Brief background:

The Northeastern University is located in Boston, MA and it was established in 1898.  Since then the university has enrolled approximately 18,000 students in undergraduate programs and 7,000 students in graduate programs. This is ranked highly in the list of “Best Schools For Internships” by the Princeton Review for over a decade.


Since the 1990s, this university has twice won the ‘most beautiful new or renovated exterior space’ award for its colorful and green surroundings. The campus is very safe for the students as it has a lot of security/law enforcement agency personnel around the campus. There are many residential halls that are designed keeping in mind the ease of the students and provides them with all the comfort and facilities that they require inside the campus area. Along with hi-tech classrooms, students can get access to various new technologies within the campus area.

Residing Options:

This university provides many housing options to the students and is quite economical for them as well. Students can stay in residence halls that are equipped with furniture and other basic amenities as well. There is an option of choosing single rooms as well but they are very limited. The meal plan is mandatory for all the students of the first year if they choose to stay inside the campus premises. Students can also opt to stay off campus in the nearby areas in private apartments.


The faculty of this college is highly innovative and creative as they keep on pushing the students beyond their boundaries to achieve the best in life. Professors and students research on extensive levels to discover new processes and systems that will meet up with societal needs.

Financial aid:

There are many scholarship and funding programs that help the students in getting financial assistance as they enroll in the Northeastern University. There are many merit-based scholarship programs that are beneficial for the students while they study at the university.

Jobs and placements:

Going by the Payscale data, Northeastern University Master of Science graduates earn about $77,964 annually on an average. Master of Computer Science graduates earns about $99,394 annually. Those with Master’s degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering are able to earn $85k and $71k respectively, according to Payscale. Boys make a median salary of approximately $78K compared to their female counterparts, who earn $65K. Students that work as Operations Managers after their engineering masters are able to earn close to $82k annually on an average. SQL experts from the university earn around $83k while Java experts make about $93k annually on an average, according to Payscale data. Software developers are also able to earn more than $80k ($83,055) annually. According to Niche, the university offers A+ experience in terms of net price, earning potential and student experience. 76% of students believe that they are getting value for money.

Alumni: Noted alumni include George Adams, CEO Distinguished Professor, Michael Dukakis, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Pran Nath, Co-developer of the theory of supergravity and Amin Khoury, Co-founder, and CEO of B/E Aerospace.


Northeastern University is great for the students as it provides all the support and growth that students look for while studying. It is highly focused on the integrity that keeps the students ahead in every field of study and research.


Northeastern University is located in the Fenway Cultural District area of Boston in the state of Massachusetts. It is situated on the Huntington Avenue with the Fenway, Back Bay and Roxbury areas forming its immediate neighborhoods. The main campus of the university lies between Tremont Street and Washington Street, while a South Campus lies on Columbus Avenue.
Even though the campus is located in a part of the city that is buzzing with life round the clock, it is able to retain its calm and beauty because of its heavy green cover and architecture. It is considered to be one of the safest university campuses in the US. Its design brings the best of the worlds of a sprawling city and calmness of the university environment and has been considered an ideal urban campus by experts.
Public libraries, conservatories, museums, art galleries, theaters, and music halls lie alongside the main campus and make it a center of attraction within the cultural district.
The university not only shapes the social, cultural and economic life of the city, but its engineering and science departments get an impetus due to the bustling economic activity of Boston as well. Being located in a hub of Biotechnology, IT, Mining, Construction, and Manufacturing helps Northeastern University to take a leading role in innovation and research.
The main campus of the university is well-connected by road, rail, and airways. It can be reached by the I-93 or I-90 by road. MBTA Commuter Rail System’s Orange Line and Green Line (E Branch) serve the campus through their 6 stations. The nearest airport is the Boston Logan International Airport which lies 7 miles North-east from the center of the main campus.

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