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Brief background

Niagara College is located in the Niagara region, Ontario, Canada. The college is located in a prime location and has two campuses, namely Welland and Niagara-on-the-lake. It offers more than 130 programs that cover various fields of study. The college is known for its state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities that offer opportunities for the students to obtain extensive practical knowledge in their chosen field of study. There are more than 9000 full-time students, and additionally, 15000 part-time students register every year. The college focuses on creating a trained and talented workforce by offering apprenticeships, integrated work placements, clinical placements, and fieldwork.

The Welland Campus is a modern campus that is located in a friendly residential area in the Niagara region. It is the main campus and houses many of the college’s main buildings, research facilities, athletic and sports facilities. The campus also has a fully functional dental clinic that allows the students to get practical work experience. The schools under Welland campus are School of Academic, Liberal and Access Studies, School of Allied Health, School of Community Services, School of Justice and Fitness, School of English Language Studies, School of Media, School of Nursing and Personal Support Worker, School of Part-Time Studies, School of Technology, and School of Trades.

The Niagara-on-the-lake campus is located in between the Queen Elizabeth Way and Glendale Avenue. It is located near Toronto and offers daily bus services. It is spread over 125 acres of land of which 40 acres are used as a teaching vineyard. The schools under Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus are School of Academic, Liberal and Access Studies, School of Business and Management, Canadian Food and Wine Institute, School of Environment and Horticulture, School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport, and School of Part-Time Studies.


Niagara College has two modern campuses that are aesthetically pleasing and home to various professional structures and well-equipped laboratories. Books and other equipment can be purchased in the college-run bookstores that are available on the campus. The college has a very huge library that houses study rooms, digital media lab, student workspaces along with thousands of books both in paper and digital formats. 

The Welland campus has a Teaching Hair Salon for practicing hairstyling, the Walker Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, a Research and Innovation Center, a Green Automotive Technology lab which has been constructed newly, Justice Studies Simulation Lab, and the Rankin Technology Centre. The Welland campus also has a fully functioning well equipped on-campus dental clinic for student's fieldwork. There are also athletic and recreation centers and sports facilities available on-campus. 

The Niagara-on-the-lake campus has a Teaching Brewery which is a 1500-square feet brewery for students to brew beer, a Winery which is used for both visitors and educating students, Distillery, Teaching Greenhouse which is used by the horticulture students, and a Teaching Spa. There is a restaurant being run by the students on-campus that serves all the food and drinks prepared by the students. 

Residing Options

Niagara College provides campus residence housing options in both the campuses. The residence houses are located within a walking distance from the campus. The students are provided with lots of opportunities like weekly clubs and volunteering work. The suites have 2 bedrooms with a double bed. Facilities like a desk, internet access, free local calls are provided. The common areas include a kitchen, a movie lounge, a games room, and a BBQ along with additional space for a picnic. The residence suite’s rates start from 625$ a month.

The college offers an all-year round off-campus living program. The program helps students find a comfortable housing option and also housemates. It also helps them through any disputes and legal verifications. The housing rates start from $575 and will change depending on the availability and the facilities offered.

The college also offers support to international students to find a warm Canadian home for homestay. NC also has a program called Landing Pad that offers 30-day safe accommodation for international students on both campuses. 

Financial Aid

NC offers $1.5 million as scholarships and bursaries every year.

NC offers the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) which provides financial assistance to students based on their family’s income level. The educational and basic living costs are covered by OSAP. The students who fill out an application for OSAP will be assessed. Based on the assessment, the students will either be eligible for a loan or a grant. The loan needs to be repaid by the students after completing the course, whereas the grants need not be repaid.

The students who apply for OSAP before a specified date and satisfy the eligibility criteria, then they are automatically considered for the Entrance Bursaries that offers $500 to $1000.

NC offers various awards and scholarships to students throughout the year. These awards are offered by both the college and other external sources. The international students are eligible to hold only one scholarship in a semester. The students who excel in the school that they are enrolled in are awarded by the college every year.

