to the south building, there are the Lambton College Residence and event centre, Skilled Trades Centre and North Building.
  • list items Lambton in Mississauga is a smaller campus compared to the Sarnia campus but still provides high-quality education for the students following the same curriculum as the main campus. This campus believes that a smaller campus provides a better interaction experience leading to a better student-teacher relationship.
  • list items Lambton in Toronto provides excellent infrastructure for the students, and it is easily accessible due to its location. They focus more on the quality of education being provided and continuously strive to improve themselves to provide a better academic experience.
  • Founder Wolfgang Franke
    University Motto Connect
    University Type Public Research University
    University City Toronto, Sarnia
    Student to Faculty Ratio 11:1
    Main Campus Sarnia
    Campus Size 652 acres
    Endowment $2.5 billion
    Acceptance Rate 80%
    Graduation Rate 68.9%
    Employment Rate 86.4%
    Total Enrollment 10,000
    Official Website Link Lambton College,  Canada
    Contact Detail +1 519-542-7751


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    Lambton in Sarnia is a pretty well-developed campus with modern architecture. The main building, which is the south building, conducts all the classes and also has faculty offices included in it. Apart from the main building, there is also the Suncor Sustainability Centre, which is Canada's leading integrated energy company. This centre focuses on maintaining sustainability while coming up with new ways to provide clean energy. The Lambton college residence and Event centre act as a home for the students providing them clean and peaceful environments to live and study.

    The sustainable smart home serves as a research centre for renewable energy resource management and optimization. It also serves as a laboratory for testing hydrogen fuel cells, commercial solar panels and other renewable energy systems. Additionally, it also serves as a showcase for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, geothermal heating, and a sophisticated energy management system.

    The Advanced Material Processing Lab and Advanced Material Testing Lab are dedicated towards the use of polymer and biodegradable materials with cutting edge equipment like a pilot-scale twin-screw extruder, injection moulding machine and other modern sophisticated systems.

    The material testing lab focuses on advanced material development. There’s also the Advanced Process Control and Optimization Lab to carry research in optimal control and process optimization. We can say that there is a separate laboratory or facility for each specific study, including Electrochemical and Nonmaterial Lab, a fully optimized  Digital Photography Studio, Human Simulation lab and Pharmacy lab, to name a few. 


    Residing Options

    The campus provides on-campus accommodation for over 280 students with comfy and spacious rooms at affordable prices. The accommodations include a large bed and desk for an individual and shared bathrooms for two students. They also provide a fridge and a microwave for each room plus wireless internet for the whole building which students can access.

    Students are provided with a meal card too which allows them to access the snack bar and other food outlets across the whole residential area. Students can hang out in the residential courtyard with their friends and guests. The courtyard has also got parking facilities for bikes and cars and is also a completely smoke-free environment.

    In addition to the campus being perfectly quiet, clean and serene, students can also find affordable rooms outside the campus for $250 CAD per month if they want to live with another roommate. 


    Financial Aid

    Both local and international students can take advantage of the numerous financial aids provided by the college. The various financial aids include the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) which provides student loans even if the students don’t have a confirmed seat in the college.

    Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries help students with high merit by offering various rewards through many programs. Students have to apply online, and the financial aid team will provide proper guidance for the students to gain multiple scholarships and financial aid.

    There is also a Student Emergency Fund which helps students with financial loans when they are in a state of emergency. The college also provides One-on-One Financial Consultations for students to help them plan a budget and learn how to cut expenses accordingly. 


    Jobs and Placements

    We’ll be surprised to know the amount of effort they put into on-campus employment. For instance, the college provides the students with the Work-Study Program where students can work part-time jobs while studying at the college, with the help of the Employment between Academic Terms (EBAT) students can work during their summer break to learn important career skills that will help them in the future.

    Another quintessential opportunity for the international students is that after graduating from the college students are eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP).  The PGWPP provides a work permit for the students for up to three years to help them gain valuable work experience.

    85.8% of Lambton College’s 2014-15 graduates were reported to have found employment within six months of graduation. This rate is two per cent higher than the provincial average of 83.6%.


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from Lambton College include : 

  • list items Judy May Foote
  • list items Isaac Jackson
  • list items Big C
  • list items Dicky Moore
  • list items Phil Maness
  • list items Rob Hughes
  • Sprinkles

    Lambton College Locations

    The campus is located in 1457 London Road, Sarnia, ON N7S 6K4 right near Lake Huron. The college is situated in an area which is easily accessible through all the modes of road transport. Students can reach the college with the help of affordable bus routes. The Sarnia Transit Semester Bus pass makes it easier for students to use the bus.

    There are buses to go to college every 7-10 minutes. Students can also visit the Lambton mall which is just 20 minutes away from the college, and there’s also a movie theatre nearby called Galaxy Cinemas for the students to enjoy whenever they want to.

    For international students, the Sarnia campus is located about 6.8 kilometres away from the Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport (YZR) which is about 15 minutes of travel from the airport to the college. The Sarnia train station is also pretty close to the university Sarnia, ON N7S 6K4. 

    Lambton College Map Location

    Address: 1457 London Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 6K4, Canada


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Lambton College full of Indians?

    About 3,500 full-time, 6,500 part-time, and 3,500 international students attend Lambton College worldwide. The majority of its pupils come from Asian nations. It offers more than 90 post-secondary programs, including apprenticeships, training programs, academic upgrades, and post-graduate courses.

    Is Lambton College Easy to get into?

    Even if you fulfill the minimum academic criteria, entrance is not guaranteed due to the competitive admissions procedure. Applications that have already been evaluated and the application fee paid for through a Lambton College agent will not be reviewed again.

    Is Lambton College a good College?

    For more than 50 years, Lambton College has supported Canadian and international students. With the integration of co-op (internship) employment, it provides certificate, diploma, and postgraduate programs. Graduates from Lambton College have a competitive advantage when they enter the Canadian workforce thanks to this practical, hands-on learning method.

    Why Lambton College is best for international students?

    At Lambton College, international students can receive a top-notch education at a reasonable cost. Additionally, students will have the chance to gain work experience through part-time, volunteer, on-campus, co-op placements, and post-graduate employment. The cost of living and tuition in Canada are among the lowest.