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Flagstaff, Arizona

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Northern Arizona University has a seamless and hassle-free admission process for international and Indian students. With its diverse educational culture, high-quality faculty, and top-notch education, the university also ensures that candidates seeking admission to the university do not face any difficulties.

Northern Arizona University is a public university and is known internationally for a diverse range of students. The Northern Arizona University acceptance rate is around 80% for international students and is known to welcome international candidates to join various educational programs at NAU.

NAU believes in hosting a rich learning environment where students from different parts of the world can come together and create a rich learning environment. Therefore, as a student seeking admission at NAU, you can expect students from various cultural differences to come together to pursue various courses at the campus.


Admission Highlights

Northern Arizona University has a simple yet unique admission process to accept international students.

Admission Highlights Description

Unique Process

The university focuses personally on a smooth and hassle-free admission process of each student.

Indian Students

The University has an Indian Association of Northern Arizona dedicated specifically for the admission of Indian students.

Holistic Curriculum

Focused on the overall growth of students, including leadership, character development, personality development, and more.

Acceptance Rate


Graduation Rate


Placement Rate

Varies by program (e.g., Clinical Mental Health Counseling: 100%)

Total Programs

Over 100 undergraduate programs and more than 130 undergraduate and graduate programs


Admissions to Top Programs

Northern Arizona University offers a variety of programs at more than 20+ campuses. However, Indians seeking admission to the university often consider certain dedicated educational programs. These include programs such as Business Management, Marketing, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Journalism, and more.

While these programs are some of the most preferred ones among Indian students, there are also various other Northern Arizona University online programs that students can consider enrolling in.

Here is a detailed study of Northern Arizona University course fee for various top programs and Northern Arizona University entrance requirements for respective courses.

Program Name Northern Arizona University GPA Requirements Test Scores English Proficiency Tests Requried Additional Requirements

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Complete various courses with a grade of C or better


Duolingo: 105

IELTS: 6.5

Proof of Financial Support, Visa, Passport

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Verbal GRE: 149

Analytical GRE: 3.5

GRE: 146


Proof of Financial Support, Visa, Passport

PhD Programs




IELTS: 6.5

Proof of Financial Support, Visa, Passport

MS Mechanical Engineering & Other Engineering Programs




IELTS: 6.5

Proof of Financial Support, Visa, Passport


Application Deadlines

Northern Arizona University has two specific deadlines when seeking admission to its Fall and Spring programs. These deadlines go hand-in-hand for undergraduate as well as graduate courses.

Here are the complete details of all the Northern Arizona University application deadlines.

Intake Session Undergraduate Deadlines Graduate Deadlines

Northern Arizona University fall admission

1 June

1 June

Northern Arizona University spring admission

Rolling Basis

Rolling Basis

Northern Arizona University Summer Semester

Rolling Basis

Rolling Basis

While candidates are needed to secure their seats for undergraduate and graduate programs for the fall semester before June 1, there is no specific deadline laid down by the university for a spring semester.


Admissions Details and Process

Candidates seeking admission to Northern Arizona University must adhere to a specific NAU admission process.

Before applying to the university for any specific course, students must ensure that they complete the eligibility criteria. The Northern Arizona University Admission Process is as follows:

  • list items Visit the official Northern Arizona University admission portal.
  • list items On the Northern Arizona University application login portal, choose the “Arizona out-of-state Application” option since you are an international student.
  • list items Fill in your personal information in the form that opens.
  • list items Fill your academic details, followed by details of your family.
  • list items The final step involves submitting an application fee to the university.
  • Undergraduate Program

  • list items How to Apply: Complete an online application form and submit a copy of your passport, official transcripts, and test scores, along with your proof of financial support. 
  • list items Evaluation Process: Upon successfully submitting your application, the university will view and ensure that your details align with the course in which you are seeking admission.
  • list items Decision Notification: You will be notified by the university of your acceptance or rejection of your application upon the successful evaluation of your application.
  • list items Further Steps: You will be guided by the university on the next steps upon acceptance, which generally include the enrollment procedure.
  • Postgraduate Program

  • list items How to Apply: You must upload transcripts from all undergraduate work along with your application for successful evaluation.
  • list items Evaluation Process: Upon the successful evaluation of your application, you will be granted regular admission to the university.
  • list items Decision Notification: A notification for the graduate program is sent in writing to all candidates.
  • list items Further Steps: The further steps are thoroughly guided by the university once you are approved to join a particular course at Northern Arizona University.
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    Exams Accepted

    Here are the various exams accepted by Northern Arizona University for international students seeking admission.

    Name of Examination Purpose Score


    Undergraduate Admission



    Undergraduate Admission



    English Proficiency



    English Proficiency



    English Proficiency


    While Northern Arizona University requirements for international students are seamless, yet there can be certain regular updates from the university. Therefore, as a candidate seeking admission to the university, you must check out the entire process before applying. Also, consider exploring various programs offered by the institution to find the most relevant one to apply.

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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Are there scholarships given to international students at NAU?

    Yes, Northern Arizona University has various scholarship programs to offer for international students and some financial aid. Potential candidates can explore scholarships and financial aid provided on the official university website.

    What documents are needed to apply for an undergraduate program at NAU?

    As a part of your application process, you must submit a copy of your passport along with official transcripts, test scores, and proof of financial support.

    Does NAU accept Indian students with ease?

    Yes, Northern Arizona University is known to welcome Indian international students to study in various educational programs. Moreover, the university has a dedicated Indian community to encourage Indian students to be admitted to NAU.

    How can I go to Northern Arizona University from India?

    As an Indian resident, you can easily apply to the admission process of NAU and complete all the international formalities to finally reach the university from India.

    Is NAU 100% acceptance rate?

    The acceptance rate of NAU is around 80% for international students. 

    What is the enrollment fee for undergraduate courses at NAU?

    The Northern Arizona University application fee needed to lock your seat for an undergraduate course at NAU is $325.