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Hawthorn, Australia

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Swinburne University of Technology - Overview & Background

Swinburne University of Technology is a world-ranked university with high-quality research and industry partnerships that promise a scope for change for students, staff and the community.

The university has three campuses based in Melbourne, located in Hawthorn; Croydon and Wantirna; and Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Established 1908 1992 (university status)
Founder George Swinburne
University Type Public Research University
University Motto     Achievement through learning
University City     Melbourne, Kuching, Sydney , Victoria, Sarawak, New South Wales
Acceptance Rate 66%
Faculty to Student Ratio 1:20
Campus Size 16.5 acre
Graduation Rate 31.48%
Employment Rate 65.4%
Official Website Link Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Contact Details +61 1300 794 628


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In 2018, Swinburne has ranked in the Young University Rankings, being placed at number 65 out of 250 institutions. The Young University Rankings recognise the world’s top universities under 50 years old. Swinburne was also ranked among the world’s top 450 universities by the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The 2019 QS World University Rankings ranked Swinburne in the world's top 400 universities. Swinburne was ranked number 45 in the 2019 Top 50 Under 50 list, an index of the world's top universities under 50 years old.

Swinburne offers world-class higher education in health, arts, design, business, law, science, engineering and technology.

The faculties at the university are:

  • list items Faculty of Business and Law
  • list items Faculty of Health, Arts and Design
  • list items School of Design
  • list items School of Health Sciences
  • list items Department of Health and Medical Sciences
  • list items National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA)
  • list items Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology:
  • list items School of Science
  • list items School of Engineering
  • list items School of Software and Electrical Engineering
  • Swinburne provides vocational education courses also. The departments providing them are:

  • list items Department of Foundation and Pathways
  • list items Department of Business, Design, Media and ICT
  • list items Department of Health, Science and Community
  • list items Department of Trades and Engineering Technology
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    There are five major research facilities at the university which are as follows:

    Data Science Research Institute: It combines physical sciences with statistics and computer science. Their main focus is on developing methodologies for handling and analysing large and complex data sets. The institute leads the data-to-discovery pathway for data-intensive research in biology, physics, astronomy, economics and social sciences.

    The university’s expertise in data sciences can be attributed to centres like: Centres for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Micro-Photonics, Quantum and Optical Science, and Transformative Innovation.

    Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute: The institute pursues the following core research programmes:

  • list items Chronic disease and disability
  • list items Bioengineering solutions
  • list items Digital health systems for improved healthcare
  • list items Personalised health care
  • The institute works to minimise the impact of chronic disease and disability on patients, the health care system and society.

    Manufacturing Futures Research Institute: The institute is focussed on developing industrial innovation leaders of tomorrow and addressing questions of national importance. It is the first dedicated research institute to focus on Industry 4.0. The key areas of research are: industrial automation, the industrial Internet, new manufacturing processes. Smart Cities Research Institute: The focus of all their research programs is to:

  • list items come up with innovative approaches to social survey, data mining, and econometric and choice modelling
  • list items rethink the distribution and storage of energy and water, and dealing with waste
  • list items develop new frameworks for building, precinct, and city information modelling
  • list items investigate active public engagement with smart housing, smart appliances, smart meters, smart home operating systems and smart wearables
  • list items explore working environments such as hospitals, schools, factories and offices of the future
  • list items plan for low to zero emission transport solutions.
  • The research programmes offered by the institute are:

  • list items Future Cities Governance
  • list items Future urban mobility
  • list items Future spaces for living
  • list items Future urban infrastructure
  • Social Innovation Research Institute: The Social Data Analytics (SoDA) Lab allows a connection between data, data science and an empowered community sector within the emerging Society 4.0.

    Apart from these, the laboratories in the University are:

  • list items ANFF-Vic Biointerface Engineering Hub
  • list items Aviation Simulation Laboratory
  • list items Chemistry and Biotechnology Laboratories
  • list items Cisco Networking Laboratory
  • list items Direct Metal Deposition Facility
  • list items Electric Vehicle Laboratory
  • list items Energy Transformation Laboratory
  • list items Geotechnical Laboratory
  • list items High Temperature Processing Facility
  • list items Hydraulics Laboratory
  • list items Impact Engineering Laboratory
  • list items Keck Observatory and Parkes radio telescope
  • list items Microfabrication Facility
  • list items Nanofabrication Laboratory
  • list items Neuroimaging Facility
  • list items Smart Structures Laboratory
  • list items Solar Facility
  • list items Swinburne Supercomputer
  • list items Virtual Design Lab
  • list items Virtual Reality Theatre
  • The university also houses a library which offers numerous facilities other than books like room and computer bookings, LateLab, WiFi and so on. 



