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San Jose State University (SJSU) warmly welcomes students from all corners of the world, including India and international students, to join its vibrant academic community. The admissions procedure of State University is designed to promote diversity and inclusion, therefore creating a conducive environment where students from many backgrounds can grow and fulfil their academic goals. 

SJSU actively seeks to attract and support students from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds.The university's admissions team provides personalized support to international students, ensuring a seamless transition to campus life and offering resources to help them achieve academic and personal success. Whether you are an Indian student looking to pursue higher education in the United States or an international student seeking a global education experience, SJSU is an ideal destination to achieve your academic and professional goals.


Admission Highlights

Here are the key admission highlights for San Jose State University (SJSU):

Acceptance Rate


Application Deadline

November 30, 2024 for Fall 2025

Application Fee

$70 USD (₹5,746 INR)

Average Unweighted GPA


English Proficiency Scores

IELTS: minimum 6.0


Standardized Tests

GRE and GMAT required for graduate programs

Holistic Admission Criteria

GPA, local admission area, fee waiver eligibility, military status, first generation learners

International Student Enrollment

Approximately 2,500 students from 100+ countries


35,751 students

There is a competitive impaction-based San Jose State University admission process that considers various factors beyond just test scores and GPA. The university has a large international student population and provides support for students from India and other countries.


Admission to Top Programs

Popular Programs for Indian Students:

  • Business, Management, Marketing: SJSU offers a robust business curriculum, attracting students interested in management, marketing, and related fields.
  • Engineering: SJSU’s engineering programs are highly regarded. Students can specialize in various engineering disciplines.
  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs: If you’re passionate about media, journalism, or communication, SJSU provides excellent opportunities.
  • Health Professions: SJSU offers health-related programs, including nursing, public health, and other healthcare fields.
  • Psychology: For those intrigued by human behavior and mental processes, SJSU’s psychology programs are worth exploring.
  • Social Sciences: SJSU’s social science departments cover diverse areas such as sociology, anthropology, and political science.
  • Visual and Performing Arts: If you’re an artist, musician, or performer, SJSU’s arts programs offer creative outlets.
  • Biological/Biomedical Sciences: SJSU provides strong foundations in biology and related fields.

Here are the San Jose State University admission requirements for these programs:

Program Name GPA Requirement Standardized Test Scores English Proficiency Additional Requirements

Business, Management, Marketing

3.0 (85%)



Personal statement, resume


3.0 (85%)



Varies (check specific area)

Communication, Journalism, etc.

3.0 (85%)

SAT/ACT scores


Portfolio, interview (if any)

Health Professions

3.0 (85%)

Varies (check program)


Specific program requirements


3.0 (85%)

GRE scores


Letters of recommendation

Social Sciences

3.0 (85%)

Varies (check program)


Specific program requirements

Visual and Performing Arts

3.0 (85%)

Varies (check program)


Portfolio, audition (if any)

Biological/Biomedical Sciences

3.0 (85%)

Varies (check program)


Specific program requirements

Application Deadlines

Here are the key application deadlines for San Jose State University (SJSU):

Intake Deadline

San Jose State University Fall admission

October 1, 2024

San Jose State University Spring Admission

August 1, 2024

San Jose State University Summer Admission

January 1, 2025

The Fall semester is the most sought-after intake at San Jose State University, with the application deadline for international students set at October 1, 2024. Spring and Summer intakes have later deadlines of August 1 and January 1, respectively.

SJSU has a rolling admission process, so early application is recommended, as programs may fill up before the final deadline. In order to ensure a smooth transition to campus life and to allow adequate time for the processing of their visas, international applicants are urged to apply well in advance.


Admission Details and Process

Undergraduate Admissions:

1. Freshman Applicants:

    • Academic Requirements:
      • Must not have attended any college or university after high school graduation.
      • Meet all academic prerequisites.
    • Application Steps:
      • Step 1: Establish your profile on the SJSU Admissions Portal to begin the application process.
      • Step 2: Fill out the online application meticulously, ensuring that all personal and academic details are correct and up-to-date.
      • Step 3: Submit official high school transcripts directly to SJSU.
      • Step 4: Choose your major and alternate major carefully.
      • Step 5: Keep an eye out for an email containing your SJSU ID.
      • Step 6: Once you receive your SJSU ID, create a secure password for your SJSUOne/MySJSU account.

2. Transfer Applicants:

    • Academic Requirements:
      • Completed 90 quarter units or at least 60 transferable semester units.
    • Application Steps:
      • Step 1: Apply to SJSU via Cal State Apply.
      • Step 2: Send in official transcripts from every university you've attended.
      • Step 3: Look for an email with your SJSU ID.

3. International Freshman and Transfer Applicants:

    • Follow the same steps as above, considering additional visa requirements.

4. Returning Students:

    • have missed the last two semesters of SJSU.
    • Apply as a transfer student.

5. SJSU Online Programs:

    • Offering various programs 100% online for students with busy lifestyles.
    • Complete your bachelor’s degree flexibly and efficiently.

6. Non-Degree Seeking Students:

    • Take courses for credit via Open University.


Post Graduate Admissions:

1. General Process:

    • Step 1: Apply to SJSU through Cal State Apply.
    • Step 2: Receive an email with your SJSU ID.
    • Step 3: Check your MySJSU account for application status updates.

2. Minimum Requirements:

    • Eligible undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA (2.5).
    • Professional development courses and non-accredited institution courses are not included in GPA evaluation.
    • International transcripts must be evaluated by WES, ACEI, or IEE.
    • Specific department programs may have additional criteria.

3. Individual Program Requirements:

    • Review the graduate degree program requirements and test requirements.
    • Check application and document deadlines for each term

Exams Accepted

Exam Minimum Score/Requirement

Internet-based (iBT): 80; Paper-based (PBT): 550


Overall score: 6.5


Overall score: 53

Duolingo English Test

Minimum score: 105

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Varies by subject; official AP scores required

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Varies by exam; official CLEP scores required

International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams

Higher level (HL) scores of 4 or better (up to 6 semester units of lower division 

Navigating the admissions process at San Jose State University (SJSU) requires careful planning and attention to detail. By understanding the admission requirements, deadlines, and evaluation process, international students can increase their chances of success. SJSU offers a diverse range of programs, from undergraduate to graduate levels, that cater to the needs of students from around the world. With its strong focus on diversity and inclusivity, SJSU provides a welcoming environment for students to grow and thrive. We encourage students to explore the university's programs and apply, taking advantage of the resources and support available to ensure a seamless transition to campus life.Remember that SJSU values diversity and provides a supportive environment for international students. For personalized guidance and assistance, consider reaching out to education consultants like GyanDhan. They can help you navigate the process, provide insights, and connect you with relevant resources. Best of luck on your journey to SJSU! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply to SJSU as an international student?

By the specified document deadline, international applicants must turn in a completed, signed, and dated SJSU Declaration of Finance form along with financial support documentation (a bank statement or letter). For the preferred term and programme, they must additionally submit an online application through Cal State Apply.

What are the requirements for financial support?

According to federal immigration requirements, every overseas student enrolling in a U.S. university must show that they have enough money to cover their tuition. There is no minimum amount that can be agreed upon, and SJSU will reject documents that do not contain enough money.

Which types of financial aid are accessible to students from abroad?

According to federal immigration requirements, every overseas student enrolling in a U.S.  university must show that they have enough money to cover their tuition. There is no minimum amount that can be agreed upon, and SJSU will reject documents that do not contain enough funds.