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Northeastern University - Overview & Background

The Northeastern University is located in Boston, MA and it was established in 1898. Since then the university has enrolled approximately 18,000 students in undergraduate programs and 7,000 students in graduate programs. This is ranked highly in the list of “Best Schools For Internships” by the Princeton Review for over a decade.

Former Names Evening Institute for Younger Men (1898–1916), Northeastern College (1916–1922)
Established 1898
Founder Frank Palmer Speare
University Type  Private Research University
University Motto Light, Truth, Courage
University City Boston, Massachusetts
Acceptance Rate 6.7% 
Graduation Rate 87.4%
Employment Rate 80%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:14
Endowment $1.07 billion (2020)
Campus Size 73 acres
Official Website Link Northeastern University, United States
Contact Details +1 617-373-2000


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Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

Northeastern University considers diversity to be essential to learning. Learning is transformed by the range and depth of ideas, experiences, and cultural backgrounds that diversity provides. It's not just about how you appear or where you came from; it's also about your decisions and experiences.

People from a wide range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds attend Northeastern. You'll have a variety of choices and experiences thanks to its global experiential learning possibilities, which will help you become a more varied person. 

Most Common Race or Ethnicity

There are around 8,636 Whites, 1,663 Hispanic or Latinos, and 3,192 Asians as of October 15, 2020. Northeastern University's student body is made up of 37.7% white students, 11% Asian students, 6.76% Hispanic or Latino students, 3.58% Two or More Races students, 0.0405% American Indian or Alaska Native students, 3.38% Black or African American students, and 0.0225% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders students.

This comprises graduate and undergraduate students, along with the full-time and part-time students. In comparison, all Doctoral Universities have 50.3% white students, 14.3% Hispanic or Latino students, and 9.48% Black or African American students.
A "Non-Resident Alien" is a student who is studying in the United States on a temporary basis, and there are 3,023 of these students at the university. As of October 15, 2020, there are 8,598 graduates enrolled.

Northeastern University conferred the following degrees from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020:

Degrees  Number of Degrees 
Bachelor’s degrees 4,122
Master’s degrees 2,885
Post-Master’s certificates 20
Doctoral degrees – research/scholarship 176
 Doctoral degrees – professional practice  439

Northeastern University awarded 382 fewer degrees to women than to men in 2019. White is the most frequent race/ethnicity category among Northeastern University degree recipients (2,848 degrees awarded). Whites graduated 3.93 times more than the next closest race/ethnicity group, Asians (725 degrees).


Campus & Accommodation

As a student, friend, and professional, you will learn to reach new heights at Northeastern. For First Year, Second Year, and Upperclassmen students interested in living on campus, the University provides a variety of housing alternatives.
It encourages students to think about living on campus because it is a unique aspect of the American university experience.

For incoming exchange students, the majority of on-campus accommodations are double rooms with a common bathroom. Exchange students, on the other hand, are not guaranteed on-campus housing and must compete for it. Graduate (master's) exchange students are not permitted to stay on campus.

The Housing & Residential Life system at Northeastern University covers student housing both owned and leased by the university.

  • list items A bed frame, mattress (twin XL), desk, desk chair, and dresser are included in each room.
  • list items All Northeastern University's residence halls are smoke-free zones.
  • list items Most of the rooms are for two people (triple-occupancy rooms are also available)
  • list items Stetson East, Stetson West, and International Village all have dining halls.
  • list items In most halls, common community spaces can be used for studies, group projects, or student activities.
  • list items A meal plan is compulsory for all first-year students.
  • list items Single rooms are limited in number.
  • First Year Accommodations 2021-2022 Room Rates

  • list items Traditional Accommodations - $3,670
  • list items Suite-Style Accommodations - $3,670 to $4,630
  • list items Apartment Style Accommodations - $5,070
  • Upperclassmen (third year +) students

  • list items Apartment Style Accommodations - $4,115 to $8,380
  • Graduate Student or Law Student:

  • list items Apartment Style Accommodations: $5,960 to $7,915
  • list items For the 2022-2023 academic year, there will be no University Housing for new or returning Graduate Students or Law Students. Summer 2022 housing will be limited to students who have been on a continuous contract since the spring semester. Only students with ongoing contracts from Spring to Summer will receive information from the university in December/January about how to obtain housing for Summer 2022. Please note that housing for Summer II 2022 will end on August 23, 2022, with no extensions available.
  • This university provides many housing options to the students and is quite economical for them as well. Students can stay in residence halls that are equipped with furniture and other basic amenities as well. There is an option of choosing single rooms as well but they are very limited. The meal plan is mandatory for all the students of the first year if they choose to stay inside the campus premises. Students can also opt to stay off campus in the nearby areas in private apartments.


