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Brief background

In 1955, the New York Institute of Technology was founded as a private and non-profit educational institute for the students. The main emphasis of this institute is on technology and applied scientific research.


A lot of investment has been done by the university in the past to provide a good quality of environment and facilities to the students. The institute is earning grants from various resources like state, federal, corporations, alumni and foundations as well. The students get access to smart classrooms, 3D printers, various clubs for activities and recreation. 

Residing Options: 

There is an option to stay in the campus residence hall or stay off-the campus for the students in the nearby and economical areas.


The faculty is well-equipped with the latest technology innovations that are used by the professors for the teaching the students. Professors get access to Blackboard Exam Converter that creates a set of questions in the form of Microsoft Word and prepares the question paper with multiple choice options very easily. Zoom application gives the students and professors an opportunity to use high-definition video conferencing when they need it for discussions.

Financial Aid:

There are many financial aid programs for the students studying in the New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan. There are scholarship programs and grants for the students, part-time employment opportunities and much more.

Jobs and Placements:

NYIT ranks among the top 50 regional universities in the North according to U.S. News & World Report. Its graduates are hired at all public levels in, for example, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Environmental Protection Department of New York City; Environmental Conservation Department of New York City; Long Island Railroad; Metropolitan Transportation Authority and National Laboratory of Brookhaven. According to, NYIT alumni are among the top 25 percent of grade earners. NYIT's popular degrees include BS after which graduates receive an average of $45,063— $100,961 and a Master of Science (MS) after which graduates earn an average of $51,132— $107,819. A Mechanical engineer earns roughly $71,250, while up to $70,355 is earned by an electrical engineer. The wages that girls receive range from $40,596 to $82,810 while it's $47,878 to $105,683 for boys.


Notable alumni include Robert E. Evanson, President, Mc-Graw Hill Education, Indera Rampal Harrod, Director of Human Resources, American Express, Keith Kazmark, Mayor of Woodland Park, New Jersey, and Robert Cohen, Professor at the New York University.


The New York University of Technology is one of the top universities, which has students with the highest pay package when they venture into their jobs. From the very first day of joining this college, students get firm training to get on to the path of success.


Located in the Columbus Circle of New York City, NYIT's New York City campus can be readily reached by subway and bus. NYIT-New York City extends from West 60th to West 62nd Sts, just north of Columbus Circle, spanning five houses on Broadway. The primary entrance is Broadway 1855's Edward Guiliano Global Center. The Broadway NYIT Auditorium is situated between West 61st and West 62nd Sts at 1871 Broadway. Public transportation and taxis are advised considering the unavailability of parking space and driving troubles in Manhattan. If parking is not available on the street, NYIT offers discounted prices for at least three neighboring parking garages (Icon Parking, Enterprise Parking Systems and Central Parking Systems).

The closest airports to NYIT are JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Shuttles from NYIT-Long Island (Old Westbury) help you get around on campus. The shuttle operates Monday through Friday in a continuous loop starting at Anna Rubin Hall, going to Education Hall, then to the NYIT de Seversky Mansion before returning to Anna Rubin Hall. Each journey takes about 30 minutes.

Acceptance Rate for Indians 76%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 622
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 0
TA Appointments 0
RA appointments 0
Research funding $935,906
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at New York Institute of Technology's College of Engineering and Computing Sciences enables the use of contemporary, high-level programming languages in system software development. The department provides Network Security and Big Data & Management analytics concentrations in the Bachelor of Science degree in addition to the regular BS degree. The degree prepares undergraduates to be creative, inquisitive, analytical and detail-oriented as they develop computer applications in a variety of frameworks. The department also offers B.S. with Accelerated M.S. Options which allows undergraduates to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years. Multiple graduate courses are offered by the faculty: MS in Computer Science (with or without thesis), MS in Cybersecurity (Information, Network, and Computer Security) (with or without thesis) and MS in Data Science. For graduates, potential career options include AI researcher, cybersecurity expert, IT director, network specialist, research and development expert, and software engineer. Graduates perform studies in fields such as biometrics, conceptual modeling, cryptography, cyber behavioral authentication, genomics, mobile and cybersecurity, and swarm intelligence.

Areas of Expertise: Machine learning; Mobile computing; Data mining; IoT; Web development; App development; Cybersecurity; Data analytics
List of Labs: Cybersecurity Lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department offers extensive understanding and expertise in various fields of its expertise such as Computer Safety, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology, Signal Processing, and Information Technology. The department offers BS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering. With lessons in digital control, integrated systems, and other concepts, undergraduates acquire expertise under the guidance of a faculty consultant. The College of Engineering and Computing Sciences also offers B.S. with Accelerated M.S. Options which allow undergraduates to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years.  Under the department's graduate courses, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering provides the extensive understanding and expertise in sophisticated mathematics and stochastic processes, linear systems, and digital communications. For graduates with this degree, potential career options include Automation/controls engineer, Communications system engineer, Computer architect, Electrical engineering consultant, Instructor/Trainer, Researcher, Systems design engineer.

Areas of Expertise: Assistive devices, Signal processing, Radar communication, Medical devices, Autonomous vehicles, Dynamic spectrum access, Hardware design, Networking, Robotics, Smart vehicles, Mobile applications, Wireless sensor networks, Embedded systems, Wireless, and cellular networks.

Environmental Technology and Sustainability

The Department of Environmental Technology and Sustainability brings together many elements of engineering, environmental science, sustainability, ecology, legislation, prevention of pollution, climate change, mitigation of contamination, and technology required in the modern world today. The department provides MS degree in Environmental Technology and Sustainability with water resource levels, environmental compliance, climate change, and sustainable technology as concentration options. In order to acquire a degree, a student must finish a thesis study or design project in a particular region of environmental technology, sustainability, natural systems or power. Possible career opportunities for graduates with this degree include: Executive Chief Sustainability; Energy Engineer; Environmental Technologist; Manager of Natural Sciences; Director of Sustainability; Environmental Consultant.

Areas of Expertise: Energy generation & transmission; Food/water/energy nexus; Groundwater protection and management; Public policy; Air quality; Remote sensing and data collection; Environmental health; Water resources management; Sustainability; Industrial energy utilization; Stormwater; Program analysis & cost-benefit evaluation; Hydrology; Modern energy technology; Business practice & policy development; Computer-assisted management techniques; Green infrastructure


The NYIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering provides two undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. The BS degree programmes prepare learners to apply fundamental and advanced understanding and abilities to engineering, designing and analysing systems such as thermo-fluid systems, energy systems, dynamic control systems, nano / micro sensors and devices, advanced materials, and advanced transport systems. The aerospace engineering concentration focuses on the design of aircraft and space vehicles. The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is both a thesis and a non-thesis program that includes cutting-edge studies and up-to-date course work. The College of Engineering and Computing Sciences also offers B.S. with Accelerated M.S. Options which allows undergraduates to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years. For graduates with this degree, potential career opportunities include: aerospace engineer, automotive engineer, defense engineer, electronics engineer and utility engineer.

Areas of Expertise: Sensors (wireless, biosensors, acoustic wave, cell-based); Fluid mechanics; Optical instrumentation; Medical devices; Biomedical modeling; Computational modeling; Nonlinear acoustics; Energy harvesting devices; Gas turbine engines

Annual fees for Indians $23,000
Annual off-campus living $10,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

Scholarships (coming soon)

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