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The Department of Biotechnology of the College of Science offers some of the most comprehensive programs in biotechnology. The department has not only paid attention to pedagogical shifts in biotechnology teaching and research but has also laid special emphasis on designing courses that match the latest industry needs.

Strong interdisciplinary nature of the programs and a broad set of faculty research experience ensure that the students remain a step ahead of their peers as they enter the professional world. Plenty of options of gaining co-op experience in the biotechnology companies in the region mean that students can acquire practical experience and advance their careers towards their interests.

  • list items Available Programs are BS, BS/MS (accelerated), MS and Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Professional Master of Science (PSM). MS is offered in following concentrations Molecular Biotechnology; Process Sciences; Manufacturing and Quality Operations; Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences; Pharmaceutical Technologies; Scientific Information Management; Regulatory Science; Biotechnology Enterprise.
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    The Department of Chemical Engineering of the College of Engineering has a strong interdisciplinary focus that aims to acquaint the young minds with the challenges of the discipline by inculcating in them a sense of social responsibility, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. Faculty members that include distinguished professors and National Academy and Professional Society members believe that quality practical learning does not stop in the labs and that students are ill-trained until they get industry experience and face real-world challenges early in their careers. Student-Industry fellowships and US Army fellowship encourage students to extend the frontiers of applied chemical sciences by channelizing their efforts to find solutions for the most pressing problems.

  • list items Available Programs are Minor in Biochemical Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Physics; BS and MS in Chemical Engineering; Master of Science in Chemical Engineering; Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering. The key research areas are Advanced Materials; Biological Engineering
  • list items Areas of Expertise: Advanced Materials; Advanced Microgravity Materials Processing; Biotechnology; Biomaterials; Biochemical Reactions; Semiconductor Materials Development
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    Computer Science

    Khoury College of Computer Sciences has nurtured the tradition of bringing in the latest and the best pedagogical and combined research experience for its students through strong industry linkages to foster interdisciplinary education. The department has strong linkages with the various government agencies that ensure that master’s students get exposed to real-world problems from day one. With a strong focus on research, teaching and industry collaboration in emerging fields, the department promises to be a leader in a discipline that has been the single largest contributor to innovation in the past century. Specialized co-op programs offer hands-on experience to give the students an edge over their peers.

    The various programs offered by the department are:

  • list items BS
  • list items BA
  • list items BS/MS (accelerated)
  • list items MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • list items BS in Cybersecurity
  • list items BS in Data Science
  • list items Graduate Certificates in Data Analytics
  • list items Cybersecurity and Health Informatics.
  • The specialization Tracks (MS) are:

  • list items Data Science
  • list items Cybersecurity
  • list items Artificial Intelligence
  • list items Game Science and Design
  • list items Health Data Analytics
  • list items Health Informatics
  • list items Robotics.
  • The key research areas are:

  • list items Algorithms and Theory
  • list items  Artificial Intelligence; Data Science
  • list items  Formal Methods Games
  • list items  Human-Centered Computing
  • list items  Machine Learning
  • list items  Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
  • list items  Network Science
  • list items  Programming Languages
  • list items  Robotics
  • list items  Personal Health Informatics Security and Privacy
  • list items  Software Engineering
  • list items  Systems and Networking.
  • List of Labs: Center for Complex Network Research


    Electrical and Computer 

    The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has committed itself to extend the frontiers of electrical engineering by developing its potential in the allied engineering disciplines. It realizes the fundamental importance of electrical engineering discipline in virtually any technological development in these times. The department has been able to secure research funding from a number of government agencies and over 20 industrial partners which ensure that students earn the most challenging hands-on experience and get a taste of professional world like none of their peers.

    The available programs are BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

    MS program is offered in the following concentrations: communications, control, and signal processing; computer systems and software; computer networks and security; computer vision, machine learning, and algorithms; electromagnetics, plasma, and optics; microsystems, materials, and devices; and power systems.