Jobs and Placements

Niagara College has achieved 88.1% graduate employment for the year 2018-2019. The college has career services that offer help and support to the students in their journey of building a career. College offers co-operative work and educational terms that provide opportunities for the students to get paid co-op jobs along with their academic studies. Career Services offers an online portal called MyCareer which has an extensive database of all the jobs that are available near the campuses. The career services also provide resume review service, mock interviews and career counseling to students. There are on-campus recruiting events, career and job fairs that are conducted at no cost for the employers to attract potential employees and increase the students’ employment opportunities. Canada-Ontario job grants are used to train the individuals who are identified by the employers in a specific industry practice and skill. The cost of the grant is shared by the Government and the employer. 


Niagara College has two campuses that are located in a central place and can be reached by any major bus service or rail service.  The students are offered the U-Pass that allows them to go on an unlimited ride on all the Welland, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines transit systems. The U-Pass holders are also allowed to  ride on the buses in the Niagara region bus routes. Other facilities available around the campuses include arts, theatre, music, beaches, golf course, hiking facility, cycling facilities, cinemas, museums, and restaurants. 
Welland campus is located in a residential area, and it takes 90 minutes to drive to the Greater Toronto Area. It has numerous shopping centers and food outlets at a short distance from the campus. The Niagara Falls is located at a 20-minutes drive from the campus. The bus stops are situated nearby and transit services are also available at the Welland transit service.

The Niagara-on-the-lake campus takes around 70 minutes to drive to the Greater Toronto Area. It has the Outlet Collection at a walking distance that houses around 100 retail brands and various other food options.


Welland Campus

School of Academic, Liberal and Access Studies

The School of Academic, Liberal and Access Studies offers courses that provide students with insights into careers in high-demand industries and also enhances their employability. Students who have not decided on their career path can apply under this school. This school aims to provide the necessary training and sufficient information to the students to help them choose their career path and also postgraduate courses through career counseling, work training, volunteering and opportunities to meet professionals from various departments. The main areas of focus are community services, health sciences, arts and science, technology, psychology, global studies, and current events, counseling, health and wellness, history, fitness, music, film, forensic sciences and English as a Second Language (ESL). This school offers programs for students with disabilities and learning disorders and trains them for various entry positions in the industry.

School of Allied Health

The School of Allied Health offers courses that provide extensive training with the intent to prepare a job-ready health-care team member. The graduates get rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical industry. They will also be required to take care of people during the times of illness and injury. The school also offers a fully functional dental clinic for the students to gain and fine-tune their practical skills. They also provide a well-equipped hospital facility that includes a sterile product room and a simulated community pharmacy. Additionally, the school also conducts field placement for the students alongside academics to impart extensive hands-on experience. The dental courses offered by the school are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). The main areas of expertise are paramedic foundations, pharmacy assistant training, dental assistants and administration, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

School of Community Services

The School of Community Services offers courses that train students who are passionate about helping and uplifting the lives of other people. The graduates from the school are trained to engage with and support individuals with special needs and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The graduates get a rewarding career in changing the lives of other people.  The school has expert faculties who support students with both academic training and practical learning environment. The main areas of expertise are autism and behavioral science, early childhood education, child and youth care, special needs educational assistance, recreation therapy, and social services. The school offers various diplomas, advanced diplomas, and graduate certificate courses. Field placements for hands-on experience and access to iBooks are available. The graduates are placed in various roles in settings like Children’s treatment center, long-term care facility, adult day program,  retirement home, Community or private agency supporting people with illness or disability, Mental health agency, and Home childcare.

School of Justice and Fitness

The School of Justice and Fitness provides a course that trains people in investigative skills, law enforcement, legal basics and working with troubled individuals. The courses also provide career paths to policing and fitness specialist. The school provides field placement opportunities to allow students to learn the skills practically. The laboratories are well-equipped for practical training. Some of the laboratories include simulated crime scene labs, athletic and fitness facilities, and the Justice Studies Simulation Centre. The school also offers opportunities for students to obtain additional industry-specific certifications along with the credentials. The sports fitness courses train graduates in culinary skills in a one-week extensive program. 

