Aboriginal Studies

This department offers courses in the field in subjects like colonization, traditions, culture, Indigenous issues, law, community development, and aboriginal government policy. The faculties belong to different communities and groups and are highly knowledgeable in the associated fields of study. The department focuses on increasing the success rate and participation of aboriginal students.

Applied Planning

This department offers a post-degree diploma in planning. The program aims to enable the students to work on better planning of the community and creating a sustainable environment. The graduates are provided with the basic knowledge of planning theory and techniques, design skills, written and oral communications skills, planning procedures of BC, Research skills, presentation skills, teamwork skills, and public speaking skills.

Art History & Religious Studies

This department offers courses that focus on many types of art studies including Modern Art, Public Art, Women and Art, Travel and Art, First Nations and Art, Global Art, and Canadian Art. The religious study involves studying religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. The department also provides courses that cover survey introductions, visual culture, architecture, and ethical and cultural diversity. The field schools offer opportunities to study art in Europe and Buddhism in China.

Asian Studies

This department offers courses that focus on the traditions, customs, and lifestyles of the people of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. The field study includes a travel and study program in Japan.


This department offers courses in the biological field of study that includes topics ranging from DNA to ecosystems and from bacteria to mammals. It has 26 instructors and 10 laboratory staff and a very small class size that provides one-to-one attention. It enables an easy university transfer. 


This department offers courses in the fields of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and environmental chemistry. The department has academic and industrial qualified faculty to instruct and train the students in laboratories fitted with modern instrumentation. 

Computing Science & Information Systems

This department offers courses in computing areas like computer science, internet and web technology, and bioinformatics. It is one of the largest departments and has highly qualified faculties to instruct the students. The industrial research work by the faculty includes fields like hardware, software, database development, data communications, and project management.

Criminal Justice

This department offers training and courses for students aspiring to become police officers, corrections staff, and court services, employees. The main employer of the department is the Vancouver Police department. To be employable, students from the department needs good physical and mental health conditions along with the swimming and diving skills.

Design Formation

This department offers courses that impart fundamental design principles. The main focus is on the retail visual presentation. Specializations are offered in graphic, industrial, and interior design. The graduates have career opportunities in fields like marketing, architecture, advertising, illustration, graphic, industrial, and interior design companies.

Division of Mathematics & Sciences

This department offers university transferable courses in the fields of biology, computer science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, and engineering. The active student clubs of this department are Biology Club Evolved, Chemistry Club, Math Club, Women in Science and Engineering,and Langara Robotics and Computer Science Club.

Early Childhood Education

This department at Langara is a well-recognized and reputed program that trains students to become a successful Early Childhood Educator. The department offers practical training in various registered childcare centres. A separate bursary is awarded for the students in this department. The main employers of this program include BC Aboriginal Child Care, SFU Childcare, Society of Richmond Children Centres, UBC Childcare Services, and Vancouver Society of Children's Centres.


This department offers courses in the fields of microeconomics that deals with individual unit decision making and of macroeconomics that deals with the aggregate unit’s decision. The areas of study include money, managerial economics, banking, environmental economics, labor economics, capital assets, strategic thinking, and project evaluation.

Education Assistant

This department offers programs that enable non-teachers to work in an educational setting as an education assistant. The department consists of four dedicated high experienced staff.
For more information, visit https://langara.ca/departments/education-assistant/index.html


This department offers English language proficiency skills through specially tailored programs. The reading, writing, and communication skills are the main focus areas of the department. The students get more proficient in the language and can excel in their chosen field of study. 

Film Arts

This department offers programs to students who are passionate about films and the film industry. Langara provides advanced equipment and facilities like high-end cameras, accessories, acoustic suite, sound booth, rehearsal theatre, and studios.

Fine Arts

This department offers a two-year foundation program in fine arts that emphasizes hands-on learning from experts. The studios have facilities for drawing, designing, ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital design.

Geography & Geology

This department offers programs in both human and physical geography. The areas of expertise include geology, atmospheric science, globalization, the Pacific Rim, geomatics, climatology, urbanization, and environmental issues. The support resources include lab, peer tutors and demonstrators, resource room, micro-computer lab, map collection, rock, mineral and fossil collection.

Health Sciences

This department offers a program that adds to the basic science fundamentals. Its main areas of focus are human health, human illness and disease, and psychology. 

History, Latin & Political Science

This department offers courses that deal with the history of ancient Greece, Rome, Europe, North America, contemporary societies in Europe, and the Middle East. The career opportunities open to the students of this program are the profiles of teachers, civil servants, diplomats, pollsters, journalists, policy analysts, consultants, fundraisers, union organizers, financial advisers, social activists, documentary directors, and researchers.

