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Glassboro’s Rowan University is an example of a higher education institution that values diversity. The university encourages Indian and international students to enrol in various programs, consequently attracting a global student community. Its admissions process considers all facets of a student, including academic records, personal traits, and non-academics. This allows the college to maintain a vibrant campus climate.

Rowan is committed to diversity that transcends national boundaries. Students with diverse backgrounds, skills, and viewpoints are valued by them. This is reflected in the admissions process, which looks at factors other than academic standing. Examiners consider all aspects of a student's profile, such as extracurricular activities, leadership potential, personal traits, and educational achievements. With this all-encompassing strategy, Rowan can pinpoint candidates who will succeed academically and make significant contributions to the vibrant and diverse campus community.

Rowan fosters a diverse learning environment where students can question and learn from one another by embracing a range of viewpoints and experiences. As a result, kids feel more empowered to realise their full potential and develop a sense of belonging.


Admission Highlights

Admission Highlights Details

Unique Features

The holistic application process used by Rowan allows various factors, such as academic performance, personal traits, and community involvement, to be considered. The school actively welcomes Indian and international students, thus creating global learners.

Special Programs

Among other things, Rowan offers support services designed specifically for non-native English speakers, including language tutoring and cultural orientation courses.

Holistic Criteria

Instead of relying solely on GPA scores or test results, the university has adopted a more comprehensive approach, including writing essays, among other documents like letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities.

Acceptance Rate



Summer, Fall, Spring

Application Fee



Admission to Top Programs

Rowan University offers 80+ undergraduate and postgraduate programs that attract students from India and elsewhere. Here are some of the most popular Rowan University Courses and their particular admission requirements:

Program Name Standardised Test Scores (if required) English Proficiency and Rowan University ielts requirements

Computer Science & Engineering

SAT or ACT (scores may vary by major)

TOEFL (minimum 79), IELTS (minimum 6.0), PTE (minimum 55)

Business Administration (BBA)

SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (minimum 79), IELTS (minimum 6.5), PTE (minimum 55)

Biomedical Sciences

SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (minimum 79), IELTS (minimum 6.5), PTE (minimum 55)


SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (minimum 79), IELTS (minimum 6.5), PTE (minimum 55)

Mechanical Engineering

SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (min 79), IELTS (min 6.0), PTE (min 55)


SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (min 79), IELTS (min 6.5), PTE (min 55)


SAT or ACT (Optional)

TOEFL (min 79), IELTS (min 6.0), PTE (min 55)


Application Deadlines

Here’s a concise table summarizing the application deadlines for Rowan University mba application deadline and other undergraduate and postgraduate sessions:

Intake Session Rowan University Application Deadline

Rowan University fall admission

June 1 (priority deadline) / July 15 (final deadline)

Rowan University Spring admission

November 1 (priority deadline) / December 15 (final deadline)

Summer Admission

March 1 (priority deadline) / April 15 (final deadline)


Undergraduate Admission Process

There are multiple steps involved in the RU admission process. The steps are explained below:

Step 1. Application Submission:

  • list items The Rowan Gateway: Start your journey here by filling out an online application form on the site provided through the Rowan University admission portal for admissions. It is a simple tool where you follow point-by-point instructions until the end.
  • list items Rowan University Courses fee: To cover costs related to processing your application, please remit payment for an application fee that will not be refunded.
  • list items Official High School Transcripts: Send your official transcripts directly from your high school counsellor’s office to Rowan University. Ensure these include all academic work, courses taken, grades earned, and GPA.
  • list items Rowan University sat requirements (Optional): While many programs at Rowan do not require SAT or ACT scores as part of their application process, as the university moves towards a test-optional admissions policy, some specific programs may still need them. You can verify the Rowan University admission requirements for your desired program by referring to the program’s admission webpage.
  • Note: Students can see the updates of their request by Rowan University application login at on the official website. 

    Step 2. Evaluation:

  • list items Holistic Review: Rowan University prioritises holistic applicant screening, taking into account the entire student experience. The committee must evaluate holistically, though they primarily look at you academically, involving your Rowan University GPA requirements and standardized exam results if available. Nevertheless, they also take note of your attributes and what you have done outside of class, suggesting potential value added to society. 
  • list items Essays: Express yourself through writing skills, analytical thinking, and unique experiences based on prompts or topics of interest. Explain why this institution is a good fit for you, regardless of your approach to generating ideas.
  • list items Recommendation Letters: In addition to other essential papers such as essays, letters from professors or mentors recommending you can considerably improve the strength of your admission form, especially if they are prepared by people most familiar with your academic history.
  • list items Extracurricular Activities: Your participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, voluntary work, or leadership positions demonstrates that you are balanced, daring, and loyal. Discuss this in your application and explain how it has changed your life.
  • Step 3. Interviews and Additional Considerations:

  • list items Program-Specific Interviews: While not all programs require these, some competitive programs or majors may request one. This is an opportunity for you to connect with academics or admissions personnel, discuss your academic aspirations in greater detail, and demonstrate your enthusiasm.
  • list items Additional Criteria: Certain programs may have additional criteria beyond the standard application materials, such as art or design schools that demand portfolios, music and theatre programs that require auditions, or business programs that require resumes. Check their website for any additional steps you may need to know.
  • Step 4. Decision Notification:

    Congratulations! If accepted, a letter of acceptance will be sent, and the next steps will be outlined.

