Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - Overview & Background

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) was established in 1962. It is situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The main campus of North Alberta is located in Urban Edmonton of Canada. Alberta's motto is “Discere, Efficere, Praestare”. North Alberta is a polytechnic college for applied sciences. NAIT focuses on providing technology-based education to all the students that apply for polytechnic science.




Alberta Premier Ernest Manning 

University Type

Public Research University

University Motto

To Learn, To Do, To Succeed

University City

Edmonton, Alberta
Acceptance Rate


Faculty to Student Ratio



$45 million

Campus Size

134 acres

Graduation Rate


Employment Rate


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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton

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NAIT provides quality education to students which helps them polish their knowledge and skills as per the employer and industry demands. The alumni network of NAIT is extremely strong and is creating a whole new polished community across Canada.  NAIT has a wide range of programs taught under 4 schools that specifically focus on the industry sectors within the economy of North Alberta.

The schools which are under NAIT are:

  • JR Shaw School of Business
  • School of Applied Sciences and Technology
  • School of Health and Life Sciences
  • School of Skilled Trades.

They are fully equipped with high-quality equipment and facilities and have strong infrastructure. The curricula designed in these schools are exceptionally informative for the students joining the courses. NAIT has more than 20,000 registrations for corporate-based training. Currently, the institute has enrolled 14,500 students in their non-credit courses including international students from about 94 countries.    


The campus of NAIT is very wide and contains four campuses which are located in Edmonton and Spruce Grove. The main campus of NAIT has a strong infrastructure which has acquired 13.27 hectares of the previous city center airport of Edmonton. NAIT has also the largest registered medical laboratory which is essential for future technologists.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) acquired the Knowledge Infrastructure Program which made funding available for the college. The funding played a very important role in building NAIT's infrastructure. A new program has also been started with the help of funding which is the Renewable Energy technology course. Due to this program, the institute has added to its infrastructure state-of-art equipment, a 30-kW generator which is thermos-fluid, and a 2.4-kW wind turbine which generates heavy loads of power.

The campus of NAIT is huge which includes many perks for the students. Parking and transportation are available to all which helps the students and the other staff to drive, transit or take a ride to NAIT. There are protective services provided by NAIT that ensure the safety of staff and students on the campus.

The library services on the campus provide a wide array of resources and books on course studies. Along with Books, Articles, and resource collections, there are in-demand publications, journals and some virtual videos in the form of streaming media stored in the campus library. The other services provided by the library are Makerspace, Learning about Copyright, Loanable technology, Project Printing & Finishing, and ICON Digital library.

The campus provides NAITSA Computer Commons which has a large number of computers for staff and students. The other facility which makes computers available is the Tower Computer Commons.  

Residing Options 

The University of Alberta in a partnership with North Alberta Institute of Technology invites the students of NAIT to live on campus. NAIT already has a residential area on the campus which allows the students to stay safely in their graduating year with all their basic requirements fulfilled. A variety of residential options are made available to the students.

These have unique attributes and the capacity to hold a large number of students on the campus. The college campus provides in-residence fitness facilities which make sure to cater to the health and fitness needs of the NAIT students. 

The house accommodation is given to a student after he/she completes proper paper-work and formalities. A student has to first apply to the college university to attain a room in the residence. Other than that, if a student wishes to stay outside the college campus, there are numerous rent apartments and houses around the city. A student is first preferred to stay on the campus as it is a safe and convenient way for students to keep up with academics.

Financial Aid 

NAIT always comes up with new ways to fund the education of both domestic as well as international students. It supports over 4000 students by providing $6 million in scholarships and bursaries every year. To get the scholarship, the students have to show their academic achievements in their past years or any practical working experience. The scholarship fund is awarded to those students who demonstrate excellent skills in their academics with the attainment of good marks. Also, the ones who are awarded the funds have to be enrolled in more than 80% course load.

If a student does not fulfil the above categories, then they can choose to do volunteer work which may also allow them to receive a scholarship. Some of the scholarships that are provided are named A.H. Owen Scholarship Fund, AB Wall & Ceiling Association, etc. The students can also opt for Bursaries. These don't need to be paid back unlike loans. The most important criterion to be eligible for bursaries is the proof of financial need. Bursaries are provided to those whose family income is very low and who cannot afford education.

Hence, keeping this in mind, the funds are awarded to the students who can demonstrate their financial needs, are enrolled in the course with more than 60% load and have maintained good academic results in their past schooling. Some of the names of Bursaries are Abe & Joyce Weise born Bursary, Aboriginal Apprenticeship Bursary, etc.

Jobs and Placement;

The placements are given every year to the students from every department. According to the NAIT Graduate Placement Survey 2018, 75% of the graduates participated in the placement from the class, and most of them have been employed at reputed companies. The survey suggests that NAIT has placed about 89% of students in full-time employment, and the remaining 11% were employed part-time.

In 2018, 100% of employment was reported including full time and part-time. It has been estimated that 45% of the students found employment before graduating, and 35% of the students secured employment within three months after graduating. Hence, the placement rate is good and high at NAIT.

A new testing system has been started by NAIT on its campuses and the schools under it known as Placement Testing. Taking the test allows a candidate to know his/her potential to obtain a job in his/her desired field. The placement tests are available for English, Math, and Chemistry.

Notable Alumni

Some famous alumni from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology include:

  • Jarred Land, Red Digital Cinema Camera Company President
  • Vince Steen, Northwest Territories MLA
  • Olivia Cheng (Radio and Television Arts), Canadian Actress
  • Cathy King (Radio and Television Arts), Gold Medalist curler
  • Bob Peterson (Photography '65), Photographer
  • Bol Kong (Radio and Television Arts), Professional Basketball Player with National Basketball League of Canada (NBL) and NBA Draft. Named All-Canadian at NAIT.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Location 

  • The main campus which is the most popular one is situated on 11762-106 Street in Edmonton.
  • The second campus is called the Patricia campus which is located at Edmonton 12204-109.
  • The third campus is the Souch campus which is situated at Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton 7110.
  • The fourth and the last campus is the Spruce Grove campus which is located at 281 Tamarack Drive. 

The location of NAIT was voted #1 by the students as it is the safest location one can opt to go. The nearest hospital is the University of Alberta Hospital which is situated right across the campus. The other famous 24x7 hospitals are Royal Alexandra and Grey Nuns Hospital. The nearest airport that is situated within a distance of 34 km is the Edmonton International Airport.

It is easier for international students to reach the campus directly from the airport. There are small supermarkets present on the campus which contain all the necessities required by a student during his/her living on the campus residence.

There are cab ride services in Edmonton which allow the students to move from one place to another. There are bus services too present in Edmonton other than the cab rides. The bus services run from NAIT LRT station, 106 street & 117 Avenue to the required destinations.  Some of the shopping centres are: West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton City Center, South Gate City Centre, etc.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Map Location

Address: NAIT HP Centre, W203 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3K4, Canada

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