Interdisciplinary Studies

This department offers programs that scale beyond the traditional subject areas. It focuses on providing an essential foundation for the students to pursue their university degrees. The areas of focus are Canadian studies, classical studies, environmental studies, family studies, Latin American studies, peace and conflict studies, and women's studies.


This department offers programs that train students to have a successful career in newspaper, web, magazine, radio and television industries. The career opportunities for graduates include reporters, producers, editors, photographers, broadcasters, and online editors. The students learn the fundamentals of journalism, copy editing, storytelling, news writing skills, newspaper layout, and design, research skills, interviewing techniques, and media law and ethics.


This department offers programs which mainly emphasize learning about human movement science, health education, anatomy, physiology, sports medicine, biomechanics, sports history growth and development, coaching, fitness training, sports psychology, and sociology of sport. The department has associations with institutions like the National Coaching Certification Program, BC Sports Medicine Council,  BC Parks & Recreation Association, and Sport BC.

School of Management

This school offers diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in finance, accounting, business management, and marketing. The career opportunities for successful graduates are in the fields of accounting, international business, administration, project management, banking, consulting, business research and analysis, advertising, marketing, retail, and trade.

Library & Information Technology

This department offers programs that train the students to effectively work in a variety of roles which involve the usage of technology. The programs are structured according to the guidelines of the Canadian Library Association for the Education of Library Technicians. The students develop proficiency in acquiring the information and the methods of organizing and preserving them. They also learn to analyze the acquired information.

Mathematics & Statistics

This department aims to impart the fundamental knowledge of various fields of mathematics and statistics. It has a Mathematics and Statistics Activity Centre that provides a learning space and peer-to-peer tutoring for the students. The department has well-qualified faculties in the areas of pure and applied mathematics and business mathematics.

Modern Languages

This department offers programs that develop the language proficiency of the students in Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Good command in French is essential for a career in Canadian civil services and politics. Multilingual graduates are in demand all over Canada.


This department trains students to provide support for people’s health, illness and healing process. The main areas of study include phenomenology, empiricism, post-colonialism, critical social theory, and humanism. The department has received a seven-year recognition from the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals. Special bursaries are available for students pursuing nursing.

Nutrition & Food Service Management

This department offers programs in the fields covering nutrition, diet, sports nutrition, food technology, and health services. It has university transfer courses. The courses are taught by faculty who are registered dieticians and are highly qualified and experienced. 


This department provides courses that cover topics like basic ethics, philosophy of sport, political philosophy, applied ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of law, and metaphysics. It provides various learning opportunities like debates and conferences to engage philosophical ideas. 

Physics & Astronomy

This department aims at imparting quality education to students in the form of both theoretical and practical sessions. The faculty members are active members of the BC Association of Physics Teachers and have research backgrounds in biophysics, astrophysics, high-energy particle physics, and theoretical physics. The students are required to take up Physics Diagnostic Placement Test before enrollment into the courses.

Professional Photography

This department offers an intensive two-year diploma program and trains the students to excel in the field of photography. It offers various advanced equipment and resources for hands-on training. It offers the opportunity to develop a portfolio with the support and guidance of the faculty members.


This department offers flexible and university transferable programs that emphasize fields like neuroscience, research methods, analysis, cognitive psychology, social and leadership psychology. It provides an opportunity for students to work in the faculty member's research papers through the student work assistance program. 


This department offers programs that teach students about the latest publishing technologies and processes involved in print and electronic publishing. The graduates achieve excellence in software, design, publication planning, photographic imaging, graphics, editing, writing, and management skills. Students are encouraged to write and design creative materials for the Pacific Rim Magazine. 

Recreation Studies

This department offers the program into two parts, namely recreation leadership and recreation management. The employment opportunities are available in community centres, ice arenas, aquatic facilities, seniors’ centres, golf courses, ski-hills, fitness centres, health and wellness organizations, tourism, and sports organizations.

Social Services

This department offers programs that aim to provide a trained social service assistant to the community. The faculties are registered social workers who are involved in community social service sectors apart from teaching. The students are required to complete a five-week community placement program. Some of the placement programs are shelters for persons experiencing homelessness, programs for children and youth, women’s shelters, mental health, immigrant-serving agencies, street youth programs, services for persons with disabilities, and crisis services. 

Sociology & Anthropology

This department offers programs in areas like ethnic relations, popular culture, and social movements. The fieldwork placements provide students opportunities to learn about various societies.

Theatre Arts at Studio 58

This department offers a professional theatre training program in acting and production. The career opportunities include profiles of professional actors in the theatre or other performing arts industries and production assistant who looks after the technical side of the arts.

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