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Architectural Technology

 It's a three-year Advanced Diploma from Ontario College available on campus Windsor.  The architect or designer is assisted by an architectural technologist. Junior developer or draftsperson, junior estimator and project coordinator are common entry-level positions. There are opportunities for architectural and engineering firms, general and subcontractors, government agencies, homebuilders, producers of building products and sales. 


Business - Accounting

This program is available at Windsor and Chatham campuses. It is a Two Year-Ontario College Diploma that provides students with a solid background in accounting and bookkeeping from a broad business perspective. This graduates of this program are skilled in various fields of accounting, income tax, and spreadsheet software.


Business - Marketing

This program is available at the Windsor and Chatham campuses. It's a two-year Ontario College Diploma that appeals to those harbouring a strong interest in business and sales. Students need to be self-motivated and willing to communicate well with others in order to succeed.  Business Marketing graduate has the presentation skills necessary for promoting and selling products or services.

They gain knowledge of the new technology used in advertising and study marketing research's intricacies.

Graduates are prepared to work in retail sales and gain understanding in banking, merchandising, consumer finance, and payroll through simulation labs and business applications. There are opportunities for marketing management in a number of broad fields, including retail sales, insurance companies, and social service agencies.

There are also positions in public relations and communications. Graduates also open up their own businesses. Those in small, medium and large national companies are engaged in market research.


Business Administration - Accounting

The three-year program available at the Windsor campus provides a well-rounded accounting theory curriculum and practical applications leading to a wide range of career opportunities. Students receive rigorous training in various disciplines of accounting, including cost analysis, financial accounting, taxation, financial management, auditing and information systems. Graduates of this program are specialized in various software programs for accounting, income tax, and spreadsheet.

Students also acquire broad-based business, communication, and workplace skills that employers seek.

Upon graduation, credits may be given to:

  • list items Honours B. Comm from the University of Windsor
  • list items B. Comm from Walsh College
  • list items B. Comm from Nipissing University (delivered on the St. Clair College campus)
  • list items B. Comm from Davenport University.
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    Business Administration - Marketing

    The graduates of this program are prepared for a wide range of accounting or financial management career opportunities. Positions at the entrance level include financial analyst, budget analyst, tax preparer, junior accountant, bookkeeper, or trainee in management.


    Business Administration - Finance

    It's a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma available at Windsor Campus. Business Administration graduates–Finance program will have expertise in finance. Students receive in-depth training in the various areas of this field, including Canadian bonds, insurance products, and personal financial management, as well as the marketing skills needed to sell financial services and products. It is a field of study leading to a wide range of career opportunities.

    There are openings for graduates for entry-level positions in financial institutions like banks and credit unions, investment firms, stock and mortgage brokerages, finance divisions, and insurance companies. Upon degree completion, graduates may receive credits towards: B. Comm from Walsh College; and B. Comm from Nipissing University (delivered on the St. Clair College campus).


    Business Administration - Human Resources

    It is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma, which is available at the Windsor Campus. This program prepares students in both business and government sectors for careers in the departments of Human Resources. Human Resources is a highly dynamic sector, and graduates are trained to deal with recruiting, payroll and benefits. In the areas of labor relations and health and safety concerns, human resource graduates play a significant role.

    This program also prepares students in all industry sectors for general management roles. This applies to students with solid interpersonal skills and a strong business understanding. After their degree completion, graduates may receive credits towards: Honours B. Comm from the University of Windsor, B. Comm from Walsh College, B. Comm from Nipissing University (delivered on the St. Clair College campus), and B. Comm from Davenport University.


    Business Administration - Marketing

    This three-year marketing program at the Windsor campus prepares students for different types of management positions. The curriculum imparts new and forward-thinking ideas and good analytical skills to tactical and innovative thinkers. The Business Administration – Marketing program provides students with the opportunity to learn about key management skills and product, business and business promotion.

    Students gain a clear understanding of consumer behaviour, market research, tactics for sales promotion and logistics. In a number of broad-based firms, including sales, retail and insurance companies, marketing management opportunities exist. There are also positions in public relations and marketing, sports marketing, event marketing, logistics companies and media outlets.

    Those employed in small, medium and large national companies are engaged in market research. On the completion of degree, graduates may receive credits towards: Honours B. Comm from the University of Windsor; B. Comm from Walsh College; B. Comm from Nipissing University (delivered on the St. Clair College campus); B. Comm from Davenport University.


