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Brief background

Founded in 1897, the San Diego State University is the oldest educational institute in San Diego. This university has shown tremendous growth in terms of educational methods and research programs which ensure that a number of students enroll every year in large numbers. This university is home to excellence in graduate programs like business, public health, fine arts, biological sciences, language and hearing sciences.


The university has renovated the old buildings into new ones keeping in mind all the comforts and facilities that students look for while staying in a university campus. There is a great learning environment along with library, labs and residence halls. The campus includes many National historic places within its expanded area like Aztec Bowl, Hardy Memorial Tower, CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, Peterson Gym and many more. 

Residing Options 

There are residence halls for the students within the campus area where they can easily stay and connect with their faculty members and fellows. Student apartments are also present and there are over 15 dorms in the campus area for the students to stay comfortably. Both off-campus residing facilities and on-campus facilities are excellent and students can easily choose where to stay without any hassle due to the universities’ simplified formalities. 


The faculty and staff always aim at enlightening the students with accurate and latest research studies. The curriculum is decided after loads of brainstorming every year so that students can get the best with each passing year and they emerge to be professionals and leaders in their field of study. 

Financial Aid 

There is a program called FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid where students can apply requesting for the grants and scholarships to support their education programs within the college. On the academic progress, students get financial aid as per their grades.

Jobs and placements 

According to, the average salary for students passing out of San Diego State University is $71000. Students with a Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc) earn between $45,347 - $96,899 while a Master of Science (MS) gets between $52,122 - $106,268.
Popular companies recruiting SDSU students are Northrop Grumman Corporation- $57,462 - $94,345; General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc- $55,484 - $107,317; Qualcomm Inc- $60,820 - $148,598; Sentek Global’ $56,488 - $123,851; General Atomics- $51,344 - $78,292.
Girls from the university make $42,197 - $83,210, and boys earn between $47,392 - $102,404 .
The most popular job profiles for the university alumni are Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager, and Operations Manager.
Additionally, the College has an Engineering Internship Coordinator who helps students to get placed in internships with local industry partners where they can gain hands-on experience while studying. 


Notable alumni of the university include Gregory Peck, Actor, Kathleen Kennedy, Movie Producer, Kawhi Leonard, NBA Player, and Duncan Hunter, U.S. Congressman, BBA Information Services 2001.


For an unparalleled experience and studies, you can definitely enroll at the San Diego University. Join this university to learn some inspired leadership skills and meaningful connections that will help you lifelong.


San Diego State University, founded in 1897, is a public research university. Its 300-acre campus is located in San Diego, which is a city in the U.S. state of California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 190 km south of Los Angeles and immediately adjacent to the border with Mexico.
The city is renowned for its mild year-round climate, beaches, deep-water harbor, association with the United States Navy and its recent emergence as a healthcare and biotechnology development center.
There are 4 ways to get from Los Angeles to San Diego which are by train, bus, car or plane.
Train from Los Angeles Union Station to San Diego Old Town Transportation Center - Take a tram from there to the University. The distance is approx 205 km and the journey takes 2 hrs and 55 minutes.
Bus from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego - Take a bus from San Diego to the university. The distance is approximately 195 kms and the journey takes 4 hours.
Driving will take around 2 hours.
Flights take off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and reaches San Diego in 50 minutes. Take a bus from Terminal 1 and reach the campus in 40 minutes

Acceptance Rate for Indians 32%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 92
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 9
TA Appointments 5
RA appointments 0
Research funding $7,561,694
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018


The SDSU Department of Aerospace Engineering offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. The undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,
The department also offers an M.S in Aerospace Engineering. Students in the M.S. degree program in Aerospace Engineering can choose between two areas of specialization, namely, Aerodynamics/Astronautics and Structural Mechanics.
The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers a doctoral degree in Engineering Science (concentration in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego. The Ph.D. degree is awarded jointly by the two institutions.
The Aerospace Engineering Department at SDSU has 9 full time professors.
Southern California has always had a rich tradition in aerospace design and development. In fact, San Diego is the birthplace of Naval Aviation and the home to aerospace pioneers like John Montgomery and Charles Lindbergh.

Areas of Expertise: Structure Dynamics; Acoustics; Aerospace Structures; Fracture Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics & Fluid-Structure Interactions; Advanced Guidance & Control; Composite Structures.

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering offers three 4-year Bachelor of Science courses - B.S. in Civil Engineering, B.S. in Construction Engineering and B.S. in Environmental Engineering.
The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) at San Diego State University (SDSU) offers a Master of Science (MS) degree in Civil Engineering. The areas of specializations offered are Construction Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering. Students can also choose a Concentration - Environmental Engineering and Construction Engineering.
Jointly with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), the department also offers a Doctoral degree in Engineering Science and Applied Mechanics.
The Department has 5 full-time Professors. 

Areas of Expertise: Structures; Soil Mechanics; Geotechnical; Hydraulics and Hydrology; Transportation; Environmental Engineering
List of Labs: Center for Innovations in Transportation Infrastructure; Efficiency and Sustainability (CITIES); Concrete Research Institute; Computational Hydraulics Virtual Lab; Geo-Innovations Research Lab; Visualab and Water Innovation and Reuse Lab.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a B.S Degree in Computer Engineering and a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering. Both are 4-year degree programs.
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers graduate study leading to a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE). Students are offered a choice between a Thesis Plan and a Project Plan.
The Department also offers a Joint Doctoral Program (JDP) in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The Ph.D. degree is awarded jointly by the two cooperating institutions.
Another program offered in collaboration with Clairmont Graduate University is the Joint Doctoral Program of the Computational Science Research Center (CSRC). The graduates from this program receive a Ph.D. in Computational Science.
The research areas include Digital Signal and Image Processing, Multimedia, Computer Networks, Communication Systems, RF and Antennas, Computer Engineering, Digital System Design, VLSI Design, Electro-Optic System Design and Instrumentation, Control Systems, and Biomedical/ Rehabilitation Engineering.
The department has 9 full time professors.
Areas of Expertise: Computers and Digital Systems; Software Engineering and Computer Networks; Electric Drive Transportation; Communications and Signal Processing; Electrical Devices and Instrumentation; Optoelectronics and Physical Electronics; VLSI Circuits
List of Labs: Communications Systems and Signal Processing Institute.  

Mechanical Engineering

The undergraduate 4-year degree plans offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering are Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Bioengineering. In addition, the department also offers a combined (4+1) B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Bioengineering.
The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) is a graduate degree programme offered by the department. Students can choose one among these specializations offered - Design and Manufacturing, Dynamics and Control, Energy and Thermofluids, and Materials and Mechanics. The department also offers a Master of Engineering (MEng).
The Ph.D. degree in the Department is offered jointly with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Applicants to this program are admitted to both Ph.D. programs and graduates receive separate Ph.D. degrees from both Institutions. Graduates receive Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from SDSU (San Diego State University) and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UCSD or Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering from SDSU and Bioengineering from UCSD.

Areas of Expertise: Energy Conversion and Solar Energy; Multiscale Modeling of Materials & Molecular Dynamics; Combustion Controls;Bioengineering; Experimental Mechanics; Control and Automation; Advanced Materials and Powder Processing; Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems
List of Labs: Energy Engineering Institute. The Department has 9 full time Professors.
Jobs and Placements

Annual fees for Indians $15,000
Annual off-campus living $8,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

Scholarships (coming soon)

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