    The college rooms are similar and are dormitory - style rooms, with common dining and social areas. All the rooms include basic furniture (bed, chair and desk) and access to shared kitchens with simple cooking equipment. Laundry and bathroom facilities are also communal. Bathrooms remain separate for males and females. There is an accessible bathroom on each of the floors. Students are free to contact Resident Advisers to seek assistance in any issues related to living on campus.

    The on-campus apartments accommodating two to four people offer greater independence and are perfect for students wanting more privacy than college rooms.


    Financial Aid  

    Scholarships awarded by the University are:

  • list items Judith Kinnear Student Travel Scholarship
  • list items  Research Training Program Fees-Offset
  • list items  Research Training Program Stipend - RTPS
  • list items  Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award
  • list items  The Peter Luscombe Award
  • list items  Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • list items  Australia-Israel PhD Research Scholarship
  • list items  Chancellor's Research Scholarship 
  • list items  Research Training Program Fee-Offset (International) {formerly International Postgraduate Research}
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    Jobs and Placements

    The university provides top class job assistance by guiding the students through their possible career paths. The support center helps a student in constructing a proper CV and honing their interview skills. Additionally, there are assessment centers to evaluate the skills of a student. Career events and workshops are also organised. Telstra Corporation Ltd. is one of the top employers recruiting graduates from the university. 


    Notable Alumni

    Some famous alumni from Swinburne University of Technology include:

  • list items Harris Eyre, Neuroscientist, entrepreneur and author
  • list items Brentley Frazer, Author
  • list items Sue Meek, Chief executive of the Australian Academy of Science
  • list items Tony Mooney, Former mayor of Townsville
  • list items Glen Richards, Entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Greencross
  • list items Mark Robinson, Queensland politician
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    winburne University of Technology Location

    The main campus of the university, that is, the Hawthorn  Campus, is located in Hawthorne, a Melbourne suburb around 7.5 km from the Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). Melbourne Airport is the closest airport to the university. The Hawthorn railway station is located on the Lilydale, Belgrave and Alamein lines in Victoria, Australia. Croydon railway station is also on the Lilydale line. There are also numerous bus routes connecting the university to different parts of the city.

    Hawthorn restaurants and cafés cover almost every cuisine you can imagine to satisfy all tastes, vibes, and budgets. You can visit the Great Ocean Road or take the Williamstown Ferry Cruise during your free time. Some of the other places to visit are the Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria. Stores include supermarkets, local grocers, boutique stores selling the latest fashion, bookstores, etc. 


    Swinburne University of Technology Map Location

    Address: John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia


    Frequently Asked Questions about Swinburne University of Technology

    Is Swinburne a good university?

    Swinburne attracts highly skilled academics and educational leaders because of its reputation for providing high-quality instruction and cutting-edge research. The academic staff here not only has industry expertise, but they also use that experience to make their lessons more engaging for the students. The university's research generates employment, enhances the quality of life, links science and technology to industry and the community, and leads to substantive change in the world. The university has taken the lead in the fields of advanced manufacturing, solar science, and sustainable technologies.

    What is the ranking of Swinburne university?

    Swinburne is among the top 350 institutions in the world according to the 2022 QS World University Rankings, putting the university in the top 3% of all universities globally. In the 2021 QS Top 50 Under 50 list, which is a ranking of the best institutions in the world under 50 years old, Swinburne was rated 45. Swinburne was listed in the renowned 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) as one of the top 300 universities in the world. The 2021 QS World Rankings of Universities by Subject recognized Swinburne as having one of the top design programs in the world. It is among the top 100 in Art and Design course.

     Is Swinburne university good for international students?

    Swinburne welcomes students for both on-campus and online courses from all over the world. And the institution guarantees that all students, no matter where they come from, will benefit from top-notch instruction, adaptable study alternatives, and helpful support services to make their university experience genuinely world-class. To give students real-world employment opportunities, the institution has partnered with top Australian and international organizations. These present chances for useful professional experiences.