    Civil Engineering Technology

    It is offered on Windsor Campus and is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program. This program appeals to those who are analytical, enjoy problem solving, and are strong in math. As members of the engineering design team, Civil Engineering Technologists may participate in various phases of a construction project, including the planning, layout, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewers, and water distribution systems.

    Technologists can prepare and bid CAD drawings, collect and compile data, perform survey work, and participate in the processes of inspection and quality control. Technologists in civil engineering can choose to work on either side of the work site. There are opportunities for architects, consulting engineers, material testing firms, general and subcontractors, Municipal Public Works or the Transportation Ministry. Civil engineering technologist, draftsperson / CAD manager, estimator, inspector and field supervisor are common entry roles.

    After a few years of practical experience, graduates will also have the knowledge and ability to start their own construction business. Graduates of this program can further their education achieving a Bachelor of Engineering Technology from the University of Windsor, Lakehead University (Thunder Bay) or Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, MI). 


    Electrical Engineering Technician

    This program is available at the Chatham Campus and is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program. The Electrical Engineering Technician program prepares graduates in industrial or commercial plants and laboratories to apply electrical theory and related knowledge to the designing, testing, troubleshooting and modifying electrical machinery and controlling equipment and circuitry.

    They can solve problems related to electrical energy generation, distribution, transmission, and usage. Graduates have positions in power utilities, communications companies, electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, consulting firms, and a wide range of manufacturing, storage and transportation sectors.

    They may find employment in areas such as motor winding and repair, quality control and as apprentices in electrical construction / maintenance, using testing and troubleshooting skills. Also, as utility power station technicians or service technicians, opportunities are available to troubleshoot electrical systems and perform engineering tests on heavy electrical equipment.


    Electromechanical Engineering Technician - Robotics

    It is available at the Windsor Campus and is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program. Students gain a solid foundation in programmable logic controllers, electronics, computer-aided design, mechanical systems, computer and robot programming, sensors and actuators. In addition to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, graduates are prepared to program, troubleshoot and maintain robots and automated production systems.

    These are also designed to assist in the specification and development, manufacture and evaluation of robotic systems. For Robotics Technicians in Canada, the labor market condition is expected to be good for some time to come. Graduates can work as robotic manufacturers and suppliers, system integrators, machine builders, or automotive manufacturers.


    Electronics Engineering Technology - Industrial Automation

    Available at the Windsor Campus, it is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program. Electronic Engineering Technologists get to assist in the design, programming, manufacturing and operation of electrical / electronic control systems. To ensure efficient process operations and perform system programming functions, they design and troubleshoot systems.

    Students learn skills and knowledge through multiple aspects of industrial automation, including the basic principles of electrical analysis, industrial wiring, motor control, and automation. To manufacture quality products, they learn how to design automation and systems that are safe to operate and eliminate repetitive operator work. The course applies to students with a strong physical and academic background.

    Electronics Engineering Technologists are in high demand, particularly in the field of industrial automation and controls. Manufacturing and technology firms are increasingly investing in automation and robotics to be competitive on the global marketplace, pointing to growing demand in this field. To design, program and support these automation systems, electronic engineering technologists are needed. Graduates can find employment as control designers, control specialists, process planners, programmers and product designers. 


    Human Resources Management

    This program is available at Downtown Windsor Campus and is a one-year - Ontario College Graduate Certificate program. This graduate certificate program (post-diploma or post-degree) is intended for those seeking a job in Human Resources Management or for individuals already in the field who wish to update and expand their skills to pursue a career in Human Resources Management and secure the CHRP designation.


    Hospitality - Hotel & Restaurant

    The program is available at the Downtown Windsor Campus - Centre for the Arts and is a two Year - Ontario College Diploma. It trains students for leadership positions in the growing hospitality industry in venues like hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, catering and conference centres, and in additional sectors such as sporting events, recreational facilities, and independent and assisted living facilities.

    Hospitality students develop and practice skills for success in hospitality operations, food and beverage operations, and recreational food service and winery growth areas. Guest partnerships, communications, financial management, human resources and event planning are some of the skills which students get to learn.

    Some of the opportunities awaiting graduates are in the following areas: front desk, housekeeping, catering, bartending, restaurant / resort / club services, sales and marketing, guest services, convention / conference services, and hotel restaurant management. Student work and earn programs are available through Fairmont Resorts & Hotels recruitment visits, the Disney College Program, and the St. Clair College Center for the Arts internally.


