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Stevens Institute of Technology - Overview & Background

Known for bringing a revolution in the field of information technology, Steven’s Institute of Technology continues to grow every year. It gives the students a chance to innovate and learn entrepreneurship skills while they study in this institute. It was founded in 1870 and earlier dedicated to the Mechanical Engineering course. Later on, the institute introduced various other programs for the students.

Founder Edwin A. Stevens Hall
University Type Private Research university
University Motto Through adversity to the stars
University City Hoboken, New Jersey
Acceptance Rate 40%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:12
Endowment $273.0 million
Campus Size  55 acres (22 ha)
Graduation Rate 87.2%
Employment Rate 97%
Official Website Link Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey
Contact Details +1 201-216-5000


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Student diversity & preferred profile

Stevens draws and admits a broad and multicultural set of students from all over the world. This comprises students from a variety of cultural, economic, and religious origins, as well as first-generation students, people with disabilities, people of various sexual orientations, genders, ages, and political opinions.

The Cohort of 2025, according to preliminary admissions data for the upcoming first-year class, will be the most diverse and inclusive in Stevens' history.

The entering class represents 15 countries in addition to the United States, including

  • list items Greece
  • list items Japan
  • list items Malaysia
  • list items The Philippines
  • list items Russia
  • list items Saudi Arabia
  • list items South Africa
  • list items Spain
  • list items Switzerland
  • list items Taiwan
  • list items Vietnam.
  • The expected percentage of enrolled students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, at 21% as of August 9, is a new Stevens high, continuing an upward trend that has seen the percentage nearly double in just five years.

    Women's enrollment in the incoming class has also surpassed prior highs: around 33% of Fall 2021 first-year students are female, up from 30% the previous fall.

    In terms of numbers, Stevens Institute of Technology awarded 2,963 degrees in 2019 across all undergraduate and graduate programmes. Women received 27.2 percent of these degrees, while men received 72.8 percent. White people (1,063 degrees) were the most common race/ethnicity group among degree recipients, 3.42 times more than the next closest race/ethnicity group, unknown (311 degrees).

    40.8 percent of undergraduate and graduate students at Stevens Institute of Technology are white, 12.4 percent Asian, 6.21 percent Hispanic or Latino, 2.38 percent Black or African American, 0.206 percent American Indian or Alaska Native.

    White Males account for 43.8 percent of full-time Undergraduate students at Stevens Institute of Technology, followed by White Females (17.8%) and Asian Males (17.8%). (11.8 percent). White Males (5.41%), White Females (2.32%), and Asian Males (2.32%) are the most prevalent students enrolling in full-time Graduate programmes (1.91 percent).

    White (2,971), Asian (903), and Hispanic or Latino (452) are the most frequent races or ethnicities.


    Campus & Accommodation

    On a beautiful 55-acre residential campus in Hoboken, New Jersey, Steven’s students enjoy a vibrant and dynamic living and studying environment. Its residential community values and supports diversity, encourages respect and leadership abilities, and provides opportunities for a wide range of experiences and activities that help students develop as well-rounded individuals.

    Stevens combines the best aspects of small-town and big-city living. Its hometown, Hoboken, is a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly village with a variety of stores, restaurants, parks, cafes, and nightlife. It was named one of the greatest college towns in the country by The Princeton Review. New York City is only a short train, bus, or boat trip away from Stevens' Hudson River waterfront campus, linking students to Manhattan's world-renowned culture, business, and entertainment.

    During the academic year, undergraduate students are housed in seven different residence halls on the Stevens campus. Davis Hall, Jonas Hall, UCC Residential Towers, Palmer Hall, Castle Point Hall, River Terrace Suites, and Humphreys Hall are the names of the buildings. They provide a social environment that reflects the intellectual and academic ethos of the university. All Stevens resources, including classrooms, labs, the library, eating facilities, and the athletic complex, are close to undergraduates and their peers.

    Off-campus living is preferred by graduate students. While some Stevens graduate students live on campus in Stevens Leased Housing, the majority prefer to live off-campus among the thousands of young professionals who call Hoboken, Jersey City, and the surrounding neighborhood’s home. The neighborhood has a vibrant urban environment with a diverse range of shops, restaurants, parks, historical sites, enterprises, and nightlife. There are numerous public transit choices available.

    Stevens rents apartments in old Hoboken in a variety of off-campus structures. Residents enjoy Hoboken while benefiting from the convenience of being close to the Stevens campus. All of the apartments are completely furnished and include internet access and utilities.

