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Ontario, Canada

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It provides up to eight business courses. Students who undertake business administration program have to take two entrepreneurship project courses where they can either create their own business or choose to work on special projects for existing businesses. In addition to that, all students can have access to the Cube which is Lambton College's entrepreneurship hub and become eligible to participate in Enactus which is the college’s national award-winning social entrepreneurship team. The college offers business courses in: 

  • list items Business Administration
  • list items Business Management
  • list items Esports Entrepreneurship and Administration
  • list items General Arts and Science 
  • list items Office Administration 
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    Community Services

    This department is specifically designed for students who are willing to help those in need. Students need to have a passion towards changing other people’s lives. Students are trained in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This scientific approach to human behavior gives students the skills they need to carefully assess a situation and develop plans that teach new skills.

    Some of the courses offered under community services are:

  • list items Autism & Behavioral Science
  • list items Child & Youth Care
  • list items Community Integration through Cooperative Education
  • list items Developmental Services Worker
  • list items Early Childhood Education
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    Creative Design

    This department gives students a chance to turn their passion into a career choice. Under culinary management, they are taught how to operate a responsible food business through the application of business principles and costing and control practices. Technology and mobile applications are integrated into business operation.  Perusing the culinary management course will earn them the Provincial Trade of Cook Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal). Esthetician courses provided by the college focus on providing as many hands-on courses for spa and massage treatment as possible.

    The courses offered under creative design include

  • list items Culinary Management
  • list items Esthetician
  • list items Hair Stylist
  • list items Photography
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    Fire Sciences

    It is further split into two sub-types which are

  • list items Fire Science Technology
  • list items Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training 
  • Fire science technology specializes in fire suppression and specialty training rescue fields. It is a flexible program as both firefighters and normal students can study it to heighten their careers in the rescue and fire suppression field. The college also boasts of the largest live fuelled training centre in Canada which includes a hot tower, a search and rescue tower, and a whole fleet of emergency response vehicles for training purposes.

    Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training is provided mainly to prevent such fires from happening. Medical first responder and basic fire suppression techniques are also taught. After completing this course, the students are eligible to attend the OFMEM (The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management) Provincial Firefighter Test to obtain their The National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1001 Level I and II and NFPA 1072 awareness and core operations.


    Health Sciences

    It is one of the other major courses that the college offers. It covers a vast amount of courses related to pharmacy, nursing, recreation therapy, personal support worker, and much more. In nursing, students get to work in simulation labs with high-end equipment and mock patients providing students with almost real experience.

    Since there is a shortage of personal support workers in Ontario, the college has provided more than 20 scholarships for about $5000 each towards personal support worker students just in the month of September alone. As part of the program, students will also be provided with The Fundamental of Hospice Palliative Care Certificate and the Gentle Persuasive Approaches Certificate, which are an added bonus to this program.

    In recreation therapy, students will receive a Therapeutic Recreation Ontario student membership and additional training from leading experts in the field to help them get a job as soon as they finish their courses.

    The major courses include: 

  • list items Community Pharmacy Assistant
  • list items Personal Support Worker
  • list items Pre Health Sciences
  • list items Recreation Therapy
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    Information Technology

    In the IT department, students receive immense in-depth training in computer programming, software development, IT infrastructure, project management and cyberinfrastructure specialist where they will learn skills like technical proficiency, server administration, a configuration of networks, and so on. They are also trained on the business side of the sector to become better at communication skills, leadership ability, and teamwork. The college also provides certifications including A+, Windows OS and Project+ certification.

    The programs in this field comprise:

  • list items Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership
  • list items Computer Programmer
  • list items Computer Software & Database Development
  • list items Cyber Infrastructure Specialist
  • list items Enterprise Project Management
  • list items Information Technology Infrastructure
  • list items Information Technology Professional
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    Technology and Trades

    In this department, the main objective is to get the students “industry ready” to decrease the learning gap for the students after they graduate. So they are provided with industry-like experience in every course they enroll in. In the electrical field, students get to study power generation from traditional and emerging renewable energy systems, power distribution, and connection to the grid, high voltage and transfer with modern techniques.

    In machining, students also get to study :

  • list items Metallurgy
  • list items Metrology
  • list items CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Drilling
  • list items Turning
  • list items Milling
  • list items Grinding technologies
  • The college also provides classes on the different types of welding techniques like :

  • list items Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  • list items Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • list items Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • list items Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
  • list items Oxy-fuel welding and cutting (OFW/OFC)
  • list items Plasma arc cutting (PAC)
  • list items Carbon arc cutting with air/gouging (CAC-A)
  • which are some of the modern cutting techniques in the industry today. So these courses make sure that the students are ready to handle workshops.

    The main courses include the following:

  • list items Chemical Lab Technician
  • list items Construction Carpentry Techniques
  • list items Electrical Power Distribution & Control Technician
  • list items Environmental Technician - Water & Wastewater Systems Operations
  • list items General Carpenter
  • list items General Machinist
  • list items Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician
  • list items Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technician - Industrial Automation
  • list items Power Engineering Technology
  • list items Renovation Construction Technician
  • list items Steamfitter Apprenticeship
  • list items Welding Techniques
  • list items Workplace Safety & Prevention