  • list items Areas of Expertise: Power Systems; Electromagnetics; Digital Signal Processing; Robotics and Mechatronics; Computer Engineering; Solid-State and Electron Devices
  • list items List of Labs: Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems
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    Civil and Environmental

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has shaped itself with the belief that successful environmental engineers need to be honest environmentalists first. It aims to combine the urgent environmental concerns with the latest sustainable technology systems to design its courses.

    Healthy government and industry collaborations bear testimony to their success. The department believes that owing to the specificity of the discipline and vast environmental challenges at hand, the purpose of the discipline can only be fulfilled by churning out thinkers of the future.

    Its faculty is thus geared to offer instruction in emerging areas such as

  • list items Hydraulic modeling
  • list items Coastal engineering
  • list items Climate science
  • list items Robotics for remote sensing, etc.
  • The available programs are:

  • list items BS in Civil Engineering
  • list items BS in Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies
  • list items BS in Environmental Engineering
  • list items BS in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture
  • list items BS in Environmental Engineering and Health Science
  • list items BS and MS in Civil Engineering
  • list items BS Civil Engineering/MS Environmental Engineering
  • list items BS and MS in Environmental Engineering
  • list items Minor, Architectural Engineering
  • list items Minor, Civil Engineering Communications Program.
  • In graduate studies, the department offers:

  • list items MS in Civil Engineering
  • list items MS in Engineering and Public Policy
  • list items MS in Environmental Engineering
  • list items MS in Sustainable Building Systems
  • list items Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
  • list items Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering.
  • The key research areas are: Environmental Health; Geoenvironmental Engineering; Sustainable Resource Engineering. Puerto Rico Test site for Exploring Contamination Threats (PROTECT) is a research facility in the department.

    The key research areas are Civil Infrastructure Security. PROTECT - Center for Healthcare Engineering and VOTERS - Center for Infrastructure Systems are the various research facilities offered by the department. The faculty accomplishments include recognition and awards like ASCE Moisseiff, ASCE Shortridge Hardesty, ASCE Thomas A. Middlebrooks, Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, and TRB Traffic Simulation Lifetime Achievement, etc.

  • list items Areas of Expertise: Geotechnical Engineering; Earthquake Engineering; Structural Engineering; Transportation Analysis and Planning; Geoenvironmental Engineering; Environmental Engineering
  • list items List of Labs: PROTECT - Center for Healthcare Engineering; VOTERS - Center for Infrastructure Systems
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    Mechanical and Industrial

    The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has kept itself updated with the major developments in the world of technology. Large scale industry collaborations with leading companies, US Army and the Health Department mean that Northeastern University students of mechanical engineering start a step ahead of their peers when it comes to hands-on experience. With a combined faculty experience that surpasses most departments of the discipline in the US, the department has been able to design trend-setting courses.

    The faculty members from the department have earned awards and recognition from the National Academy of Engineering, American Association of Advancement of Science, American Physical Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, etc.

    They believe that great innovators are born not just through quality instruction but also through industry experience that throws open challenges to them and promotes a spirit of problem-solving right from day one. Their active research experience means that students start at higher job profiles that most others when they enter the professional world.

  • list items Programs Available: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Physics; BS Industrial Engineering/MS Energy Systems; BS Industrial Engineering/MS Engineering Management; BS Industrial Engineering/MS Operations Research; BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering; BS Mechanical Engineering/JD Law 3+3; Minor in Biomechanical Engineering, Healthcare Systems Operations, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics. The graduate programs offered by the department are Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering; Energy Systems; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Management; Human Factors; Operations Research; Robotics; Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • list items Key Research Areas: Biomechanics & Soft Matters – Solids and Fluids; Impact Mechanics; Mechatronics and Systems – Control, Robotics, & Human Machines; Multifunctional Composites; Multi-phase Structured Matter
  • list items Research Facilities: Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN) is devoted to cutting-edge research in nanotechnology.
  • list items Areas of expertise: Biomedical Engineering; Controls and Robotics; Materials Science and Engineering; Thermofluids Engineering; Nanomanufacturing; Applied Mechanics and Design
  • list items List of Labs (Mechanical): Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing
  • list items List of Labs (Industrial): Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation