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Red River College - Overview & Background

Red River College (RRC) is one of the largest centers for learning and research located in Manitoba, Canada. RRC offers more than 200 diploma, degree and certificate courses that can be pursued either full-time or part-time. RRC boasts of training 22000 students every year of which 24% are international students belonging to 60 different countries.

The college is at eight different campuses across Manitoba. The main campuses in Winnipeg are Exchange District Campus, Notre Dame Campus, and Stevenson Airport.

The regional campuses are Interlake and Peguis – Fisher River, Portage la Prairie, Steinbach, Stevenson Southport, and Winkler. 

Founder R.J. JohnsT.O. Durin, and Otto Peters.
University Type Public Research University
University Motto In Front of What's Ahead
University City Winnipeg, Manitoba
Acceptance Rate 89%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:21
Campus Size 99 acres
Graduation Rate NA
Employment Rate 94%
Official Website Link Red River College, Winkler
Contact Details +1 204-632-3960


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1. Notre Dame Campus at Winnipeg is the largest campus of RRC. It houses many main buildings and amenities. The majority of RRC’s programmes related to transportation technology, health sciences, and engineering programs are provided on this campus. It has many well-equipped research laboratories. 

2. Exchange District Campus at Winnipeg provides courses in the field of arts, IT, culinary and hospitality. They have modern classrooms and study spaces along with equally modern and advanced research facilities. They have two student-run dinings operating inside the campus.

3. Stevenson campus in Winnipeg has Canada's third-largest aerospace sector. The campus provides courses in the field of Aviation and Aerospace. 

4. Interlake and Peguis Fisher River campus is a regional campus that provides community programs and part-time courses. The administrative office is located in Selkirk, and the main campuses are located in Selkirk, Peguis and Fisher River. 

5. Portage la Prairie campus is located in a historic building, and it offers various full time and part-time programs in administration, business, accounting, marketing, and early childhood. It is a regional campus and focuses on community-based learning and contract training specific to industries.  

6. The Steinbach campus is located in Eastman Education Centre on Steinbach’s Loewen Boulevard. RRC focuses on rural communities and offers free English Language courses along with childcare facilities for the rural community and the refugees in its Language Training Centre. 

7. Stevenson campus in Southport is a regional campus that offers courses in the field of aviation and aerospace. 

8. RRC’s Winkler campus is a regional campus that offers personal and professional development programs in the Pembina Valley. It also offers additional support courses through the Winkler community learning center.


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RRC has a fully structured and functioning library at the Notre Dame Campus and the Exchange District Campus. The library has over 75000 titles in print form and 5000 titles in digital format. The library provides more than 2000 digital equipment and facilities including projectors, printers, and scanners.

The Building Envelope Technology Access Centre (BETAC) provides advanced facilities for research in the fields of construction, designing, and effect of new construction materials. The university has one of the best infrastructural prospects.

The Roblin Centre has all the facilities used for learning and research in the field of business, creative arts, and IT programs. It also contains a bookstore, a fully functional library, and a fitness center. Paterson GlobalFoods Institute has amenities for facilitating hospitality and culinary arts programs. ACE Project Space offers a place for IT students to work with entrepreneurs and learn new technologies and product development.

The other research centers of RRC are:

  • list items The Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing (TACAM)
  • list items Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre (VTEC)
  • list items Culinary Research & Innovation (CRI).
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    Residing Options

    RRC provides campus living options to students. Well-furnished residences are available in Paterson GlobalFoods Institute at the Exchange District Campus situated in Winnipeg. The food and the location of the residence are well suited for all the students. Furnished single and double suite room options are available for the students to choose from.

    The rooms are provided with internet and Wi-Fi facilities and are subjected to IT usage policies of the college. There is a public kitchen space for the students to cook their food. A microwave oven and fridge are also provided to the students in each room.

    Students can also choose to rent houses off-campus or homestay at a Canadian house. New Journey Housing and The Residential Tenancies Branch provides information about off-campus housing. Temporary housing options in hostels and hotels are also provided for short stays.


    Financial Aid

    RRC provides interest-free repayable loans as well as non-repayable grants and bursaries. The students need to contact the Manitoba Student Aid Branch for applying for the grants and bursaries. Every financial aid has its opening dates. RRC also advises students to refer to the information given on the Government of Canada's financial assistance for students' website.

    The students who apply for the grants are assessed on the basis of their financial need and. RRC has an Awards and Financial Aid office that assists students on financial aid. There are entry-level awards like Bell MTS Telecommunications Award and Business Administration Relocation Bursary and general awards like Assistive Technology Award and C.P. Loewen Family Foundation Bursary. There are many other awards and bursaries available specific to the field of study. 


    Jobs and Placements 

    RRC’s student employment services help and support students and recent graduates on their journey to employment. A portal namely Job Central is managed by the services and updated regularly on the opportunities available. They frequently conduct job fairs, networking events and career summit.

    As per the 2016/2017 Graduate Satisfaction and Employment reports, 94% of college graduates find work after graduation. Also, 96% of employers are more than satisfied with RRC hires. 


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from Red River College, Winkler include:

  • list items Randy Bachman, Guitarist (Business Administration) 
  • list items David Bergen, Novelist (Creative Communications)
  • list items Dawna Friesen, Journalist (Creative Communications)
  • list items Pablo Hidalgo, Author and creative executive for Lucasfilm (Creative Communications)
  • list items Ed Mandrake, Politician (Automotive Technician)
  • list items John Plohman, Politician (Applied Arts)
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    Red River College, Winkler Location

    RRC is located primarily in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. It has everything on campus for the students right from food to fun. There are sports facilities, campus stores, cafeteria with various food options, extensive parking spaces, childcare facilities, recreation and fitness centers, sports facilities and medical health centers. Winnipeg has people from over 100 nationalities speaking different languages.

    Winnipeg has a very big shopping mall with all the retail stores. The parking spaces at the campus are regulated and managed by Transportation planning, services, and initiatives. For students who cycle, RRC provides indoor bike parking, bike lockers, and security and also a program called Borrow a Bike.

    Students can also use Winnipeg transit bus services to get to and around the campus. Shuttle services are also operated between the Notre Dame Campus and the Exchange District Campus. Students are also offered with U-pass and a reduced fare monthly pass. 

    Red River College, Winkler Map Location

    Address: 561 Main St, Winkler, MB R6W 1G3, Canada


    Frequently Asked Questions about Red River College, Winkler

    Is Red River a good college?

    Red River College (RRC), is among the largest applied learning and research institute in Manitoba. It prepares its graduates to become leaders in their fields and is well recognized for the same. Around 200+ full-time and part-time courses are offered which include undergraduate, postgraduate degrees, and diploma and certificate courses.

    Does Red River College give work permit?

    Yes, the college is eligible for a work permit for postgraduate students. Students might choose to submit an application for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) if they intend to continue working in Canada for up to three years (depending on the length of your program).

    How much does Red River College Cost?

    Indian students at the college pay about 6.8 lakhs annually on average on the course expenses. Students must also pay an additional 4-5 lakhs for housing in addition to their tuition costs.

    How long does it take to get accepted into Red River College?

    After receiving the supporting documents by mail, Red River College typically processes applications in up to four weeks. Red River College should receive all paperwork within 30 days of the online application being submitted.