    Some of these apartments are:

  • list items 1036 Park Avenue
  • list items Shipyard North Vanguard
  • list items Shipyard North Independence
  • list items Shipyard South Vanguard
  • list items 110 Washington St.
  • list items Avalon Hoboken
  • list items 538 Washington St.
    2022-2023 Housing Rates:

    Building Room Type  Semester Rate   Fall and Spring Total 
    1036 Park Avenue  Single/Double  $5,250 $10,500
     538 Washington Street  Double $8,000 $16,000
    Shipyard North Independence North Vanguard South Vanguard Single/Double $8,500 $17,000

    Comparison with other Universities

    The impossible becomes achievable at Stevens Institute of Technology. It takes a sliver of a concept and turns it into a reality. In interdisciplinary teams, the students develop new products, solutions, and services.

    The professors conduct ground-breaking research that improves planning and policy, improves healthcare and treatment, deepens our understanding of important issues, disseminates essential information, and makes life safer, more secure, and more comfortable.

    Its industry partners collaborate with us to transform businesses, shape the future, and address major challenges.

    Here are a few reasons why most students consider Stevens to be their top choice:

  • list items A Vision to Succeed: Stevens Institute of Technology is a student-centered research university that promotes a culture of technological growth and creativity. It is a shelter for global thinkers, visionaries, doers, and future leaders who want to reach their full potential.
  • list items A One-of-a-Kind Education: By combining technology and applied learning opportunities, a Stevens education empowers students to invent, contribute, and collaborate. It develops graduates who are capable of making a difference in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The caliber of Stevens' alumni is recognised by top recruiters and major businesses.
  • list items Only a few minutes from Manhattan: Stevens is in a fantastic location, right across the Hudson River from New York City, the world's financial and cultural capital, as well as a developing center of technology innovation. A 55-acre hilltop campus just minutes by train, bus, or boat from the city? That's what I call access to opportunity.
  • list items What Makes a Difference- its Research: Stevens is distinguished for its focused, ground-breaking research. Faculty and students benefit from a hands-on learning environment with cutting-edge technology that encourages them to break new ground in AI, computers, finance, medicine, business, and other dynamic sectors.
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    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Stevens recognises that obtaining a graduate degree is a significant financial investment. As a result, it assists students in identifying cost-cutting opportunities and making the financial aid application process more doable. Stevens is devoted to providing all the information students need to make their Stevens graduate degree as affordable as possible, from assistantships to federal aid to financing choices.

    Students at Stevens Institute of Technology are highly encouraged to apply for financial help, regardless of what they expect to get. Other sorts of aid are available even if individuals do not demonstrate an exceptional financial need.

    Assistantships: Stevens offers research and teaching assistantships to international graduate students. Tuition-only, tuition-plus-fees, or partial-tuition assistantships are available, and they may include hourly income or an annual stipend. In exchange for the predetermined financing, students will be able to get professional experience by working up to 20 hours per week in an academic department relating to their field of study during the semester.

    Types of Assistantships:

  • list items Teaching Assistantships: Teaching undergraduate classes, leading laboratories and recitation sessions, or even grading assignments are some of the tasks.
  • list items Research Assistantships: If a student is offered a research assistantship, he will be expected to assist a faculty member or group of faculty members in conducting research in his field of study.
  • list items Fellowships: Some fellowships are available to international graduate students. These are available to excellent candidates who plan to pursue a master's degree full-time at Stevens. Fellowships are awarded at the time of admission, so there is no need to submit an additional application.
  • Types of Fellowships:

  • list items Provost's Doctoral Fellowship
  • list items Provost's Master’s Scholarships
  • list items Stevens Excellence Doctoral Fellowship Program
  • list items Stevens Fulbright Fellowship
  • list items Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship
  • Payment Plans:

    A Stevens education can be paid for over time through payment plans or by borrowing private loans, if necessary, just like any other large investment. Instead of paying the Stevens bill in one large lump sum, students can make smaller, more affordable installments using its interest-free installment payment plans.

    Private Loans:

    Stevens advises students to exhaust all available forms of financial help (scholarships, grants, home-country support, and so on) before taking out private student loans, which have higher interest rates. Most private lenders in the United States require students to be citizens or permanent residents of the United States, though criteria vary by lender. As an international student, you may be required to have a co-signer from the United States who can guarantee the loan.


    Placement Details & Recruiting Companies

    Despite graduating in the midst of a global pandemic, Stevens Institute of Technology's class of 2020 has achieved excellent results, proving a greater demand than ever for people with a technology-infused education. According to the 2020 Student Outcomes Report, 95 percent of the class has obtained employment, admittance to graduate school, or other first-destination outcomes six months after graduation, with a record-breaking starting pay of $77,000.