School of English Language Studies

The School of English Language Studies offers courses that train students whose first language is not English. The students are trained at the proficient level that helps them to pursue postgraduate courses or get a job in Canada. The course allows international students to gain English language experience that enables them to pursue postgraduate courses in Canada. The school offers a well-equipped Digital language lab. The main areas of focus are proficiency in reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and comprehension.

School of Media

The School of Media offers courses that train students in numerous fields including photography, computer or video gaming, advanced cloud technologies, computer software, acting, designing, portfolio making, graphic design, and public relations skills. The acting courses are recognized by the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). The graduates of the acting courses are offered with the status of ACTRA apprentice. The school provides well-equipped laboratories that include radio production training lab, digital radio broadcast studio, and full HD television studio, and the computer labs consist of dual full HD monitors.

School of Nursing and Personal Support Worker

The School of Nursing and Personal Support Worker offers courses that help students get positive and rewarding careers in the field of health care. The courses suit students whose passion lies in supporting other individuals during illnesses, both physical and psychological. The school also provides opportunities to get trained in advanced health care including mental health, gerontology, palliative care, and health care leadership. There are few graduate certificate courses offered by the school, especially for international students. The Nursing program offered at the school is approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario. The graduates who satisfy the eligibility criteria can appear for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination. The successful candidates can then start their career as a Registered Practical Nurse.

School of Part-Time Studies

The School of Part-Time Studies offers more than 500 part-time courses to fit the needs of working professionals. The courses can be pursued both on-campus and online. The various areas of expertise that the courses deal with include Accounting for Managerial Decisions, AutoCAD Operator, Baking, Bookkeeping, Counselling Skills for Human Services, Criminal Psychology and Behaviour, Dietary Food Service, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Floral Design, French, General Arts and Science, Healthcare, Food Service, Home Inspection, Language Interpreter, Leadership Development Series, Legal Office Assistant, Management of Human Resources, Manufacturing Leadership, Medical Transcription, and Motorcycle Training. 

School of Technology

The School of Technology at NC offers courses that focus on areas like civil, electronics, electrical, mechanical engineering, photonics engineering, industrial automation, construction technology, and  renewable energies. The school focuses on fostering graduates who can design, construct and manage various buildings and structures using the new age advanced technologies. The areas of focus include project management, geotechnical analysis, programmable logic control, computer-aided drafting, structural design, microprocessor technology, data communications, energy conservation, electrical power generation, and distribution, robotics, and renewable energy systems. The courses are accredited by the Technology Accreditation Canada. The college offers opportunities to get trained in the hi-tec design and manufacturing labs. Qualified graduates from the computer science field are allowed to apply for the certification, namely the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). Graduates are offered opportunities to take up engineering technology co-op courses at NC to further continue the studies.

School of Trades

School of Trades at NC provides various apprenticeship, diploma and certificate courses in the field of trade. There are well-equipped labs and highly skilled faculties who provide extensive training to prepare students for the workforce. The fields of study offered are carpentry, renovation techniques, welding, and metal fabrication. An extensive apprenticeship program is offered in the field of hairstyling. The school offers a hairstyling salon for practicing styling skills. Graduates become eligible for careers as electrical workers, welders, automotive service technician, carpenter and machinist. Students enrolled in the automotive field are eligible for co-op work terms that provide paid work opportunities along with academics.

Niagara-on-the-lake campus

School of Business and Management

The School of Business and Management offers courses that concentrate on human resources skills, accounting, international commerce, case research, business operations, and patient relations.   

Canadian Food and wine institute

Canadian Food and Wine institute offers courses that train the students in distilling, brewery, fermentation and food safety and regulation awareness skills. 

School of Environment and Horticulture

The School of Environment and Horticulture offers various graduate and diploma courses that provide expertise in fields like beekeeping, pollination services, distributed ecosystems, wetlands, water supplies, sustainable environment, and biodiversity. 

School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports

The School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports offer advanced diploma along with other diploma and graduate courses that provide advanced skills to the students. The main field of study is event management that includes planning and managing events, hospitality at restaurants and hotels and tourism operations.

Annual fees for Indians $17,953
Annual off-campus living $19,547
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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