    Comparison with other Universities

    For the year 2021, the university is ranked 176 by Times Higher Education (THE) and 362 by QS World University Ranking. While QS prioritizes Academic Reputation (40%), Faculty/Student Ratio (20%), and Citations per Faculty (20%), Times Higher Education (THE) prioritises Teaching, Research, and Citations (30% each). As part of their rating system, US News & World Report considers Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, and Number of Publications Cited (12.5% each).

    On its main campus in Boston, as well as satellite locations, the university provides undergraduate and graduate studies. Northeastern University is the place to go if you want to take business classes. US News & World Report has given the university a good ranking. For the year 2021, US News & World Report ranked its Graduate Business School at 61 and its undergraduate business courses at 53. Moving on, the Financial Times has put Northeastern University's Global MBA programme at 69th. Bloomberg has also classified the university as having the best business school in the United States, with a score of 75.

    When it comes to engineering programmes, the institution has only been ranked for the year 2021, but it has already demonstrated outstanding results. Northeastern University's Mechanical Engineering course is ranked 40th, Electrical Engineering course is 39th, Civil Engineering course is 27th, Chemical Engineering course is 53rd, and Biomedical Engineering course is 45th, according to US News & World Report. The university's PG Engineering and Technology course was placed between 151 and 175 by Times Higher Education. 

    For the computer courses, the university is ranked 36 for Computer Engineering and between 126 and 150 for PG Computers by US News & World Report.
    Northeastern University is a top-ranked private university in Boston, Massachusetts. In the QS Global World Rankings 2022, it is rated #342.

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    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Northeastern University provides qualifying graduate students with a variety of financial aid options, including assistantships, scholarships, loans, and labor rewards from both federal and institutional sources. Grants and scholarships are considered gifts and do not need to be repaid; loans, on the other hand, must be paid back. Tuition prices are directly affected by grants, scholarships, and loans. Work award earnings are paid out on a weekly basis and are meant to assist students with expenses during the academic year.

    Students must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens to be eligible for government aid. International students may be eligible for alternative loan funding if they are not qualified for federal financial help. Qualified applicants may also be eligible for graduate assistantships. Students who are interested in assistantships should contact the graduate school to which they are applying.
    Students can also consider completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is the initial step toward receiving federal financial aid.

    The following are some of the resources offered at Northeastern:

  • list items Double Husky Scholarship
  • list items Lifetime Learning Membership
  • list items Fellowship Opportunities
  • list items Yellow Ribbon Program (Specific to military students)
  • A limited number of suitable full-time graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement are also offered assistantships and other financial aid by Northeastern.

    Assistantships: Some assistantships are guaranteed when you accept the position; others can be awarded at any moment. To find out what they're eligible for, prospective students can go to the website of the college they want to attend. Northeastern University provides the following services:

  • list items Research Assistantships (RA)
  • list items Teaching Assistantships (TA)
  • list items Stipend Graduate Assistantships (SGA)
  • Other Opportunities

  • list items Company Sponsorship - Many organisations provide some form of sponsorship for full- or part-time education through employee tuition reimbursements to boost the productivity and skill levels of their personnel.
  • list items GrantForward - GrantForward is a search engine that allows users to look for grants and sponsors from the federal government. Northeastern University is a subscriber. Students must be connected to the Northeastern University Network—either NUNET or NUWave—to access the database.
  •  There are many scholarship and funding programs that help the students in getting financial assistance as they enroll in Northeastern University. There are many merit-based scholarship programs that are beneficial for students while they study at the university.


    Placement Details & Recruiting Companies

    Employer Engagement and Career Design at Northeastern University assists students in interacting with students, increasing their talent pipeline, and discovering people to match their employment needs. Our co-op employers give full-time jobs to more than half of our graduating students. Despite this, many organisations recruit and hire graduating students for full-time positions after graduation. The hiring process takes place all year but is most active in the fall and spring semesters.

  • list items General Business (900 degrees conferred)
  • list items General Computer & Information Sciences (248 degrees)
  • list items Mechanical Engineering are the most prevalent bachelor's degree concentrations at Northeastern University (222 degrees).
  • list items Engineering (2,231 degrees awarded)
  • list items Architecture and Related Services (88 degrees),
  • list items Legal are the most specialised majors at Northeastern University across all degree types, meaning they have significantly more degrees awarded in that concentration than the national average across all institutions (248 degrees). 
  • The average package for MBA is $107,350 while for MS its around $81,000.  Average Annual alumni salary is approx. $62,300.

