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Brief background

Known for bringing a revolution in the field of information technology, Steven’s Institute of Technology continues to grow every year. It gives the students a chance to innovate and learn entrepreneurship skills while they study in this institute. It was founded in 1870 and earlier dedicated to the Mechanical Engineering course. Later on, the institute introduced various other programs for the students.


Built on 55 acres of green lawns, this institute is named as the 5th safest college in the nation and gives a panoramic view of the New York City. It also fields 26 varsity sports and showcases several national championships which show the commitment of the institute and students on and off the field as well.

Residing Options 

Students can easily reside in the on-campus residence halls that are well-equipped with all the basic amenities. With the close proximity of the campus with New York City, it offers various opportunities to the students in the social, professional and cultural domains.


The faculty at Stevens works continuously towards making their students a better person each day by encouraging them to manage their studies and research work at the same time. The set teaching pattern of the faculty helps in accelerating the learning process and makes the students knowledgeable.

Financial Aid  

There are many financial aid options for students. They can get it by applying it online on the website of the institute. There are merit-based scholarships and other financial support incentives for the students. There are also private educational loans which can finance the remaining balance. 

Jobs and Placements 

Some of the top recruiting companies at Stevens are L'oreal, Google, PWC, Amazon, Scholastic, Jet.Com, Merck, Johnson and Johnson, Prudential etc. As per the 2018 placement report, 96% of graduates earned employment. The overall average salary was $71,400. 72% of women graduates got full time employment. The average salary for Master of Science (MS) was $90,051, while that for the Master of Engineering (MEng / ME) was $85,014. A full detailed survey is available in the 2018 placement survey report. The University Career Center organizes various workshops, corporate site visits and on-campus interviews where the different companies introduce themselves and hire students. It also holds three career fairs each year in September, December and March. Students can also search for jobs or internships online in the official university website. 

Alumni: Noted alumni include Koji Seki, M.S., 1999, Director Hewlett Packard Company, Charles Walton, M.E., Electrical Engineer, inventor of RFID, Joseph Bushnell Ames, 1901, novelist and Mark Crispin, B.S., 1977, Inventor of IMAP.


The students of Stevens carry the potential to change the world by venturing into the different fields as soon as they graduate. The Stevens Institute of Technology helps the students to turn their passion into reality and grow professionally at the same time.


The Stevens Institute of Technology has a 55-acre residential campus in Hoboken, New Jersey. It has the best of both the town life of Hoboken as well as the New York City which is just a train, bus or ferry ride away from the campus. It has 20 different housing options including on-campus residence halls and apartments in Hoboken. Students can select their own rooms. Stevens also offers some on-campus eateries and cafes. The campus is a 10-minute train ride away from lower Manhattan and 20 miles away from the airport. 
Members of the Stevens community can take advantage of the university's complimentary shuttle service for travel between the campus and the Hoboken Terminal/PATH station , the 9th Street Light Rail Station/Jersey City Heights Elevator, and Stevens Leased Housing property locations. 
The City of Hoboken offers Blue, Red and Green Hop shuttle buses that operate on a half-hour schedule, starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 8 p.m. Buses run Monday through Friday.

The closest airports to the institute are Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.
The DeBaun Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Stevens offers opportunities for students to participate in the performing arts: choral and vocal performances, instrumental ensembles and bands, theatrical productions, the spoken word, dance and technical theater.

Advice From Senior

Financial Engineering & Scholarships at Stevens Institute of Technology

Acceptance Rate for Indians 87%
STEM Masters Awarded to International Students 511
STEM Doctorates Awarded to International Students 18
TA Appointments 0
RA appointments 0
Research funding $24,544,480
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & partner data as of year 2018

Chemical and Materials Science 

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science under the Stevens Institute of Technology provides BE, M.Eng and professional masters and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering. The BE program is an undergraduate non-thesis course. The M.Eng course requires 30 credit hours. 6-9 credits can be obtained by performing research for a master's thesis along with a dissertation. The core courses include: 1. Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists II 2. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3. Theory of Transport Processes 4. Reactor Design 5. Fundamentals of Polymer Science 6. Polymer Rheology 7. Processing of Polymers for Biomedical Applications. The PhD course requires 84 credit hours including 30 hours of the masters program. A time-limit of 6 years is set for the completion of the doctoral program which includes the submission of a thesis along with dissertation. 
The department provides MS, M.Eng and PhD degrees in Material Science and Engineering. The MS or M.Eng program requires 30 credit hours. 6-9 credits can be obtained by conducting research for a master’s thesis. The programs feature:

  • Customizable curriculum
  • Optional interdisciplinary concentrations
  • Evening courses available
  • Concentrations include :
  • Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology (CEMS, CCB, ME, PHY)
  • Interdisciplinary Microelectronics and Photonics (CEMS, ECE, PHY) 

The core courses include:

  • Thermodynamics of Materials
  • Structure and Diffraction
  • Soft matter physics
  • Principles of Inorganic Materials
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in materials science and engineering.