    International Business Management - Logistics Systems

    This two-year post-graduate program in International Business Management - Logistics available at the Downtown Campus allows students to enter the industry as business professionals who are able to investigate the demands of the target market and identify the best export opportunities. This program builds the skills needed to understand, monitor and influence the  effective and efficient movement of goods and services across international borders.

    Graduates find jobs as :

  • list items International trade research assistant
  • list items International marketing manager
  • list items Account manager
  • list items Freight dispatcher
  • list items Transportation logistics controller
  • list items Supply chain analyst
  • list items Inventory control specialist
  • list items Warehouse manager
  • list items Purchasing officer
  • list items Supply chain consultant.
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    Liberal Arts

    Available at the Windsor Campus, this two-year - Ontario College Diploma Starts with broad basic courses in three main areas: psychology, sociology and philosophy. We delve deeper into each field from there and then branch out into areas such as Humanities, Politics, and Criminology. Students learn to integrate knowledge across disciplines to gain a broader picture of what is happening around the world. On the way, critical thinking, writing, research, and other professional skills are constructed and refined. This is also a great way for students to explore their possibilities for further post-secondary education.

    The Liberal Arts program offers students a path to arts and social sciences university studies or advanced college programs. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate in a professional environment and to understand and use the processes of critical thinking and techniques for problem solving. They also acquire a better understanding of individuals, cultures, and political systems–attributes that are useful in any job they may choose.


    Mechanical Engineering Technician - Industrial

    Offered at the Windsor Campus, it is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program. It is attractive for students who have a mechanical ability and enjoy working with their hands. They need to be organized and be ready to fight challenges while working as a team as well as independently. Technicians work in power generation, food processing, and water / waste treatment plants in industrial and manufacturing environments. Graduates are well prepared for positions as a millwright apprentice with a strong background in both theory and practice.


    Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automotive Product Design

    Available at Windsor Campus, it is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma. This program provides the necessary training and knowledge for students to conduct mechanical systems analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance. Students develop a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy, and automotive process applications, the design and analysis of motor vehicles, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, watercraft, manufacturing plants, industrial machinery and automation.

    Mechanical engineering technologists use the core principles as well as specialized knowledge in the field. Graduates find excellent opportunities in product development, testing and analysis, computer-aided design and design, machine and system component design selection and estimation, technical sales and junior management positions in the energy, manufacturing, control and alternative energy industries.


    Mechanical Technician - Cad/Cam

    It is taught at Windsor Campus and is a two-year Ontario College Diploma which prepares graduates to become Computer Aided Designers (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialists, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) programmers, General Machinist / CNC, quality control personnel or CMM operators in the mould, tool and die, jig and fitting industries, and machine tool manufacturing.

    While CAM is the main focus of this program, it includes a robust series of CAD courses to maximize the student's success, which provides them with a competitive edge for employment. Graduates can work as CNC operators / programmers, CMM operators, CAD designers, quality control persons and apprentices in the manufacturing industries that support the aerospace, construction, consumer products, dental, forestry, mining and telecommunications.


    Supply Chain Management

    This one-year graduate certificate at the Windsor campus introduces the student to the Canadian Customs Process and exposes him/her to the movement of goods across borders. Students practice applying Business Finance concepts related to cash flow, management of working capital, funding sources, and budgeting of capital.

    Graduates of the Supply Chain Management Program (SCM) may qualify for advanced standing through Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) after working in the SC industry for one year. Supply Chain Management Program graduates are well prepared for entry positions such as freight dispatchers, transportation logistics controllers, supply chain analysts, inventory control specialists, warehouse managers, purchasing officers, supply chain consultants, and logistics coordinators.


    Tourism - Travel

    Available at Downtown Windsor Campus - MediaPlex, this two-year Ontario College Diploma helps employers develop skills in communication, teamwork, computer, and customer service. Graduates are ready to start entry-level positions in several sectors of the travel industry.

    There are graduate job opportunities in airlines, airports, attractions, car rental companies, convention and meeting centers, cruise lines, government tourism offices, hotels and resorts, online travel providers, rail lines, travel agencies, tour operators and visitor information centers, among others, after completing the two-year program. Students in tourism and travel can work and earn credits through the Disney College Program and the Student Work Experience Program at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.