    Some of the recruiting companies include:

  • list items Google
  • list items Fidelity
  • list items Verizon
  • list items Raytheon
  • list items Amazon
  • list items IBM
  • list items Ernst & Young
  • list items ADP
  • list items Pfizer
  • list items Dell
  • list items Athena Health
  • list items Microsoft
  • list items Medtronics
  • list items Pwc
  • list items Oracle
  • list items Deloitte
  • Jobs and Placements

    Going by the Payscale data, Northeastern University Master of Science graduates earn about $77,964 annually on an average. Master of Computer Science graduates earns about $99,394 annually. Those with Master’s degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering are able to earn $85k and $71k respectively, according to Payscale. Boys make a median salary of approximately $78K compared to their female counterparts, who earn $65K.

    Students that work as Operations Managers after their engineering masters are able to earn close to $82k annually on average. SQL experts from the university earn around $83k while Java experts make about $93k annually on an average, according to Payscale data. Software developers are also able to earn more than $80k ($83,055) annually. According to Niche, the university offers A+ experience in terms of net price, earning potential and student experience. 76% of students believe that they are getting value for money.



    Since the 1990s, this university has twice won the ‘most beautiful new or renovated exterior space’ award for its colorful and green surroundings. The campus is very safe for the students as it has a lot of security/law enforcement agency personnel around the campus. There are many residential halls that are designed keeping in mind the ease of the students and provides them with all the comfort and facilities that they require inside the campus area. Along with hi-tech classrooms, students can get access to various new technologies within the campus area.



    The faculty of this college is highly innovative and creative as they keep on pushing the students beyond their boundaries to achieve the best in life. Professors and students research on extensive levels to discover new processes and systems that will meet up with societal needs.


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from Northeastern University include:

  • list items Jeff Clarke, CEO, Kodak
  • list items Patrick Duddy, U.S. Ambassador
  • list items John O. Pastore, Governor of Rhode Island
  • list items Gregory Jarvis, Astronaut
  • list items Richard Daniels, Former president, Boston Globe
  • list items Beverly Johnson, Supermodel and actress
  • list items Jeffrey Rosen, Billionaire businessman
  • list items George Kariotis, Founder, Alpha Industries
  • Sprinkles


    Northeastern University is great for the students as it provides all the support and growth that students look for while studying. It is highly focused on the integrity that keeps the students ahead in every field of study and research.


    Northeastern University Location

    Northeastern University is located in the Fenway Cultural District area of Boston in the state of Massachusetts. It is situated on Huntington Avenue with the Fenway, Back Bay and Roxbury areas forming its immediate neighbourhoods. The main campus of the university lies between Tremont Street and Washington Street, while a South Campus lies on Columbus Avenue.

    Even though the campus is located in a part of the city that is buzzing with life round the clock, it is able to retain its calm and beauty because of its heavy green cover and architecture. It is considered to be one of the safest university campuses in the US. Its design brings the best of the worlds of a sprawling city and the calmness of the university environment and has been considered an ideal urban campus by experts.

    Public libraries, conservatories, museums, art galleries, theaters, and music halls lie alongside the main campus and make it a center of attraction within the cultural district.

    The university not only shapes the social, cultural and economic life of the city, but its engineering and science departments get an impetus due to the bustling economic activity of Boston as well. Being located in a hub of Biotechnology, IT, Mining, Construction, and Manufacturing helps Northeastern University to take a leading role in innovation and research.

    The main campus of the university is well-connected by road, rail, and airways. It can be reached by the I-93 or I-90 by road. MBTA Commuter Rail System’s Orange Line and Green Line (E Branch) serve the campus through their 6 stations. The nearest airport is the Boston Logan International Airport which lies 7 miles North-east from the center of the main campus.

    Northeastern University Map Location

     Address: 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Northeastern University provide international students with scholarships and/or financial aid?

    How does an overseas student apply to Northeastern University?

    What is the distinction between on-campus and online credits?

    How do Northeastern University students find a co-op?

    What is Northeastern University's student-to-faculty ratio?

    At Northeastern University, the student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1, and 61.8 percent of classes have fewer than 20 students.

    International students are eligible for all merit scholarships offered by Northeastern. If merit scholarships are available, all overseas students will be immediately considered and offered them. After completing the relevant documents, students who are US citizens as well as qualified non-citizens will be granted financial need-based help.

    International applicants who meet the academic (aptitude) standards but are not skilled in English may be granted conditional admission to ASU. International F-1 students with conditional admission have three semesters to submit a passing TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score or to complete ASU Global Launch to be completely admitted to the university.

    International high school students must meet the same conditions as domestic applicants.

    At Northeastern University, every major has a qualified career counsellor who will accompany you whenever you need assistance. They serve as a link between co-op students and companies wishing to hire. Counselors at the university can assist you in finding the co-op that is right for you. Northeastern University is ranked 49th in the National Universities rankings and has a long-standing reputation for its co-op programme, which dates back over 100 years.