The PhD course requires 84 credit hours including the 30 hours of the master’s program. 30 credits need to be devoted to the completion of a thesis and dissertation. The students can choose their research topics from the core courses. 

Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering under the Stevens Institute of Technology provides BE, M.Eng and PhD degrees in both civil and environmental engineering. The M.Eng program in civil engineering requires 30 credit hours of coursework. The major concentrations include:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Geotechnical /Geoenvironmental Engineering.

The core courses include:

  • Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Stormwater Management
  • Environmental Geotechnology
  • Finite Element Methods
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures.

The Ph.D. degree requires 84 credit hours including the 30 hours done in the master’s degree, 15-30 credit hours of coursework and 30-45 hours for the completion of a thesis and dissertation. 

The department provides BE, M.Eng and Ph.D. degrees in environmental engineering. The M.Eng course requires 30 credit hours. The concentration areas include

  • Environmental Control Processes
  • Groundwater and Soil Pollution control
  • Environmental Management.

The core courses include

  • Air pollution control
  • Water resources
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Inland and coastal environmental hydrodynamics.

The Ph.D. degree requires 84 credit hours including 30 credit hours of the master’s program, 30 hours of coursework and thesis and dissertation. Other programs offered are Engineering with a concentration in Naval Engineering, B.Eng.; Construction Engineering & Management, M.Eng.; Construction Management, M.S.; Ocean Engineering, M.Eng.; Sustainability Management, M.S.

Computer Science 

The Department of Computer Science under the Stevens Institute of Technology provides BS, MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science. The MS program requires 3 core courses and other electives. Some of the major core courses include

  • Principles of Programming Language
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Management
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Introduction to Operating Systems 6. Mobile Systems and Applications
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Programming
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • Database Management Systems etc.

The PhD program requires 84 credit hours. All PhD students must take the Doctoral Signature Credit Seminar (PRV 961) (3 credit course) before their thesis proposal. In addition to this, a student has to submit a written dissertation proposal along with a successful defense. Other programs are BS Cyber-Security; Cybersecurity, M.S.; Machine Learning, M.S.; Media & Broadcast Engineering, M.S. and a Data Science, Phd program.

Electrical and Computer

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering under the Stevens Institute of Technology provides Computer Engineering, B.E.; Electrical Engineering, B.E.; Computer Engineering, M.S. & M.E.; Electrical Engineering, M.S. & M.E.; Applied Artificial Intelligence, M.S. & M.E.; Dual-Degree MBA; Computer Engineering, Ph.D.; Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. The Master’s program requires 30 credit hours including a thesis and dissertation. The core courses include

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Introduction to Control Theory
  • Linear Systems Theory
  • Applied Modelling and Optimization
  • Communications Theory.

The PhD course requires 84 credit hours including 30 hours of thesis work and dissertation (from the core topics), 30 hours of the prior master’s course and 20 hours of current coursework. 

Engineering Management

The Stevens Institute of Technology provides BE, M.Eng and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Management. The BE program is a nonthesis graduate program concentrating on two major areas of

  • Systems Engineering 
  • Financial Engineering.

The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The master’s program requires 10 courses (30 credits), 6 cores and 4 electives. All elective courses must be approved by a faculty advisor. The core courses include

  • Engineering Economics
  • Elements of Operations Research
  • Informatics for Engineering Management
  • Decision and Risk Analysis
  • Project Management of Complex Systems or Designing and Managing the Development Enterprise
  • Modeling and Simulation Or Dynamic Modelling of Systems and Enterprise.

The PhD course consists of 54 credit hours with a minimum of 15 credit hours of research work and dissertation on any of the core courses mentioned above. 

Industrial Engineering

The Stevens Institute of Technology provides a BE degree in Industrial Engineering. Students pursuing this course get the opportunity to explore the complex systems at the Centre for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE) Immersion Lab and the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC). The program is accredited by ABET. Some of the sample core courses include innovative system design, data mining and applied machine learning, etc. 


The Department of Mechanical Engineering under the Stevens Institute of Technology provides BE, ME and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. The BE program is a non thesis graduate course with major concentration areas of

  • Biomechanical systems and biomedical devices
  • Energy conversion
  • Design and manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Solid mechanics
  • Automatic controls
  • Dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Machine design
  • Heat transfer
  • Robotics
  • Vibrations and noise control 13.
  • Turbomachinery
  • Combustion.

Among two ME technical electives and three general electives. The ME program requires 30 credit hours, two core courses, four courses from any one of the concentration areas and four elective courses. The two core courses are -

  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Engineering and Analysis.

The PhD program requires 84 credit hours of graduate work. The major research areas include

  • Propulsion
  • Thermal Fluid and Energy Systems
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Biomechanics and Biomechatronics.

The department also offers a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, M.S.

Annual fees for Indians $33,000
Annual off-campus living $10,000
Source : GyanDhan's analysis & university's website as of year 2018

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