    Amazon, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, and Johnson & Johnson are among the organizations that have hired many members of the 2020 graduating class. This resulted in the university's highest average beginning wage in its history. Other companies that hire Stevens Institute of Technology graduates include:

  • list items American Express
  • list items KPMG
  • list items Merck
  • list items Morgan Stanley
  • list items Procter & Gamble
  • list items Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • list items TD Ameritrade
  • With an average beginning salary of $88,000, cybersecurity/computer science was the most profitable career for the class of 2020 graduates. Quantitative finance, electrical engineering, software engineering, and computer engineering were among the other fields with above-average wages.

    Software developers, civil engineers, nuclear engineers, managers, mechanical engineers, surgeons, physicians, financial specialists, lawyers, judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers, and cardiovascular technologists and technicians are among the most common jobs at Stevens Institute of Technology.

    Stevens was also placed 12th in the country for the greatest mid-career incomes, with a median mid-career salary of $144,300 after 10 years of experience in a field, according to PayScale. In The Princeton Review's 2020 edition of "Colleges That Pay You Back," The Stevens Career Center was placed 11th in the nation for "Best Career Placement."



    Built on 55 acres of green lawns, this institute is named as the 5th safest college in the nation and gives a panoramic view of the New York City. It also fields 26 varsity sports and showcases several national championships which show the commitment of the institute and students on and off the field as well.


    Residing Options 

    Students can easily reside in the on-campus residence halls that are well-equipped with all the basic amenities. With the close proximity of the campus with New York City, it offers various opportunities to the students in the social, professional and cultural domains.



    The faculty at Stevens works continuously towards making their students a better person each day by encouraging them to manage their studies and research work at the same time. The set teaching pattern of the faculty helps in accelerating the learning process and makes the students knowledgeable.


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from Stevens Institute of Technology include:

  • list items Alfred Fielding, 1939, Co-inventor of Bubble Wrap
  • list items Igor Bensen, B.E. 1940, Founder of Bensen Aircraft
  • list items Robert Crooks Stanley B.E. 1899, President and Chairman of the International Nickel Company, known for discovering the alloy Monel
  • list items Edwin Augustus Stevens Jr, Son of the school's founder
  • list items John L. Hanigan, CEO of Genesco (1977-1981) and chairman (1977-1984)
  • list items Frank J. Effenberger, B.E. 1988, PON technology development and standardization; fellow of IEEE, OSA and Huawei
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    The students of Stevens carry the potential to change the world by venturing into the different fields as soon as they graduate. The Stevens Institute of Technology helps the students to turn their passion into reality and grow professionally at the same time.


    Stevens Institute of Technology Location 

    The Stevens Institute of Technology has a 55-acre residential campus in Hoboken, New Jersey. It has the best of both the town life of Hoboken as well as the New York City which is just a train, bus or ferry ride away from the campus. It has 20 different housing options including on-campus residence halls and apartments in Hoboken. Students can select their own rooms. Stevens also offers some on-campus eateries and cafes. The campus is a 10-minute train ride away from lower Manhattan and 20 miles away from the airport. 

    Members of the Stevens community can take advantage of the university's complimentary shuttle service for travel between the campus and the Hoboken Terminal/PATH station , the 9th Street Light Rail Station/Jersey City Heights Elevator, and Stevens Leased Housing property locations. 

    The City of Hoboken offers Blue, Red and Green Hop shuttle buses that operate on a half-hour schedule, starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 8 p.m. Buses run Monday through Friday.

    The closest airports to the institute are Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

    The DeBaun Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Stevens offers opportunities for students to participate in the performing arts:

  • list items choral and vocal performances
  • list items instrumental ensembles and bands
  • list items theatrical productions
  • list items the spoken word
  • list items dance 
  • list items technical theater.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology Map Location

    Address: 1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States

    Advice From Senior

    Financial Engineering & Scholarships at Stevens Institute of Technology


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible for me to enroll in two programs at the same time?

    Stevens University provides graduate interdisciplinary programs for students interested in pursuing two studies at the same time. Interdisciplinary graduate programmes foster intellectual progress and provide unique challenges to traditional thinking. They handle topics that are either too wide or too complex for a single academic subject to effectively address. Interdisciplinary programmes are critical for graduate students working on projects involving the development of technology from concept to implementation.

    What are the amenities offered in the resident hall rooms?

    The following is offered to each student: 

    1. Extra-long twin bed/mattress with 30" beneath clearance 
    2. Desk, light-up desk hutch, and desk chair 
    3. 2- two-drawer dressers that can be placed together to create a four-drawer dresser 
    4. Wardrobes or built-in closets are both options. Wardrobes are available at 600 River Terrace, 604 River Terrace, Davis, Humphreys, and CPH. Built-in closets are available in Stevens Leased Housing, Palmer and Jonas. 
    5. All rooms and common areas are equipped with trash cans. 
    6. Stevens Leased Housing has lamps; all other locations have overhead lights.
    7. Outside furniture is not permitted in the residence halls or the SLH apartments by students.