    Step 5. Next Steps Upon Acceptance:

  • list items Accepting Your Offer: Carefully read your admission terms offer and confirm your acceptance.
  • list items Visa Process (Rowan University tuition international students): For international students, begin this process as soon as possible. Please contact Rowan University's Office of International Services for help with this.
  • list items Orientation and Registration: Attend orientation programs to familiarise yourself with campus life, sign up for classes, and meet with academic advisers to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to college. This is a fantastic time to meet new students, ask questions, and express your enthusiasm for starting at Rowan University!
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    Postgraduate Admission Process

    Rowan University's postgraduate admissions procedure is meant to discover highly motivated and competent individuals eager to achieve in their chosen profession. While there may be minor differences based on the program, here's a broad summary to help you navigate the application process:

    Step 1. Program-specific applications

    Rowan University provides a varied selection of postgraduate programs. To begin your application, go to the Rowan University website and find the online application gateway for your selected program. Each program may have its prerequisites, so carefully consider them.

    Step 2. Rowan University admission fee:

    Once you've chosen your program, pay the application fees. This charge covers the administrative costs of processing your application.

    Step 3. Transcript:

    Request official transcripts from all educational institutions you've attended, including undergraduate universities and any relevant professional training programs. Ensure that these transcripts are forwarded directly to Rowan University's Admissions Office.

    Step 4. Standardised Testing (GRE/GMAT):

    While Rowan is transitioning to a more holistic admissions process, some programs may still require GRE or GMAT results. The specific program webpage will state whether these tests are needed and what minimal scores are expected.

    Step 5. Additional Requirement:

    Aside from the main application materials, various programs may have additional requirements. This could include:

  • list items Letters of Recommendation: Strong recommendations from professors, supervisors, or mentors can considerably boost your candidacy.
  • list items Statement of Purpose: In this essay, explain your academic ambitions, research interests, and why you believe Rowan University's program is the best fit for your needs.
  • list items Portfolio: For programs such as art, design, or writing, a portfolio displaying your creative work or writing samples can be a useful supplement.
  • Step 6. Evaluation and interview:

    Admissions Committee Review: Faculty members and major directors will review your application when it is completed. They will review your academic record, standardised test scores (if any), letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and other special course requirements.

    Step 7. Interview (optional):

    While not all programs require an interview, some competitive programs or industries must. Rowan University entrance requirements also involve an interview, which helps the institution discover more about your academic background, research interests, and professional objectives and allows you to connect with teachers and learn about the program firsthand.

    If you follow these procedures and submit a compelling application, you will soon be enrolled in one of Rowan University's graduate programs,


    Exams Accepted

    Rowan University conducts several exams to assess students' readiness for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

    Exam Requirement for Undergraduate Requirement for Postgraduate

    SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

    Total: 1161

    Reading & Writing: 550

    Math: 520


    ACT (American College Testing)



    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    iBT: 80

    PBT: 550

    iBT: 80

    PBT: 550

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System)



    Cambridge English Language Assessment



    PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic)



    Duolingo English Test



    ELS (English Language Services)









    Applicants with outstanding academics, appropriate experience, or specific business qualifications must not take the GMAT or GRE. Others may submit a GMAT (minimum 450) or GRE to boost their candidacy.

    With its broad academic programs, holistic admissions process, and specialised foreign student services, Rowan University might be the ideal springboard for your educational goals. We invite you to look into the numerous programs available with Rowan University tuition and the Rowan University cost for Indian students.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I go to Rowan University from India?

    • Apply online through Rowan University's Admissions portal.
    • Submit required documents, including transcripts and test scores (if applicable).
    • Initiate the visa process once accepted (Rowan University can provide guidance).
    Is Rowan University a 100% acceptance rate school?

    No, Rowan University has a selective admissions process with an acceptance rate of around 70%.

    How can I get admission to Rowan University?

    • Complete the online application.
    • Submit official transcripts and test scores (if required by your program).
    • Write strong essays and recommendation letters.
    • Highlight extracurricular activities and achievements.
    • Meet English language proficiency requirements (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE).
    How long does it take to get accepted into Rowan University?

    Decisions are typically issued within 4-6 weeks after submitting all application materials.

    What are the Rowan University tuition fees for international students?

    Specific tuition fees vary by program. Consult the Rowan University website for details.

    Rowan University application fee. The exact amount can be found on the Rowan University Admissions website.